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  • Name: Anatoly Zhuravlev ( Zhuravlev Anatoly )
  • Date of birth: 20 March 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Verkhnyaya Salda, Russia
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: married

    Anatoly Zhuravlev : biography

    During the filming of the cult TV series «birthday Bourgeois» its Director Anatoly Mateshko called the actor, «Ural nugget». Anatoly Zhuravlev, who played in the TV series hero nicknamed Fat, is not only masterfully reincarnated in the right way. He gushed creative ideas, most of which are implemented by the Director. Probably, without Zhuravleva this film would be largely lost.

    Anatoly Zhuravlev was born in the Ural village of Verkhnyaya Salda in March 1964. Later the family moved closer to civilization. Anatoly interested in martial arts, choosing Taekwondo. But most of all he was interested in the acting profession. For a boy from the province this profession seemed something unattainable. So after high school he enrolled at the Ural pedagogical University, Philology selecting

    After serving the army, Zhuravlev worked as a teacher of literature. But the dream to go on stage never left him. Especially this desire intensified in College, where Anatoly for the first time tried his hand as an actor. He participated in plays that were in the Nizhny Tagil drama theatre.

    Finally realizing that school is not for him, Anatoly Zhuravlev went to Leningrad and entered LGITMiK. In 1992 he received a diploma. At the time of graduation a young artist for a year he worked at the Leningrad Comedy Theatre.


    After 5 years, the actor changed his stage Comedy Theatre on stage Theatre-Studio of Oleg Tabakov. It happened after moving Anatoly Zhuravlev in Moscow. But Tabakov, the artist stayed only for 2 years. From 2007 he serves in the troupe of the Astana Opera actor.

    A cinematic biography of Anatoly Zhuravlev started in Leningrad, when he was a student of elementary courses of the theatre of the University. It is hardly necessary to list the dozens of paintings, where Zhuravlev got the episodes. His first prominent role, which has brought success to the novice actor and awareness, was released in 1995. It was ranked romance with the prophetic title «Everything will be fine!». Anatoly Zhuravlev has played in it of the former paratrooper nick. Indeed, after the release of the film career of the actor promptly went up.

    In 2000, Zhuravleva was waiting for a starring role. In the series «birthday Bourgeois» Anatoly went to one of the key characters – the security guard of the Bourgeois Fat. Footage of Fat playing the accordion and dancing a Striptease with a towel – the idea of Anatoly Zhuravlev, happily supported by both the Director and the entire crew. After leaving the series of the Ural artist woke up famous.

    As soon turned out, Zhuravlev received the first education – Philology – was useful to the artist. He wrote a play about the life of poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. It tells about the last years and the difficult relationship with his lover Lily Brik. Anatoly Zhuravlev has admitted that he dreams about the film adaptation of his play, and about how to play Mayakovsky.

    After the «birthday of Bourgeois» Ural nugget appeared in a huge number of movies. Of those that emerged in the first decade, the most vivid and rating has been pictures of «best city in the world», «Turkish March. New appointment», «online alias», «Sarmatian», «hide and seek» and «Dad of all trades».

    Now filmography Zhuravleva has more than seven dozen paintings and series. In recent years fans of this actor’s talent saw him in the draft «Terrorist Ivanova», «20 years without love,» «Veronica. Lost happiness», «caviar Baron» and «the beekeeper».

    In 2016, the screens out the action-sitcom «Fugitive family», where Anatoly Zhuravlev has got a key role.

    Personal life

    The vicissitudes of the artist’s personal life has often been the top subjects of the tabloids. I must say that Ural star became a rich source of gossip and gossip, many of which later proved to be true.

    First wife of Anatoly Zhuravlev for a long time was his compatriot Natalia Grosbeak. She worked as a kindergarten teacher, but later, after moving to the capital, got a job as a prop master in the theater Tabakov. The couple lived together for 20 years. This period of their life together was often marred by betrayals loving artist. A few years ago it became known that in the Urals is growing illegitimate son Zhuravleva, who gave birth to a woman named Nadezhda Danilova. First, Anatoly refused to paternity, but then the DNA expert found him.

    Barely formed a scandal with the son, as it turned out, the actress Tatyana Shitov gave birth to Anatoly’s daughter Pauline. It actor also admitted after examination, and numerous vessels. Then there were a few fleeting novels.

    In 2011, the personal lives of Anatoly Zhuravlev again has changed dramatically. In St. Petersburg, the 49-year-old actor met the 24-year-old actress Polina Prikhodko. Broke novel culminated in the proposal of marriage and subsequent acceptance of Paulina.

    After 2 years the couple had a daughter.


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    • «Sarmat»
    • «Hide and seek»
    • «Dad of all trades»
    • «Caviar Baron»
    • «The executioner»


    Anatoly Zhuravlev

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