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  • Name: Anatoly Lobotsky ( Anatolii Lobotskii )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1959
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Tambov
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Julia Rutberg

    Anatoly lobotsky: biography

    Anatoly lobotsky was born in a fairly progressive for a provincial Tambov families in the Humanities. Father, in whose honor was named a future star of the screen was known in Tambov journalist and writer. Mother, revolving in the same circle of intellectuals Tambov, working in the library.

    Apparently, the spirit of opposition to parents-Humanities Roofing the school was fond of chemistry and geometry, and he loved physical education. Serious sports guy with an analytical mind and think not thought about any histrionics. Imagine the surprise of friends who found out that Anatoly lobotsky went to study to the Director of the Tambov branch of the Moscow state Institute of culture.

    In fact, the young man was still much to do. He just didn’t want to go into the army, and the University in those days, recruits were released from paying the debt to the Motherland. First, the lobotsky didn’t really understand who all these strange people around, and what he is doing here, but until the fourth year figured out what was happening, and realized that wants to make films professionally. Not only as a Director and as an actor. The lobotsky decided to go further: if we are to learn from the actor, in one of the largest theater schools of the world – famous GITIS.

    In the field of the lobotsky did (though the second time) on the course to Mark Zakharov and Andrei Goncharov. On the entrance tests, the entrant lobotsky was pretending to be a toy mechanical bear, which is a little Bit brought from India by his grandfather. Goncharov appreciated and originality, and precision of execution, and gave the Lobotsky «ticket» to the profession. He is just a talented actor he graduated from GITIS and invited him into the troupe of the legendary «Mayakovka» – the Moscow academic theater. V. V. Mayakovsky. Moreover, the Director almost immediately began to put talented young man for leading roles in his productions.

    Anatoly lobotsky: theatre

    In the first play Anatoly lobotsky came on the scene «Mayakovka» with Natalia gundarevoj. In the play «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk» Gundareva played the main character Katerina Lvovna Ismailova, and lobotsky – her lover Sergei, for whom she poisoned her husband. The role of hero-lover had Lobotsky very handy, so that he will not part with them to this day.

    «Lady Macbeth» was a success in mayakivka for ten years, and during this time the lobotsky became the leading actor of the theater. Moscow theatre-goers remember his play «Children Vanyushina», «victim of the century», «the Fun don Giovanni» and «As you like it». The talented actor has been invited to star in a movie, lobotsky even came to the audition and uspeshno passed them, but the harsh Director of «Mayakovka» Andrei Goncharov strictly observe the purity of theatre arts, forbidding his actors to earn some money on the set. The only exception is for such living legends of the scene as Natalia Gundareva, and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

    But in difficult ninetieth lobotsky still came to the movies. More precisely, one of the first domestic TV series – «little things of life.»

    Anatoly lobotsky: movies

    After «little Things» was a domestic Thriller «Kill the clown» and then Lobotsky summoned to do Vladimir Menshov. For the famous in theatrical circles, but little known for wide audience of actor Lobotsky it was a jackpot. In the film Menshov «

  • Envy of the gods», he played, of course, the hero-lover: forty years of French journalist Andre, broke up the family married a middle-aged Muscovite, played by Vera Alentova. First character Andre had to play a real Frenchman, but something did not work, and then of all the candidates acting Agency Menchov chose the Lobotsky. And I was right. The lobotsky played the French so convincingly that many did not believe that it is actually a simple Russian guy from Tambov. The lobotsky was given the title of winner of the «Viva cinema of Russia!» began to learn on the streets and is increasingly invited to appear. Menchov, without false modesty, said that he had discovered a real star.

    However, the Directors serious feature film talent of the Lobotsky has not yet been evaluated. Hero-lover from militants refuses, is removed mainly in melodramatic soap operas, and it is only money but no glory. Though professional recognition came to him in 1998: for big merits in development of theatrical art lobotsky received the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation. In 2013 he became a Folk artist.

    Anatoly lobotsky: personal life

    Unfortunately fans of the «hero-lover», lobotsky married. Moreover, the actress of theatre Vahtangova Julia Rutberg his fifth wife.

    His first wife Nadia Smirnova the lobotsky met in Tambov. She was his classmate. Young actors played lovers in academic performance, he circled her in his arms, their eyes were shining and cheeks flushed. The viewers admired his acting, not knowing that the actors are actually in love with each other. Then the Roofing came to my mother and said, «Nadia is pregnant and I, as an honest man, must marry her». Son named Stas, but with his mother lobotsky was short-lived.

    Then there was Elena Molchenko which lobotsky played together in «the responsibility», but their life together is quite short. After some time, the actor married a girl named Natasha, who bore him a daughter Anna. The fourth wife of the hero-lover was the model and TV presenter Olga Ibragimova. Their son is an adult and lives in Barnaul, far from a stellar parent.

    In 2000, the family’s eldest son Lobotsky Stas son was born. Since then, the hero-lover exploring a new role as grandfather.

    Anatoly lobotsky: filmography

    • The forty-third room (TV series)
    • Admiral (TV series)
    • Angel wings
    • The fortune teller (TV series)
    • Good For You!
    • Personal life of Dr. Selivanova (TV series)
    • There would be no happiness…
    • Not in money happiness
    • Another woman, another man
    • A plague on both your houses! (teleplay)
    • On the corner near the Patriarchal
    • Rostov-Papa (TV series)
    • Still waters
    • Envy of the gods
    • Kill litsedeya

    Anatoly lobotsky: photo

    Anatoly Lobotsky

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