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  • Name: Andrea del Boca ( Andrea Del Boca )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Height: 161
  • Activity: the Argentine actress and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrea del Boca’s biography

    Viewers of the former Soviet Union have come to know and love this odnovolova actress after appearing on our screens bright and hot as the Argentine sun, telenovelas «Black pearl», «Celeste» and «Antonella».

    Andrea del Boca, as it is about her, appeared in the fall of 1965 in the heart of Argentina – Buenos Aires.

    Andrea del Boca in childhood
    Andrea del Boca in childhood | Fb

    The girl was doomed to become a movie star because her parents are closely connected with the world of cinema. Father – a famous film Director nicolás del Boca. Mother Anna-Maria Castro – his faithful companion. Looking ahead, we say that she is from the early years of Andrea’s life is still her Manager, assistant and private Secretary. And the godfather of the baby became a colleague and a friend of his father, a famous film Director Alejandro Doria.

    Andrea is the youngest daughter in the family del Boca. At the time of her birth parents raised her son Adrian and daughter Anabella. Parents were convinced that their third child will be a boy. They even managed to give him the name Guido. But got a surprise in the way of charming girls.

    Andrea del Boca
    Andrea del Boca |

    By the way, boy, Andrea del Boca still have time to visit. At 8 months old she made her debut on the screen, playing baby in the melodrama. To take care of this godfather girl. He again attracted Andrea to the shooting when she was 4 years old. More precisely, the Director of the telenovela «Our epanechka» was Nicolas del Boca, but Alejandro Doria convinced him to take on the role of a little daughter.

    Nicholas conceded and agreed that Andrea will appear on the set only for 2 weeks. But people little one so much that I had to «extend» its role. Thus, del Boca 8 months working in this project. At that time she could not read, so the role of practicing with mom, repeating after her the words.

    So began a brilliant cinematic biography of Andrea del Boca. After «Our isanotski» she played numerous children’s roles.


    To 17 years filmography girls consisted of 12 names. The first notoriety has brought the young actress a role Penny in the melodrama «the heart of a Father». At that time, del Boca was 8 years old. A touching novel and the heroine, Andrea del Boca Angelica so fond of the audience that it was decided to shoot a sequel. In the following, the 1974 released film «the heart of a Father wants to marry.»

    Andrea del Boca in the film
    Andrea del Boca in «Andrea» |

    But not only the TV series was in «piggy Bank» of a young actress. In 1971 she starred in the feature film «Andrea». However, after its release, it was decided to remove the continuation of the series. So, on Argentinian screens came melodrama «Senorita Andrea» and «angel named Andrea.» At the same stage name in vain not coincide with the name of the young actress. This decision was made by the father-directed kind of promo ads for her daughter.

    The peak of popularity, the Argentine-stars have in the 1990s. In 1991, viewers love to watch soap Opera called «Celeste». The high rating of the project has pushed the creators to shoot continue. 2 years later came the sequel to «Celeste, always Celeste». As you can guess, Celeste played del Boca. This work earned her the prestigious film award of the country the name of Martin Fierro.

    Andrea del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez in the series
    Andrea del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez in the TV series «Celeste» |

    It is noteworthy that the «Celeste» collaborate Andrea del Boca with a popular actor Gustavo Bermúdez. Their duet is so loved by the Argentines that they filled the Studio wishes to see once again a couple together. So there was the telenovela «Antonella», where the celebrity couple were back together.

    After the resounding success of «Antonella» was followed by a new popular film is one of the best in the Bank del Boca. This series «the Black pearl», so warmly accepted by domestic audiences of the post-Soviet space. By the way, partner of the actress in this drama was the sex symbol of Argentina, Gabriel Corrado. The rights to broadcast «the Black pearl» was sold not only in Russia, but in dozens of countries where the show was a huge success.

    Andrea del Boca and Gabriel Corrado
    Andrea del Boca and Gabriel Corrado |

    In the late 1990s, Andrea del Boca has somewhat reduced activity. In 1996 she starred in the new drama «Gypsy.» And after 2 years went to new York. She went to University, where he received the education Director.

    After returning home, del Boca continues to be removed. She appeared in a new romantic projects «Mine, only mine» and «Visibility». First appeared in comedic roles in the movie «Sparkling love» that the audience and critics recognized the best Comedy of the year. The film brought the artist the second prize of the Martin Fierro for best female Comedy role.

    Andrea del Boca s Gustavo Bermúdez
    Andrea del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez |

    But in 2005, Andrea del Boca has returned to the familiar genre of melodrama and starred in the telenovela «Save me, Mary.»

    Of the latest, most exciting projects of the Argentine star can be called the 24-serial film «Gladiator of Pompeii», Thriller, «Female killers», musical film «high school musical: the Challenge» and a picture «One good day». And Argentine viewers saw del Boca in its new quality as a leading television show «Mother of the year».

    To date, the last film in which she starred this wonderful actress, is a Spanish Thriller «the woman.»

    Many fans of Andrea del Boca love her not only acting, but also for the songs. In the Argentine stars excellent vocal and nice voice. In many telenovelas she sings. The actress regrets that due to a busy shooting schedule, she can’t concentrate on a musical career, although she loves to sing. The song Andrea del Boca can be heard not only in films with her participation, but also by purchasing her CDs. Their the actress 3. This is a collection of songs from all her films.


    Unfortunately fans of the actress Andrea del Boca is now almost removed. Not so long ago the fans stars were glad to hear the news of her alleged involvement in a new project called «schoolgirl». Besides Andrea del Boca, Gustavo bermúdez was supposed to appear in this film together. But what was the disappointment of spectators when they learned that the «Schoolgirl» instead of del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez will play araceli Gonzalez, the wife of one of the best producers of Argentinean soap operas.

    Andrea del Boca today
    Andrea del Boca today |

    They say the reason for replacement was a condition set by del Boca producers: to stipulate in the contract the amount of its fee in U.S. dollars. To understand this desire Andrea you can, because in Argentina a raging economic crisis. But the producers decided that it is better to do without demanding star, replacing it with a less whimsical, though not so well-known counterpart.

    Personal life

    Perhaps after many years, fans of the actress you see a movie about the life of our favorite. After all, her fate is quite the «pull» on the plot of this melodrama, which has it all: passionate love, separation, betrayal and shattered hopes.

    Unfortunately, the personal life of Andrea del Boca more «embedded» in the drama script. This red-haired beauty with snow-white skin and blue eyes, as if personifying the saying about «not born beautiful». Beauty really did not bring her expected happiness. All the novels of the actress and singer ended with broken hopes and sufferings.

    Andrea del Boca with her daughter
    Andrea del Boca with her daughter |

    The first romantic feelings came from Andrea at the age of 14. Then it looked after immediately 3 knight. But a strong feeling came to 17. She fell in love with his partner on the series, the 29-year-old Jose Luis Rodriguez. At the time he left 41-year-old wife, model Maria Antonia Diaz. The woman was just going to give the ungrateful husband’s third child.

    The affair lasted 4 years, but ended immediately when Jose eyes Andrea had a fight with his ex-wife, not hesitant to rush to the woman with his fists.

    The second affair happened with producer Raul de La Torre. The relationship lasted almost 6 years, but again before marriage is not reached. For unknown reasons, the couple decided to leave.

    Four years of Andrea del Boca have met with a successful financier from the United States Jeffrey Sachs. But Sachs lived in America, and in Argentina have been only on short visits. Because of the huge employment could not often fly to USA and Andrea. The novel is gone, leaving behind an unpleasant aftertaste and deceived expectations.

    Andrea del Boca with her daughter Anna
    Andrea del Boca with his daughter Anna |

    But the most dramatic was the last novel of Andrea del Boca with the banker Horacio Ricardo Biasotti. Why the financier decided to run away from the woman just learning about her pregnancy, is not clear. Illogical look and his actions when he began to plead with the mother of his child, to take it away.

    Instead of filming in new projects today, Andrea del Boca is busy litigation, trying to protect himself and his daughter, Anna, from claims, Horacio. By the way, Biasotti to spoil the blood of the mother of his child, forbade her to take the daughter out of the country. Thus, the actress could not give his consent to the shooting she had been offered in other countries. After all, to part with the baby for a few months, she didn’t.

    For a long time the personal life of Andrea del Boca, as well as her exhausted heart, was closed to new love. But in his recent interview the star said that a difficult period is behind us.


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    Andrea del Boca

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