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  • Name: Andrei Eshpai ( Andrei Eshpai )
  • Date of birth: 18 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Director, screenwriter, producer, Honored art worker of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Eugene Simon

    Andrei Eshpai: biography

    Andrei Eshpai was born in Moscow on 18 April 1956. The father of the future Director was a famous composer from an early age heir had developed in him a love of art. Therefore, already at an early age, Andrew knew what was going to connect his life with film. School years, he recalls with a smile. The young man was a leader in its class and is often initiated at different pranks. The teachers were loyal to the behavior of boys, and many pranks went with.

    After school, Andrew went to study at the Moscow state Institute of culture at the faculty of theatrical directing. Able and talented students are often singled out amongst its peers. Not stopping there, after the release of one of the Institute Andrey was immediately applied to another. All-Russian state Institute of cinematography he graduated with a diploma of a film Director. Thesis of Andrei Eshpai, the movie «Title», received three awards at the student festival.

    After receiving the second diploma, the young man for a long time engaged in self-improvement and debuted on television in 1983 with his short film. The following picture was «fool», which brought him a certain fame. After such a successful start, Andrei has continued directing. On his account the different complexity of the films, which the audience perceived the inevitable with enthusiasm.

    Andrei Eshpai: movies

    The first film, which took Eshpai, called «When playing Bach.» This is the short film that opened the way to his Creator in the world of cinema. 5 years after the release of the first paintings Andrei made a full length tape «the Jester». The movie was difficult to understand, but closest to the viewer. In this work fully reveals the theme of social inequality and psychological distress.

    Then came out the picture of the «insulted and injured», the film based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The film for some time been criticized, but overall it took well, especially because the film starred Nikita Mikhalkov. 6 years later took place the premiere of the movie at the Venice film festival.

    The next work, «the Blossoming hill among an empty field», was filmed on the new technologies of the time. First, it was filmed on digital camera and soon after moved to film. For the interesting course and the development of cinema, the film was awarded the prize «Nika».

    Complex images and social interaction be able to Director with ease. The TV series “

  • Children of the Arbat» is so fond of the audience that many offered to do a sequel on their own scenarios. Since the beginning of 2000s Andrei Andreyevich Eshpai teaches the art of directing in our own workshop in VGIK. Over the years he has trained a lot of talented followers. Since 2010 the Director has been added and master-classes in film School. The Director perfectly blends the shooting of new paintings with the education of the younger generation.

    Andrei Eshpai: personal life

    With his wife Yevgeniya Simonova Director met during the filming. Beauty with expressive eyes sunk into the soul of Andrei. Eshpai were not confused by the fact that the actress already had a daughter from his first marriage. The couple married shortly after first meeting and together brought little Zoe. After a few years the couple had a second daughter Mary.

    Now both girls are busy filming in movies and TV series. In addition, Zoe is also a talented pianist, sometimes gives its own concerts.

    Andrei Eshpai: filmography

    • When I was playing Bach
    • Jester
    • Children Of The Arbat
    • Dot
    • Ivan The Terrible
    • Elysium
    • Kuprin. In the dark

    Andrei Eshpai: photo

    Andrei Eshpai

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