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  • Name: Andrey Krasko ( Andrey Krasko )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1957
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of death: July 4, 2006
  • Place of birth: Leningrad
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: was in a civil marriage with Svetlana Kuznetsova

    Andrey Krasko : biography

    Andrei Ivanovich Krasko was born and raised in St. Petersburg. He appeared in what was then Leningrad on August 10, 1957 in the family of a student of the Leningrad theatrical Institute, Ivan Ivanovich Krasko (the future people’s artist of Russia) and teacher Kira Vasilievna Petrova. Soon, the parents split up. The boy stayed with mom.

    Andrew already knew as a child that would be an actor like dad. The son went with his father and his Theatre named after Komissarzhevskaya on tour, where he was taken at the Pope’s request to the tech team. And yet, in different periods of the life of Andrei Krasko wanted to be not only an artist but a doctor and an astronaut, and a driver. His dreams changed quite often. But after school Red Jr. finally decided – the artist will.

    The first attempt to enter drama was unsuccessful. Andrew is not very ready for the exam. Therefore year he worked in the theater, mounting the scenery for the stage. But the following year the guy was able to enter the LGITMiK, studied in the workshop of Lev Dodin and Arkady Katsman.

    Andrey Krasko: theatre and testing

    After graduating in 1979, of the University Andrei Krasko worked in Tomsk distant youth Theatre. This was due an influential official, the first Secretary of the Leningrad party Romanov. Grigory just «gave colleague Yegor K. Ligachevu a course on which he studied Andrei Krasko, in conjunction with the gift opening, Tomsk Spectators.

    I must say that most of the «exiles» came about so quickly fled from the Tomsk theatre. And here Andrey Krasko lasted two years. And in his memoirs about this period of his life, he spoke very highly, saying that the work in Tomsk was very informative and gave excellent training in a professional way.

    And still Andrey Krasko returned to his native city as big prospects in Tomsk weren’t. On the advice of his best friend and actor Andrey Urgant Krasko entered the Leningrad theatre of Lenin Komsomol. Gennady Mikhailovich of Walkers, the Director of the theater, once gave Andrew to read the script of the play «Cucaracha». Andrew proposed to play a major role in it. The actor played, and quite well. But this work became the first and the last, because of the premiere of the film arrived the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Churbanov with the Commission of generals and colonels. Overall, the show was approved, but the image presented by Andrey Krasko, aroused the indignation of the high Commission. The local policeman, who portrayed Krasko, there was some «hazing»: the top button is unbuttoned, the sleeves rolled up, too funny. On the second day after the show Andrew was given a summons and sent him to serve in the Arkhangelsk oblast. For the actor tried to stand up (especially fussed Director Dinara Asanova), because he was involved in the drama «Boys» in the role of the teacher. But all in vain.

    So in 1982, Andrei Krasko went to serve in the Arctic area. While the artist was serving, did not Dinara Assanova and Gennady Oporkova. When Andrei Krasko and returned from the service, no one waited. The actor had another job, but the search was not successful. So the artist went to the small town of Dimitrovgrad, in a provincial theatre in the courtyard which, as joked Krasko, grazing goats.

    In that period, Andrew was able to play in the film «Breakthrough», but the breakthrough in his career after the release of the tapes has not happened. And then in the country the time has come when the theatre long forgotten. And in the film business was no better. So Andrei Krasko had to survive by working in the cooperative (sewed jackets and pants) in the cemetery (doing fencing), the Builder (engaged in renovation of apartments). And yet the artist was engaged in carting. For this he collected a little money from their fees, took a certain amount from parents and one Urganta and bought an old car.

    Andrey Krasko movies

    In the mid-90s Krasko went to work as a driver on the Studio. So in 1996, he was in the Comedy «Operation «happy New Year!», starring in the episode.

    Shortly afterwards, Andrew learned that the Studio will be shooting a new project, which promises to be popular – «Streets of the broken lanterns». Krasko admitted that was hard to ask for. But the artist only got a small cameo work.

    Wake up popular Andrey Krasko has helped role in the series

  • «The agent of national security». The tape was released in 1999 and immediately attracted the attention of the audience. And although Andrew was somewhat in the shadow of the protagonist, played by Mikhail Porechenkov, but for Andrey Krasko was big time. After the release of «the Agent of national security» strength was immediate. Soon Andrei Krasko worked on the filming of the war drama, directed by A. Rogozhkin «the Checkpoint». Then followed kinonovell «Boldino autumn», in which father and son Krasko starred.

    In his last years the actor Andrei Krasko was a very popular and famous. Finally establish itself as the new idol of the audience helped him role in the film Lungina «the Oligarch» and the TV series «lines of fate».

    But the best work of the actor Andrei Krasko became a role in the dramatic film

  • «72 meters». Andrew played Janissary commander of the submarine «Slavyanka». The artist managed to feel deeply and subtly to convey the character of his hero. The picture of «72 meters» was deservedly named the best film of 2004. In 2005 Krasko appeared in the series called
  • «Death of the Empire». He did a great job with the role of intelligence officer Strelnikov reveals the conspiracy against the Empire. With him on the court played Alexander Baluev, Sergei Makovetsky and Marat Basharov. The tape was doomed to success. In the TV series «Plot» and «Enchanted land» perfectly manifested comedic talent actor.

    Andrey Krasko: personal life

    First wife of Andrew was his classmate. The young people got married still students, but very quickly dispersed. In the eighties Andrei Krasko married again. His wife was a citizen of Poland, who studied in Russia. In this marriage, Andrew had a son, Ivan. This marriage existed a long time, but only on paper. Together, the couple barely lived. Shortly after the birth of their son, his wife left home, taking the boy with him.

    Personal life of Andrei Krasko very rich. In addition to the two official marriages the artist had a lot of civilians. In 1998, Krasko was born a son, Cyril.

    The last two years living next to Andrew was his civil wife

  • Svetlana Kuznetsova.

    Andrey Krasko: death

    Andrei Krasko died suddenly in the Prime of life. On 4 July 2006 in the film «Liquidation» of Sergey Ursulyak near Odessa, the actor suddenly felt sick. On the same day, Andrei Krasko died of heart failure.

    Favorite artist was buried in the cemetery Komarovskoe near St. Petersburg July 7, 2006.

    Andrey Krasko: filmography

    • Brother
    • Checkpoint
    • Streets of broken lamps
    • National security agent
    • Boldin autumn
    • Lethal force
    • The oligarch
    • Lines of fate
    • Plot
    • 72 meters
    • The fall of the Empire
    • Bastards

    Andrey Krasko: photo

    Andrei Krasko

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