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  • Name: Anatoly Papanov ( Anatolij Papanov )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1922
  • Age: 64 years
  • Date of death: 5 Aug 1987
  • Birth place: Vyazma
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Hope Karateboy

    Anatoly Papanov: biography

    Looking at those comic images in which the actor appeared on screen it was so easy to guess that Anatoly Dmitrievich Papanov was a man with a severe and uncommon fate. Despite the horrors of war, seen with my own eyes, this amazing artist until the end of days has kept the optimism and sincere smile, inspired the audience of the Soviet Union. During his work in the film the artist has received numerous awards celebrating his achievements, and in 1976 by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh was named in honor of an actor open it the asteroid No. 2480. In 2012, 25 years after the death of the artist, Anatoly Dmitrievich has a monument in a small Home in the town of Vyazma.

    Anatoly Papanov was born in the town of Vyazma, Smolensk province, October 31, 1922 in the watershed for the entire country. Father Anatoly officer Dmitry Filippovich and his mother a milliner Elena Boleslavovna, they were men of the Imperial school and the changes around them were regarded with deep disapproval. Furthermore, they were religious Christians and their children were brought up in religious traditions. Young Papanov loved the parents, especially the strict but caring father, and tried to be like him. The love for theatrical arts Papanov, Jr. also took over from his parents. Dmitry Filippovich was fond of acting since his youth and is constantly involved in Amateur theatricals, and moreover, I organized some of them.

    In the late 20-ies of the family Apanovych moved to Moscow. There Roofing went to school, but school wasn’t attracted to the boy. Young Papanov was a lot of bullies, interrupts with «two» «three» and in the end, the school has finished with the work. With a grade a guy and didn’t think about higher education. Anatoly took a job as a caster to the repair shop of the plant and, of course, engaged in acting activities.

    Buddy Papanova once called him to audition in the Theatre of working youth, and rough, sincere boy something like admissions. He quickly became a star in his troupe, and it seemed that he had a bright future ahead. Soon, however, began the Great Patriotic War, and the young worker on the first day called to arms. Three months Papanov learned to manage anti-aircraft guns, and then the entire group was sent to the front. Late great actor recalled how terrified he had to go. There was a case when a large part of a company consisting of such youths as Papanov, died under fire. Anatoly barely got out alive, although injured, since the young man had to amputate 2 toes. To walk normally after this Papanov could not, but because he was demobilized.

    However, back home the young man drove away immediately. A few months soldiers as part of them assembled the creative team traveled to the frontline hospitals, supporting fellow sufferers songs, poems and impromptu speeches which invariably had success. Then Papanov thought that, perhaps, it is creative, the acting work is his calling. Again, once in Moscow, the young man decided to arrive in theatrical Institute.

    Anatoly Papanov theater

    In the theatre of Anatoly came at the time when I finished the entrance examinations. But since the institution had a shortage of students, rector of the Institute Mikhail Tarkhanov proposed future actor to try to join right now, reading anything from poetry. After Mikhail Mikhailovich was surprised by the professionalism of the applicant. After a short conversation Papanov was admitted to the University and enrolled in the second year.

    First, the actor does not stand out among the students, but once rehearsals started it became clear that this young man is a man of great talent. When in 1946 the young actor came out of the walls of the school, he was already known in theatrical circles of Moscow. Papanova was invited to the Moscow art theatre and the Maly theatre, the youth received other prestigious offers. However, Anatoly refused and together with another course went to Lithuania, however, a long time actor in Lithuania is not delayed.

    In 1948, Director Andrey Goncharov has suggested Papanova and his wife place in the Theater of Satire, and the couple moved back to Moscow. This proposal influenced the whole future life of the couple. First, the actor played only a cameo and minor roles. Only in 1954, the actor was entrusted with a significant role only because urgently needed to replace a sick colleague.

    After the premiere, the filmmakers finally spotted the young man’s potential. Three years later he received the first a Central role. The success of the performance with his participation was so loud that in theatrical circles came the expression «to go to Papanova». Even the famous Kisa Vorobyaninov Papanov was able to take a deep, tragic figure, changing for the average theater-goer’s perception of this image.

    In 1962, the actor took part in the staging of the play «House of broken hearts» by Bernard Shaw. It is a work of exceptional complexity, few have dared to set. Actors of Theatre of Satire has done more, creating a TV version of the play. He Papanov played the role of Mangana. Further Papanov took part in many performances and even managed to debut in the theatre as a Director.

    Unfortunately, the artist’s life was suddenly cut short in 1987 of a heart attack. In the house Papanova was no one who could call an ambulance and prevented the death of Anatoly Dmitrievich.

    Anatoly Papanov movies

    Despite the fact that Anatoly was an actor of the highest level, with the film industry he had a relationship work is not immediately. According to colleagues, Papanova just talk to the camera, and the artist could not fully unfold on the set. Maybe that’s why Anatoliy, though played in almost a hundred films, but appeared mainly in minor, insignificant roles.

    The artist had 2 roles that are especially remembered and loved the Soviet audience. The first method is the smuggler Lelik from the legendary Comedy «the diamond arm». Arts Council of the USSR the picture is not much, but the people socialist republics it’s a miracle. Many phrases attractive the thief began to cruise, and Papanova to the end of life learned on the streets thanks to roles in «Diamond hand».

    The second way to help Anatoly Dmitrievich to reveal his dramatic talent. In the film «Cold summer 53-go» the actor played a political exile of Copalita, then the skill of the artist has been praised by critics and colleagues. Unfortunately, the artist died before he had time to reap the fruits of well-deserved fame.

    Anatoly Papanov: personal life

    For more than 40 years, the actor has been married with the Hope Karateboy, his colleague on the stage. With Nadezhda Yurievna artist he met in GITIS, young people brought together front-line past, as she too had seen the horrors of war when she worked as a nurse.

    Their marriage was almost exemplary. Papanova know how to resolve conflicts without scandals, scenes, and loved each other until the death of Anatoly Dmitrievich. In 1954 the couple have a daughter, Elena, who followed in the footsteps of parents and became an actress.

    Anatoly Papanov: filmography

    • Lenin in October
    • The living and the dead
    • The Children Of Don Quixote
    • Beware of the car
    • Two comrades were serving
    • The diamond arm
    • The Adjutant Of His Excellency
    • Bad good man
    • Day of reception on personal matters
    • Comic lover, or Love venture of sir John Falstaff

    Anatoly Papanov: photo

    Anatoly Papanov

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