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  • Name: Andrei Cherkasov ( Andrey Cherkasov )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: member show «Dom 2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrei Cherkasov: the biography

    Andrei Cherkasov is a perennial member of the popular Russian TV show «Dom-2», located on the site of the whole project about six years, with minor breaks. Andrew was born and raised in Moscow, in the family of a military officer, a veteran of the Afghan war. By the way, the boy in childhood and adolescence had a father-name Zambrowski, but in adulthood changed it to his mother’s maiden name is Cherkasov, because I thought this option is more harmonious.

    Andrey since the childhood was fond of sports and active pursuits. After finishing school at the insistence of the parents enrolled in the Military University of the Ministry of defence, where he received not only military skills, but also diploma civil specialty Manager in the sociocultural sphere.

    The Lieutenant Cherkasov served in military units of the airborne troops, where, in addition to direct service duties involved in the Affairs of the local club Culture. It was there Andrei met and became friends with Gobozova, which later appeared in the TV project «House 2», and then called a friend over.

    TV show

    Once on the reality show «Dom-2» Andrei Cherkasov began to build a relationship with Olga Agibalova, but quickly switched to her younger sister Margaret. His candidacy was supported by the girl’s mother, Irina Agibalova, but Rita gave him Eugene’s Cousin. After parting with the girl he began to build relationships with other members from Darya Pynzar (Chernykh), Evgeniya Guseva (Feofilaktova), Natalia Varvina and many others. Changing lovers, Cherkasov gained fame as the main Lothario of the project.

    The longest relationship Andrew had with Natalia Varvina. But although Cherkasov and called himself «the last romantic of the project «Dom-2», their communication is not always can be called romantic, because young people often act against each other incorrectly, even resorting to physical abuse. After yet another fight with the girl Andrei Cherkasov left the show.

    But as it turned out, it wasn’t his last day at the perimeter of the «House-2». In 2013, the organizers announced the transfer of the so-called revolution and returned to the project a number of retired participants, and among them Andrei Cherkasov. He even got a new set that is located on the tropical Seychelles.

    When the boy returned to Moscow «place of execution», he began to build relationships with new members — Christine Lyaskovets, Anna Kruchinina and other girls, confirming the opinion of myself as loving a man.

    Personal life

    In his 34 Andrei Cherkasov was not officially married and has no children. This circumstance he explains simply: «one must get Married only once and forever.» Apparently, the guy never met the right girl, which he was ready to devote his life.

    Although the break between the participation in the project «House 2» Andrew was in a serious relationship with a girl named Eugenia. They met at a party with mutual friends and about three years we were together. When Cherkasov suggested to return telestroke, Jack did not object, but asked to declare publicly that the perimeter waiting for his beloved. The young man did so, but when the project came Christina Lyaskovets, Andrew began to show him too much attention, and had to dot the «i».

    Eugene came for the showdown «House 2» and the TV show they made a joint decision to leave completely.

    Last serious relationship Cherkasova had with Victoria romanet, which he even made an offer. Then something in their relationship went wrong and the couple broke up. But maybe it’s not the end of history.


    Andrei Cherkasov

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