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  • Name: Andrey Leonov ( Leonov Andrey )
  • Date of birth: 15 June 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Leonov: biography

    Leonov Andrei — theater and film actor, was born on 15 June 1959 in Moscow to a musical family. Andrew, the only son of Yevgeny Leonov, popular Russian actor, who became famous in comedic roles.

    From the famous father he inherited not only an attractive appearance, but also a kind of mastery. Photo taken at about the same age, we see similar high and low Leonova.

    Evgeniy Leonov Andrey Leonov
    Eugene and Andrew Leonova

    Profession of the mother of Andrei Leonov was also associated with the arts, she served in the literary part of the «Lenkom».

    From early childhood the boy spent a lot of time on the set and was mesmerized by the movie. Watching the amazing actor reincarnations, a boy, and he wanted to try his hand. He began performing in school productions and circle of acting performances.

    The first test movie

    Finally chose the profession Andrey Leonov after his film debut. At the age of 13, he starred in the episode in the movie «Riders», which was attended by his father.

    After that, he purposefully decided to continue the dynasty, in parallel, trying out new roles. In the mid-70s Leonov, Jr. appeared in several issues of the magazine «Yeralash».

    Andrei Leonov in the movie
    Andrei Leonov in the movie «the Racers» | Movie-Theater

    In 1976 Andrei Leonov was enrolled in the Shchukin theatre school (course of Kazan). Wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, he often came up in the film. Watching his brilliant game, he gradually honed his skills, inadvertently repeating the memorable acting of the model.

    Most of all he liked two of the play «In lists did not appear» and «the Legend about tile». He imagined himself on stage, and dreamed that someday I will be able to play on an equal footing with talented artists. Soon his wish came true.

    Andrei Leonov in the movie
    Andrei Leonov in the movie «Ordinary miracle» | Movie-Theater

    In 1978 Leonova appeared in the popular telekarta «Ordinary miracle». Andrew played the role of an apprentice hunter. However, he managed not to get lost among a scattering of stars of the Soviet cinema and dignity to show their potential for creative growth recognized theatrical masters.

    After a few months of perspective the artist was invited to audition in the famous «Lenkom». After receiving a theatre education in 1979 he became a full-fledged member of the legendary troupe.

    Service in the army

    Unlike many famous children Andrey Leonov gave his duty and served two years in the army. This decision caused considerable surprise in the family, he tried to convince everyone, including father. But at least the boy and raised in a hothouse environment, he never regretted his decision.

    Andrey Leonov in the army
    Andrey Leonov in the army | official website

    According to the actor, his army was strengthened, made more durable and independent. After demobilization, he returned to the theater and not leave him ever.

    Creative way

    On stage, about which he had dreamed in childhood, Andrei Leonov performed a large number of roles in such wonderful productions as:

    • «Hamlet»,
    • «The visit of the ladies»,
    • «Two women»,
    • «Til»,
    • «The Royal game»,
    • «Tartuffe».

    In the 80-90-ies of the actor almost starred in the movie. Filmography of this period includes all four roles of the second plan, which are rather exceptions.

    Andrei Leonov and Tatyana Kravchenko
    Andrei Leonov and Tatyana Kravchenko on stage | Billboard

    After retiring in 1994, Yevgeny Leonov, his son became one of the leading actors of Lenkom, as well as the living continuation of fundamentals of theater. He did not lack in honor and respect of the audience, therefore, more than twenty years, he practically never left the stage and was able to earn a name in the profession. His services were appreciated.

    In 1997, he became the Honored artist of Russia.

    Back in the movie

    2000-e years became the era of the actor returning to the world of cinema. He participated in several popular television series. In one of them he starred in the role of an investigator together with Alisa Freundlich («Female logic»).

    Andrei Leonov and Alisa Freundlich in the series
    Andrei Leonov and Alisa Freundlich in the series «the Female logic» | CTV

    In 2005, viewers saw the actor play a more substantial role of Alexander Sakharov in the biographical play «Yesenin». Besides the television series he starred in advertising, led to the transfer of «Disease – no» on the channel «Capital». But people’s recognition of the actor was still to come.

    «Daddy’s girls»

    Unlike earlier famous father, his real triumph Andrey Leonov waited for almost 30 years. A real star, he became only in 2007, after the execution of the role of the children’s father Sergey Vasnetsov in the TV series «Daddy’s girls». The project has become super popular in Russia almost immediately.

    Andrey Leonov in the series
    Andrey Leonov in the TV series «Daddy’s girls» | full Movie

    Favorite TV series brought Andrei Leonov award TEFI 2008 award «Telezvezda». However, despite international recognition, in 2008, the actor announced that he is leaving the project. The reason is a heavy workload, as the shooting took place at an accelerated pace, which could not affect the quality of the material.

    In 2010, the producer managed to persuade the actor to continue filming in the 14th season, announced last. But the love of viewers to the heroes of the extraordinary performances aroused a storm of desires to see the continuation. In 2012 came the long-awaited project «Daddy’s girls. Supernovasky».

    Andrei Leonov and Nonna Grishaeva in the series
    Andrei Leonov and Nonna Grishaeva in the TV series «Daddy’s girls» | StarsLife

    Thanks to «Daddy’s daughters» the popular actress and his partner in the series — Nonna Grishaeva. On the crest of fame popular actor starred in more than a dozen series. The most successful of them:

    • «My boyfriend – angel»;
    • «Twelve months»;
    • «Margarita Nazarova» (as his father).

    In 2017, the channel «Russia-1» began to show the series «Vasilisa» Andrey Leonov plays a major role.

    Personal life

    The first time Andrey Leonov married soon after the arrival of army at Chilean girlfriend Maria Alejandra Cuevas, the daughter of a political refugee. His fiancee worked as a pediatrician at the Morozov hospital. In 1987 they had a son who was my grandfather’s name is Eugene.

    Andrey Leonov with his wife
    Andrey Leonov with his first wife Alejandra Cuevas and son | the Express newspaper online

    In the late 1990s, the couple broke up. Alejandra moved with his son to Sweden, which according to family tradition he became an actor after graduating from the Stockholm theatre Institute.

    Andrei Leonov and Anastasia Tarasova with children
    Andrei Leonov and Anastasia Tarasova with children | Kids

    The second wife of Andrei Leonov began in 2008, Anastasia Tarasova. She graduated from the conducting Department of the Conservatory, works as a sound technician.

    In marriage were born two children:

    • daughter Anna (15.04.2010)
    • son Michael (24.01.2013)


    Andrey Leonov

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