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  • Name: Anatoly Shary ( Anatoliy Shariy )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: journalist, video blogger
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anatoly Shary: a biography

    Anatoly Shariy – Ukrainian journalist and videoblogger, who gained fame thanks to his articles and videos, political and social orientation. The opinion of this person of interest to the audience in the first place, because previously he conducts serious investigative journalism on this topic.

    Anatoly was born and raised in Kiev. In school he was not interested in those questions with which he later became famous. The young man, having matriculation, decided to become a soldier and entered the Kiev higher tank engineering school, graduating from there faculty of regimental intelligence.

    However, he was carrying his military service short. In the early 2000s, he developed gambling, where a young person’s life arose serious difficulties. Getting rid of the excitement associated with the games, Lies, plunged into journalism. Since 2005, the man worked with the Ukrainian editions of «Natalie», «Single», «Polina», «Today» and the Russian «Moskovsky Komsomolets».

    His pen belonged to the critical article «Why is sleeping child», in which the journalist raises the issue of using children poor and destitute, «Public orphanage» about child molestation. He also conducted the investigation of the murders of homeless animals, analyzed, organized crime, investigated drug trafficking and illegal gambling business in Ukraine, resulting in have lost their jobs, some high-ranking officials.


    Their opinion in video format Anatoly Shary started posting to YouTube in the spring of 2013. But fame his channel got during the Ukrainian events in winter 2013-2014. The journalist covered the event in his characteristic manner, whistleblower fraud.

    During the year, his videos were periodically removed from the video portal, and the channel was closed three times due to alleged copyright infringement. The sharii failed to prove the legality of their actions, and now his idea is freely available, and the constant audience has three quarters of a million subscribers.

    As of may 2016 Anatoly channel on YouTube is located on the 558-th place by the number of visits that independent political news more than a decent result.

    Personal life

    Professional activities Anatoly Sharia toll on his private life. The man repeatedly faced harassment and attacks, including shooting. Now a journalist living in the Netherlands city the Hague, where he went in transit through Lithuania and asked for political asylum. His request was accepted, so Anatoly was left in the European Union as a refugee. By the way, Shary is the first Ukrainian journalist who has received refugee status in EU countries in recent years.

    Even when my husband lived in Kiev, he was married and had a daughter. Anatoly’s wife worked as a Deputy editor of one of the glossy publications for women. In the spring of 2012 Shary divorced his wife yet to be officially family status is not changed. Although since November 2013, he had a relationship with a colleague in the journalistic profession Olga Bondarenko, who works with him in one project. Anatoly Shary and Volha Bandarenka are now living together in the Netherlands, but officially husband and wife is not yet.


    Anatoly Shary

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