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  • Name: Anatoly Vasilyev ( Vasilyev Anatoliy )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Tagil
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Anatoly Vasiliev: biography

    People’s artist of Russia Anatoly Vasiliev is known to the older generation in the film «the Crew», and the young – the role of grandparents is a Professor in a Comedy series «Matchmakers».

    He was born November 6, 1946 in Nizhny Tagil. Father Anatoly was an influential Soviet official, and his mother looked after the house and raising a son. The woman was a fan of theatre and music, from childhood accustomed to this son.

    When Anatolia was 9 years old, my parents moved to Bryansk: the move was related to the career of his father. In the new school the boy adapted quickly, also quickly gained a reputation among classmates. In the Bryansk Anatoly Vasiliev began to attend drama club. At the same time he first began to think seriously about a professional acting career.

    After school the boy was going to go to drama College, but his father insisted that he went to engineering College. Two years Vasiliev regularly in College, then dropped everything and went to Moscow to become an actor.

    Anatoly was lucky – he entered the Moscow art theater from the first attempt. Of course, my father did not approve of the choice of the son, and the mother stood up for him. The woman always knew that her child has a talent. In 1969, Anatoly Vasiliev successfully graduated from the Moscow art theatre.


    After graduating from the theatre Institute Vasilyev got in the satire Theatre, where he worked for 4 years. Then I moved to the Theater of the Soviet army — 22 years old actor gave the stage. In 1995 got a job in the Theater Mossovet, where he works to this day. On the stage of this theater he played his best roles: among them is the role of Anatoly in the play «School of defaulters», Anderson in a production of «the devil’s Disciple», Adam in «Man on the weekends».

    In 2011, the company held the premiere of the play «the Lottery,» in which Anatoly Vasilyev has played with the ex-wife and son from his first marriage. The actors didn’t even have to reincarnate, they showed on stage themselves, the former husband and wife, bound by common child.


    Anatoly Vasiliev has made his debut as an actor in 1978. Director Sergei Bondarchuk invited him to the role of smokes in the film «the Steppe» by Chekhov stories. The start was good – the Directors drew attention to the actor. A year later he starred in the cult Soviet film «air Crew», which enjoy watching the audience today. He played the pilot, Valentina, wants to return to a large aircraft. Vasiliev’s character was touching and true, the actor managed to convey the personal drama of the hero. The following works resonated with the role of Valentine. Anatoly Vasilyev has played Basmanova in the film «Boris Godunov», Fomina in «Hope and support», etc.

    In the 90s, when the Soviet cinema was experiencing not the best period, the actor continued to star in other roles. The audience saw him as a Bohemian painter in the film «Wants-love» and aristocrat in the film «Your fingers smell of incense». In the 2000s, Anatoly Vasiliev starred in the TV series «Times are not chosen», «Christmas man», «Tatyana’s day», «Short breath», «Major Vetrov» «All men are bast…», etc.

    In 2008, the actor was invited for the lead role in a Comedy series «Matchmakers». He played the grandfather of Professor Yura. Anatoly Vasiliev remembers that entirely into his work, embraced the lifestyle of his hero, tried to credibly convey his character. It was not until the fourth season of «Matchmakers», but then between Vasiliev and actor Fyodor Dobronravov, a conflict broke out. The reason for this was the script in which the hero I constantly joked about a hero Vasiliev. Then Anatoly said that the «Matchmakers» is interesting, because any movie, even a Comedy, should not humiliate human dignity, and to present it.

    The actor continues to star in movies and TV series, involved in performances.

    Personal life

    Anatoly Vasiliev was married twice. With his first wife Tatyana Izikovich he met when he was 20 years old. Later, the actor admitted that special feelings to the girl had, but she persisted in it conquered. They got married and lived together for 17 years. When Tatiana and Anatoly decided to divorce, their son Philip was 5 years old. Strange, but Tatiana Vasilieva became famous in theater and film under her husband’s name.

    The divorce was given to spouses difficult relationships they maintain, that period of life not to tell. It is known that the cause of the rupture was the departure of Tatiana to the actor Georgiy Martirosyan.

    In 1991, Anatoly Vasiliev married again. This time his choice was the employee of the TV Faith. After a year in this marriage a daughter, Barbara. Anatoly helped Faith after the birth of her daughter, refused some roles, that the wife gave up work. The actor says that it was difficult, but his efforts and sacrifices are worth it, because family happiness is priceless.

    In the play with his ex-wife and son Anatoly Vasiliev took part only because of money, because at that time his family had a difficult time with finances. Shortly before the production, the actor suffered a heart attack, so roles in theater and film was not invited. On the stage these relationships are not went.


    • «Beloved woman mechanic Gavrilov»
    • «Mikhail Lomonosov»
    • «The times did not choose»
    • «Shortness of breath»
    • «The Military Prosecutor’s Office»
    • «Roadway»
    • «The crew»
    • «Matchmakers»
    • «Otkrichat cranes»
    • «Tatyana’s day»


    Anatoly Vasiliev

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