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  • Name: Andrei Andreev ( andrey andreev )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Andreev: biography

    Andrei L. Andreev is familiar to many domestic audiences multiseries melodrama «Five minutes to metro» and «Woman without a past.» But not only in the movie, he has achieved considerable success in a theatrical environment name Andreeva is also quite known.

    Andrey Andreev with his parents and brother
    With his parents and brother | ed.Gee

    The artist was born in April 1965 in Saratov, in a family where no one was associated with the world of art. Parents – engineers. But this did not prevent the boy to dream of the stage from an early age. When his peers saw an exciting film and received strong emotions from what you see on the screen, Andrew is also not remained indifferent. But most often he was caught by the desire to get on the other side of the screen to be on the hero. More of this was inspired by the example of the famous countryman Oleg Yankovsky.

    As later told the artist, as a teenager, when he first appeared on the makeshift stage of the school theater, he discovered the thing that gives the acting profession – transformation, magic transformation. Since then about any other profession I dreamed of.

    Andrey Andreev
    The actor was born in Saratov |

    After receiving the matriculation certificate, the guy went to enter the theater Department of the Saratov Academy of a name of Leonid Sobinova. The selection Committee immediately determined that he has all the qualities necessary for future artist. Newly student enrolled in the course, Alexander Galko, a talented artist and mentor.

    After the 2nd course student was drafted into the army. He served in the army air forces and got trained as a mechanic aircraft armament aircraft with a jet engine. Andrew was one of the best, because it was among the 40 most exemplary and healthy soldiers who were sent to the capital. Here, at the Institute of aviation and space medicine, the boys felt the costumes and space suits for astronauts and pilots.

    Andrey Andreev
    In the beginning of my career | Ed.Gee

    After the service, Andreev returned to his theatrical institution. In the same year went to Eugene Mironov and Galina Tyunina. In 1989, Andreev was awarded the diploma of higher theatrical education, and he began a steady climb up the career ladder.


    Biography of Andrey Andreev began on the stage of Academic theatre named after Mikhail Schepkin in Belgorod. Soon, the young artist moved closer to the capital – in the Noginsk drama theater.

    1991 was happy for Andrew L.: unexpectedly, he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow drama theatre of a name of N. Gogol: artist took his role. Moscow opened its doors in Saratov the young actor. Today, on account of his more than a dozen colorful performances, each of which he got if not the key, but significant role.

    Andrey Andreev in the series
    Maria Poroshina in the series «Turkish March» | Cinema

    Wide fame came to his lips only after the appearance on the screens. In 1988, he debuted in the film, playing a small role in the film «the Arsonist». As often happens, the first work in the cinema fame actor is not brought, but has been invaluable in terms of experience and skill.

    After the «Arsonist» saratovec felt that kind of demand. Directors are increasingly offered him a job in his new projects. First it was the episodes and the role of the second plan, which was a kind of «springboard» to a large cinema.

    Andrey Andreev
    During the scoring role | VK

    And the big success hit his lips after the release of the fantastic melodrama «Five minutes to the subway.» The series was released in 2006. Here the actor got a starring role. He played in tandem with Marina Mogilev.

    The second tape was no less successful and rating. She has brought the artist a new wave of popularity. This is a multiseries melodrama «a Woman without a past.» Andrei Lvovich and played a major role. The tape was watched by millions of viewers.

    Andrey Andreev in the melodrama
    In the melodrama «a woman without a past» |

    Films with Andrey Andreevym have an army of fans, many of them do not require advertising. In the «Turkish March» Andreev played the hero by the name of velvet. In «Spy game» masterfully reincarnated as a tycoon.

    The actor under the power of varied and interesting role, requiring serious reflection. For example, in «the Brothers Karamazov» he played brilliantly Homa.

    Andrey Andreev in the series
    In the TV series «Interns» | Cinema

    But most of all loved by many, the artist appears in the TV series that are so popular today with mass audiences. «Ranetki», «angel on Duty», «Interns», «the Method Laurel», «Eightieth», «Sklifosofsky» – this is an incomplete list of the projects which are watched by millions of viewers of all ages.

    Personal life

    Family life Saratov actor was not immediately successful. In the first marriage that happened immediately after the return of Andreeva from the army, he lived only 3 years. He married his classmate from high school theater. But the young people soon realized that hurried to make love for real. The marriage was childless, and the couple quietly separated.

    For years, the artist led a bachelor lifestyle, not thinking about the family. A handsome guy whose career is every year gaining momentum, there were many novels. Fans besieged it, hoping to get men. But the only one that wanted to make a life for years and live it as happily as his parents, it’s not met.

    Andrey Andreev with his wife and daughter
    With his wife and daughter ina | ed.Gee

    Happiness came in 2006, when the artist was over 40. From Andreeva own a small business advertising Agency founded in 2002 with a colleague. It is there as it looked a beautiful girl who was younger than the actor for 20 years. I think it was love at first sight. The couple never parted.

    Personal life of Andrei Andreev today is the beloved wife Inna and two wonderful children dogodkov – Ivan da Marya. First came to light Masha. A year and a half, in 2010, was born the son of Ivan. The couple dream of a third child.

    Andrey Andreev with children
    Andrey Andreev with a daughter Masha and son Vanya |

    In the life of an actor has another child – a son Nicholas. Today he’s a grown man. About its existence Andrey Andreev found out when the boy was 12 years old. He immediately accepted an illegitimate son, born in 1992.

    Between father and son is a wonderful a friendly relationship. Nick was very happy and the sister and brother. Well-developed relationships with his father’s wife, Inna.


    • 1988 — «the Arsonists»
    • 1998 — «Poor Liza»
    • 2006 — «Five minutes to metro»
    • 2008 — «Woman without a past»
    • 2009 — «The Brothers Karamazov»
    • 2009 — «Ranetki»
    • 2010 — «Tukhachevsky. Conspiracy Marshal»
    • 2011 — «Interns»
    • 2012 — «Copernicus»
    • 2015 — «the Ship»


    Andrey Andreev

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