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  • Name: Anatoly Ravikovich ( Anatoliy Ravikovich )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1936
  • Age: 75 years
  • Date of death: April 8, 2012
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor, Director, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Anatoly Ravikovich: biography

    Anatoly Yurievich Ravikovich was born in late 1936 in the Northern capital of the Russian Federation. His parents had survived the difficult years of the construction of the Soviet state worked hard to help their children get on their feet. Unfortunately, both left early from life, never feeling glad to successes of the son. Himself Anatoly Yurievich experienced in the early years of the blockade.

    Anatoly Ravikovich in his youth
    Anatoly Ravikovich in his youth

    In 1954, Ravikovich enters the theatre, the UNIVERSITY of Leningrad in the course to the Professor Khokhlov. Admissions office killed on the spot acting performance Ravikovich song «In the valleys and on the hills.» The young man was admitted to the Institute immediately on his Comedy harmony and a talent for mimicking. In 1958 the distribution of the young actor goes to the theater of the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where he spent 2 years and then another year he gave to the drama of Stalingrad.

    Anatoly Ravikovich
    Anatoly Ravikovich | GoldDisk

    By happy coincidence, in the early 60-ies, while vacationing in Yalta sanatorium, Ravikovich met the young Director of the Leningrad theatre of Lensoveta Igor Petrovich Vladimirov, who was looking for promising young actors in the creative collective. So the young actor returned to his hometown and never left it until the last days.


    Leningrad Lensovet theatre Anatoly Yuryevich gave 30 years of his life. According to him, those were the happiest years of his creative biography. New Director of theatre Lensoveta Igor Vladimirov was a student of Georgy Tovstonogov. Workshop hand Director brought the theatre from stagnation for many years to come. Prima of the theatre Lensovet was Alisa Freundlich, the wife of Volodymyr.

    Anatoly Ravikovich in the theater
    Anatoly Ravikovich in the play «Man and gentleman» | Movie-theater

    In such a creative environment has blossomed talent of the actor Anatoly Ravikovitch. He created unique images of heroes such as the Peach from the «Threepenny Opera» of Bertolt Brecht, Semyon Zakharovich from «Crime and punishment», and Carlson from the play on the works of Astrid Lindgren. The uniqueness of theatre donation Ravikovitch was an absolute organic nature, but also in a special role. The actor created the image of a young person who in difficult situations, able to defend own ideals. Partners Ravikovitch onstage except Alice Freundlich, Mikhail Boyarsky was also Elena Nightingale, Svetlana Smirnova, Larisa Luppian, and others.

    Anatoly Ravikovich in the theater
    Anatoly Ravikovich scene | St. Petersburg theatrical magazine

    In the late 80-ies in connection with the creative decline in theater troupe Vladimirov, Anatoly Yuryevich transferred to the Leningrad Comedy theatre, who at that time was led by Peter Fomenko. The artist immediately got lead roles in theater productions based on works by molière, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Daudet. His partners on stage were Irina Mazurkevich, left by the previous theatre with him, Yuri Lazarev, Gennady Voropayev, Sergey Kuznetsov, and others.


    One of the first works of the actor in the film was the episode in the historical drama «At wild shore». But the real artistic achievement of the artist has become the role of Leo khobotova from the movie «Pokrovsky gates», written by Mikhail Kozakov in the early 80s. the Way vulnerable it is impractical intellectual, steadily sustains the oppression of the old imperious wife, Ravikovich brought all-Union fame. It was the first great work of the actor on the screen, which he treasured all his life.

    Anatoly Ravikovich in the film
    Anatoly Ravikovich in the film «the Pokrovskie gate» | Kommersant

    This was followed by offers from film Directors to shoot detective «Mystery of Endhouse» where Ravikovich played Hercule Poirot, and films «the three Musketeers 20 years later» and «Musketeers 30 years later», where the actor was offered the role of cardinal Mazarin. Through these works, the actor was able to overcome the inertia of the image chobotov and unleash your talent with others. Starred actor and television serials, most famous of which was the «Streets of broken lights-1».

    Personal life

    The first wife of the actor was his classmate Elena Dobroserdova, together with whom he visited in the far East. Some time the actress has served with her husband in the troupe, and then became a theatre critic. Marriage they had a daughter Maria. But Anatoly Yurevich, on the eve of his fortieth birthday again felt the high feeling. This time his choice was a young actress Irina Mazurkevich, with whom he played together in the theater.

    Anatoly Ravikovich and Irina Mazurkevich
    Anatoly Ravikovich and Irina Mazurkevich | tvnz

    In his personal life Ravikovitch happened to be the case love, like his hero chobotov. It was the kind of love when friendship turns into something more. The lovers spent a lot of time for conversations, discussions of literature and poetry. Divorce Anatoly Yurievich experienced hard, but his honesty was obliged to act honestly. Wedding the young have played modestly, and immediately Ravikovich moved to his wife in her small room in a communal apartment.

    Anatoly Ravikovich with his wife and daughter
    Anatoly Ravikovich with his wife and daughter | the Source

    Married to Irina Anatoly Yurievich was perfectly happy. This was the case when a strong creative tandem turned into a deep personal feeling. The family was led all operational problems to leave the door of the house, which had a beneficial impact on their Union. On the General photo of Anatoly and Irina always looked happy. The couple soon had a daughter Elizabeth.


    In recent years, the actor almost never worked. But now Anatoly Ravikovich wrote two books of memoirs. He died in the middle of spring 2012. The cause of death was multiple heart attacks, after which he developed heart failure. The death of Anatoly perceived by his family and friends. At the funeral Ravikovitch was attended by many of the creative personality, including Gennady Hazanov, Oleg Basilashvili. The grave of actor is at the Volkov cemetery.


    • «Agony» — 1974
    • Pokrovskiye Vorota — 1982
    • «Primorsky Boulevard» — 1988
    • «The mystery of the gold coast» — 1988
    • «The Mystery Of Endhouse» — 1989
    • «Musketeers 20 years later» — 1992
    • «Musketeers 30 years later» — 1993
    • «Train to Brooklyn» — 1995
    • «Tartarin of Tarascon» — 2003


    Anatoly Ravikovich

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