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  • Name: Anatoliy Rudenko ( Anatoliy Rudenko )
  • Date of birth: 7 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Elena Dudina

    Anatoliy Rudenko: biography

    Anatoly Rudenko, that is, was destined to become an actor. He was born in Moscow on 7 October 1982 in the dynastic acting family. Mother Love Anatoly Rudenko famous actress Metropolitan theater. Mayakovsky, viewers remembered for his roles in the movies «the flowers of the meadow», «unpaid Leave», «the Life of Klim Samgin», «Taiga». Father Anatoly – Cyril Makeyenko, also an actor, for many years dedicated to the game cinema and theater (now dealer). And Anatoly Rudenko – grandson of the famous theater of Mykola Rudenko and Dina Soldatova.

    Anatoly grew up backstage of the theater Mayakovsky and on the set of «Mosfilm», which was often with my mom. And yet the boy decided to follow in the footsteps of parents and grandparents.

    After school Anatoly Rudenko was planning to go to the Institute of tourism. The example he chose her aunt, that led the travel Agency. But the actor’s rich genealogy of his family took precedence. On balance, the son yielded to the persuasion of mom and entered the Shchukin school.


    Film debut Anatoly Rudenko took place in childhood: at the age of thirteen the boy was casting for the film Eldar Ryazanov «hi, fools!» and quite successfully played his first role. Samples had been difficult and long, but the boy approved. He got the role Mitrofan – spirited precocious boy that loved to drink, to smoke and to consider men’s magazines. It was all someone else’s well-educated boy from an educated acting family, but his talent took its toll: he is not bad in the role.

    The debut was very successful. Eldar Ryazanov himself, seeing as he worked in front of the camera, the young actor said that he has a great acting ability, and this guy even declare itself. In 2004, Rudenko graduated from the Shchukin school and was drafted into the army. He was immediately placed in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army, where he works today.

    While still a student at the Shchukin Anatoly Rudenko began to actively act. The first was the «Simple truth», then role in «the Fifth angel» and «the Thief». In «Poor Nastya» artist played by Alexei Shubin.

    But woke up famous Anatoly Rudenko after the release of the budget series «Two fates», where he played the role of Peter Yusupov — hero, not very much, as the car was already very improbable positive.

    Nevertheless, the role proved to be crucial: the biography of Anatoliy Rudenko received the first star page. Now the actor was out on the street, and filmmakers offered new images.

    New movies with Anatoly Rudenko appear regularly: he starred in the television series and films almost continuously. The artist recalls that in the beginning almost all of the images offered to the actor was extremely positive. And I wanted to play different ways, including with a complex character and the negative image. And the opportunity Anatoly got in the TV series «Kamenskaya» and «still I love».

    Among the last films Rudenko – series «the Heart is not a stone» movies «Together», «Two John», «Spiral», etc.


    Love the main actor – the theater. During service in the theater of the Russian army Anatoly Rudenko has played in the graduation performance «Apricot Paradise». In the same theatre Anatoly was occupied in a huge number of productions, but the greatest popularity brought him a performance of «School love» and «Man of La Mancha». Brilliant artist can be seen in performances of «Nightingale night» and «Forever living». Also Rudenko plays in the entreprise.

    Anatoly admits that the movie made him famous, but the theater he likes.

    Personal life

    On the TV show «the First truth», and then while working on the film «still I love» Anatoly Rudenko met with Tatiana Arntgolts. Young people even lived for two years together, but this Union of marriage not ended. According to the actor, at that time he was not ready for family relations. And time for a life together was extremely small: and Anatoly and Tatiana – popular actors.

    Soon Rudenko met actress Daria Poverennova, which was significantly older than him. Broke out the feeling four years, joined the couple. But this relationship was not destined to end with a wedding.

    Today Anatoly Rudenko met the one that proudly calls «my wife.» Wife Rudenko Elena Dudina is also an actress. Together the pair starred in the movie «Yesterday ended the war.» The working relationship soon became romantic. Rudenko and Dudin not advertise the wedding event celebrated modestly in a narrow circle of relatives. In 2012, the actor has become a proud father of Elena Dudina gave birth to daughter Milena.

    The actor believes that this marriage is a happy event. Wife helps him prepare for the role. Personal life of Anatoliy Rudenko before meeting Elena was gray, as recognized by the artist himself.


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    Anatoly Rudenko

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