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  • Name: Mr White ( Anatoly Vaysman )
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Born in Bratslav, Ukraine
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Inessa Moskvicheva

    Anatoly Bely: a biography

    In the Russian film industry Anatoly White (nee Weisman) embodies the ideal of the canonical courage. Its large regular features and piercing gaze is able to drive crazy any girl, it is not surprising that the actor is so often called for the execution of roles that require accentuated masculine power and charisma.

    Anatoly Vaysman was born in 1972 in the small town of Bratslav, in the Volyn region of Ukraine. His parents came to stay with relatives, and then gave birth prematurely. The boy grew up in Togliatti, where his mother and father worked on the construction of the Volga automobile plant. Mother then became a teacher of German language at school.

    As a child, Tolya was very fond of sports, actively engaged in acrobatics, fencing in the last discipline having achieved so much. He studied in a regular school, and then entered the Samara aviation Institute, choosing the path of an engineer-programmer of computers. The Institute Anatoly became interested in Amateur: performance with the local team of KVN and playing the guitar. This art gradually became for the boy more interesting than training.

    In the third year, Anatoly Bely suddenly realized that machines don’t attract him. The actor himself says that he made the decision after I imagined my whole life spent at the computer. The image grew on him to such an extent that the same evening, after several hours of thinking on the embankment, Anatoly decided to leave the Institute.

    The young man went to Moscow to try his luck in theatrical universities. In the end enrolled in the school Shchepkin to Nikolay Afonin, a recognized master of his craft.

    One of the teachers at the school was Lyudmila Novikova, which Anatoly Bely remembers with special warmth and tenderness. This actress has maintained a self-developed training system, which combines several classical theatre schools. His disciples she gave a huge knowledge base, then useful in practice.


    After graduation, the actor has begun not the most pleasant period in my life. Was 1995, the crisis in the country, to actors special was not the case. Graduate refused to take in a theatrical state, citing the fact that the school school Shchepkin very conservative and outdated. Two years Anatoly served in the Soviet army Theatre, and then again out of work and money. The actor was forced to engage in trade, expecting a happy event.

    Anatoly Bely learned that Oleg Menshikov is preparing a new project, and dare to try again to get. The actor came to audition for troupe theatre company, the «Partnership 814», where Menshikov noticed and endorsed his candidacy. In this situation, the role played case: on one of the evenings in the house of the actor of a young man who parodied television advertising, noticed Pavel Kaplevich, the artist, has collaborated with Menshikov. And spoke about the talent Oleg Evgenyevich.

    The young actor has had parts in productions of «Woe from wit» and «Kitchen», the Director was Oleg Menshikov, as well as a small role in the play Kirill Serebrennikov «the Demon». About the same time Anatoly Bely has taken on permanent a salary in the Theater of Stanislavsky, giving him small roles in the plays twelfth night and the taming of the shrew.

    Since the beginning of zero Anatoly Bely entrenched in the position of an in-demand actor. He collaborated with the theater of the Moscow art theatre, with the Center of drama and directing, and in 2003 moved from the Theater of Stanislavsky in the Theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, in which the works of the present day.

    For the talented work of Anatoly Bely received the prestigious theatrical award, including the prize «the Seagull», awarded to the actor in 2002, 2003 and 2007.


    For a long time the filmmakers didn’t notice Anatoly, and he got a cameo or role in the ensemble. The actor had a chance to take part in movies as a stuntman, but it was an isolated case. Appearing on screen for the first time in 1996, eight years White went to auditions, waiting for that his talent is finally appreciated.

    In 2004 came the drama serial «multiplying grief». This heavy movie is about friendship, betrayal, and the role of money in relationships of loved ones have received many rave reviews from the critics. Viewers who saw it in 2005, appreciated the Director Oleg Fesenko, and actor Anatoly Bely.

    More downloads White brought the main role in the film «the Seventh day», a joint production of Russia and Georgia. There is the actor failed to fully disclose his dramatic talent, in addition, the site has developed a very successful tandem of White journalists by Vdovichenkov.

    Such a rapid rise occurred in 2007, when the screens went Thriller «Paragraph 78». There are White again had to play with Vdovichenkov, as well as to work with Gosha Kutsenko. This film was the hit of the year.

    Since then, Anatoly Bely annually starred in several films: disaster movie the art of the biography of Malevich.

    In March 2015 on the First channel premiered the series «Orlova and Aleksandrov».

    Personal life

    Anatoly Bely married for a second time. His first choice was Marina Golub, an actress and popular TV presenter. Being much older Marina was very supportive of Anatolia in the most difficult moments of his life. In 1995, White was still a beginner, an unknown actor, but the Dove believed in him and in every way helped. After some time my beloved got married, but after eleven years of marriage they were divorced. Common children the couple never had.

    Ex-wife Anatoly long time no talk. They made up only a month before the tragic death of Marina Golub in a car accident in the fall of 2012.

    In 2005, the actor met with Inessa Moskvicheva, designer, and actress. Two years later the couple had a boy Maxim. In 2010, the second daughter of a pair of Vic, and in 2013 favorite legalized their marriage.


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    Anatoly Bely

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