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  • Name: Anatoly Sobchak ( Anatoliy Sobchak )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1937
  • Age: 62 years
  • Date of death: 20 Feb 2000
  • Place of birth: Chita
  • Activity: Political figure of the USSR and Russia, the first mayor of St. Petersburg
  • Marital status: was married to Lyudmila Narusova

    Anatoly Sobchak: biography

    Anatoly Sobchak, a famous democratic reformer and political figure of the times of «Perestroika», one of the authors of the Constitution, the first mayor of St. Petersburg. In the last years of his life was the controversial key figure of Russian politics, was accused of corruption, abuse of official duties and bribery. Under him in the city hall of St. Petersburg worked many high-ranking officials and diplomats of modern Russia, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    Born Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak on August 10, 1937 in Chita. His father, Alexander Antonovich, was an engineer on the railroad and her mother, Nadezhda Andreevna, was an accountant. Young Sobchak was not the only child in the family, had three brothers.

    Childhood Sobchak was held in Kokand city, located in Uzbekistan. There the family moved due to the translation of the father. Studied future politician in the ordinary local school with her brothers. He was talented, attentive, diligent and persistent student, did not trouble either the parents or teachers. At the end of secondary school, he enrolled in the Tashkent University on EuroFaculty, but just a year later in 1954 he transferred to Leningrad state University, probably was the beginning of his fateful reunion with Peter.

    The University student Sobchak actively demonstrate their desire and ability to learn, making it the Lenin scholarship holder. In 1959, after graduation the young Anatoly, the distribution was sent to work in the Stavropol bar Association. In 1962, Sobchak returned to Leningrad, Leningrad state University, completed his postgraduate studies and defended her thesis. Then for three years he taught at the special school of militia of MIA of the USSR, and from 1968 to 1973 he was assistant Professor at the law faculty in Leningrad University. In 1985, Anatoly headed the Department of commercial law at the same faculty.

    Anatoly Sobchak: career

    Sobchak’s political career rapidly began in 1989, when he after joining the Communist party was elected Deputy to the Verkhovna Rada. Then he headed the Subcommittee on economic legislation and the rule of law and became one of the founders of the Interregional parliamentary group of the USSR armed forces. Less than a year Anatoly joined the Leningrad city Council and a month later became its Director and in 1991 the results of the elections became the first mayor of Leningrad. After coming to power, Sobchak city on the Neva was returned its historical name and became known as St. Petersburg.

    In St. Petersburg mayor’s office under Sobchak worked the majority of young at the time of the professionals who are currently high-ranking officials and diplomats in the Kremlin. In particular, the Trustees of the mayor of St. Petersburg, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the head of «Gazprom» Alexey Miller, the President of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin and many well-known Russian politicians.

    In the first year after the assumption of office of St. Petersburg mayor Sobchak actively expressed themselves and conquered the authority among the population. He took an active part in creating the Movement for democratic reform, spoke against the actions of the GKCHP in August 1991 coup in Leningrad, was organized and called the population to protest against the actions of the state Committee for emergency situations, which enabled Leningrad to resist the decrees of the Agency.

    However, the credibility of the first persons of Saint Petersburg has not been undisputed. His sincere attachment to democracy tightly crossed with a commitment to authoritarian methods of governing the city, which resulted in endless conflict with the local legislature. Sobchak also repeatedly been involved in high-profile overseas trips and banquets with the aim of attracting investors and the flow of humanitarian aid to the city. But «bet West» led to the suppression of the St. Petersburg local industry. The residents of the city condemned the mayor for a regular international event on the banks of the Neva river and was accused of embezzlement of the city budget.

    In 1995, the associates Sobchak urged him to run for the presidential elections in Russia in 1996 and become a rival of former head of state Boris Yeltsin. However, Anatoly is completely and categorically rejected the idea. In 1996, he lost the gubernatorial election to his Deputy Vladimir Yakovlev and left a post of the mayor of St. Petersburg.

    A career politician Sobchak has faded as swiftly as it had begun. The first mayor of St. Petersburg became a symbol of a vibrant social group in Russia, which in the early 90-ies to seek changes in the country. For one part of society Anatoly is associated with sustained and habitual destroyer of the world, while others perceive it as a figure that leads the country to freedom through a revolutionary break.

    Anatoly Sobchak: criminal prosecution

    In October 1997, Anatoly Sobchak, the Prosecutor General’s office was involved in the criminal case about corruption in the St. Petersburg mayor’s office as a witness. After a while the criminal case Sobchak was involved as accused under articles «Bribery» and «Abuse of power». Then the family of ex-mayor of St. Petersburg was loudly debated in the media and in society, while Sobchak was accused of all mortal sins.

    On the background of these events in Anatoly Aleksandrovich has seriously deteriorated state of health, and instead of a prison cell he was in cardiology with a heart attack. After some time, Sobchak left the city and flew to France for treatment. In Paris he lived until 1999, where he decided to recall his academic career. He lectured at the Sorbonne, and other leading French universities, wrote two books and published more than 30 scientific articles.

    In November 1999 a criminal case against Sobchak were dropped for lack of evidence and he returned to Russia, declaring the intention to re-enter politics. In early 2000, Sobchak has held the position of proxy of the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and head of the political Council of the democratic movements and parties of Petersburg.

    Anatoly Sobchak: personal life

    The first marriage Sobchak took place in his student years. Then he married the first beauty of the philological faculty of the pedagogical Institute. Herzen

  • Nonna Gandzyuk, which gave birth to the eldest daughter Maria. But in 1977, the family idyll has faded, the future mayor of St. Petersburg, divorced his wife, lived with her for 21 years. The second wife became Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova, who he met as a lawyer and helped in the difficult process of divorce with her first husband. Second wife Sobchak became his trusted and true companion in his political career, she always took an active part in the Affairs of her husband and supported him in all endeavors. The wife of the former mayor of St. Petersburg has been implementing its own projects, in particular, was the representative of the government of Russia in the Board of Trustees of the German Foundation «remembrance, responsibility and future» and held a number of responsible positions.

    In 1981, the family policy has a daughter, Ksenia Sobchak, who is currently the Russian TV presenter and a successful journalist. Sobchak’s daughter, as Anatoly himself is a figure of the ambiguous nature of society.

    Anatoly Sobchak: death

    February 20, 2000 during the performance of duties for the positions of Trustee presidential candidate Vladimir Putin in hotel Svetlogorsk died Anatoly Sobchak. According to official figures the death of Sobchak was caused by a severe heart attack.

    The sudden death of Anatoly Sobchak became a significant event, which resulted in a massive gossip. The rumors of the death of ex-mayor of St. Petersburg appeared and multiplied with lightning speed. Some stated that Sobchak was killed because he knew too much, others have advanced the theory of alcohol poisoning and drug «Viagra».

    In may 2000 the Prosecutor’s office of Kaliningrad region opened a criminal case on the murder of Sobchak by poisoning. But the examination after autopsy showed that the body’s policy was no alcohol, no drugs, with the result that on 4 August the criminal case about the murder of Sobchak was closed.

    Anatoly Sobchak was buried on 24 February in St. Petersburg at St. Nicholas cemetery.

    Anatoly Sobchak: photo

    Anatoly Sobchak and Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg city hall

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