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  • Name: Anatoly Pashinin ( Anatoliy Pashinin )
  • Date of birth: 15 September 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Svitlovodsk, Kirovohrad oblast, Ukraine
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Anatoly Pashinin: biography

    Anatoly Pashinin – Ukrainian and Russian actor, who became popular after starring in such films as «Ondine» and «Storm the gates».

    Anatoly was born in the Ukrainian town of Svitlovodsk, located in Kirovograd region. His family was a dynasty soldiers. Pashinina grandfather served in the air force and was a mechanic in the squadron of the famous pilot Ivan Kozhedub. Father was a marine, so the family moved to Vladivostok, where childhood Anatolia. Continued the family tradition and elder brother Konstantin, who currently serves in the air force of Ukraine.

    In childhood Anatoly was a very athletic guy, Boxing, and karate has managed to achieve a brown belt. As a teenager he, too, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a marine, but received a certificate, Pashinin went to Kiev and became a student of two majors at the local University, being a result, a holder of two diplomas of economist and expert on metallurgy and environmental protection.

    Studying on the 5th course, Anatoly has worked in the field of marketing, so realize that it does not involve any Economics or metallurgy. He began to think about what to do next, and realized that it irresistibly drawn to the stage. Then Pashinin went to Moscow and entered the Higher theater school Shchepkin. In the interview the famous teacher Rimma Solntseva asked Anatoly why he decided to become an actor, and received a Frank answer: the young man wants the glory.

    He Pashinin moving to the capital of Russia, where he at that time was not a single friend, referred to as a gamble.


    In the movies Anatoly Pashinin began in 2001, appearing in episodes of the criminal TV-series «Next 2» and the military Thriller «the Lion’s share.» A year later he got the role of Paul’s boxer in the melodrama «Hicks». The picture was shown on the channel REN TV, but the broad resonance is not caused.

    But serial television movie «Ondine,» in which Anatoly played the role of a lover and dreamer of the boy Dmitry, the actor had initial success. Despite the fact that his character is a hopeless dreamer, shooting proved to pashinina hazardous to health. In one episode, his character takes part in a chase, and according to the script the actor had to dive into the pond, despite the fact that the street was already the first frost. Having sailed far enough, Anatoliy Pashinin felt a piercing cold, leg cramp, and he started to sink, but the time arrived, the on duty on the shore by rescuers. Another incident happened with Anatoly during the filming of the sci-Fi Thriller «We from the future», in which he plays Sergeant Serdyuk. One day, when the crew went to the local cafe for lunch, Pashinin grappled with aggressive visitors, the result was stabbed and a lot of hard knocks.

    The main role of an actor is energetic and courageous hero, most often the military. The type assigned to him after the military drama series «Storm gate», based on the novel by Alexander Temnikova «Roth leaves in the sky». Have pashinina the role of senior Lieutenant Doronin, commander of a company of motorized infantry, who are sent to Chechnya. The film was highly acclaimed at several film festivals, and games of Anatoly pashinina critics and the audience called soulful and impressive. Interestingly, in this picture you can only see the actor, but the voice is not his. Scoring the role of Lieutenant Doronin made the other actor Sergei Makhovikov.

    Political views

    In recent years, the number of released films with the participation of Anatoly pashinina declined slightly, due to his active interest in political life. According to their beliefs the actor sympathetic to the nationalists, is a member of a political party Valery Solovey «New force».

    Pashinin repeatedly shown its support of the official authorities of Ukraine and supporters of the Kiev Euromaidan. Several times he had visited the ATO area in Donetsk region, to support the Ukrainian army. In many recent interviews Pashinin manages to extremist and nationalist statements.

    Personal life

    Anatoly Pashinin has never been married, which explains my passionate nature. The actor considers himself very jealous and it shows the jealousy not only towards his current favorite, but all the previous ladies heart. In recent times his words could be heard notes of misogyny and misogyny.

    At his own request, Pashinin is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish and Belarusian languages.

    Because of his political beliefs, the actor moved to Ukraine and since 2013 lives in Zaporozhye.


    • 2002 — Provincials
    • 2002 — Ondine
    • 2005 — Stolen happiness
    • 2006 — All inclusive
    • 2006 — Storm the gates
    • 2007 — Law trap
    • 2008 — On the roof of the world
    • 2008 — Button
    • 2009 — the House with a surprise
    • 2012 — the Adventurers


    Anatoly Pashinin

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