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  • Name: Anatoly Kotenev ( Anatoliy Kotenev )
  • Date of birth: 25 September 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Sukhumi
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: the Soviet and Belarusian artist
  • Marital status: married

    Anatoly Kotenev : biography

    Today Anatoly Kotenev, a well — known actor whose name is familiar to all viewers of the post-Soviet space. But his path to the top film Olympus was heavy.

    Anatoly Kotenev was born in Abkhazia in September 1958. But Sukhumi family left when my son turned a year. Koteneva moved to Stavropol Krai, where to stay in Nevinnomyssk. Here was the youth of the future artist. In his family no one was associated with the world of art. My mother worked as a kindergarten teacher. Father was a machinist.

    In childhood Kotenev, like many of his peers, he dreamed of becoming a sailor. A little later, the boy was fond of modeling, and dreams of the sea was replaced by the desire to conquer the heavenly element. And in 7th grade Kotenev suddenly became interested in the stage. At the local Palace of culture worked in the theater of miniatures, where a frequent guy. Soon he began to trust small roles in productions.

    But after graduation, Anatoly Kotenev at the insistence of his father decided to get serious male profession. He trained as a Turner-borer and some time worked at the plant. But the craving for art is not lost. The guy went to Sverdlovsk, where the first try went to drama school. After the 1st course future actor was drafted into the army. After serving in the Urals, Anatoly Kotenev decided not to return to Sverdlovsk. He had ambitious plans to conquer the capital.

    Moscow reciprocated ambitious guy immediately. Cinematography and Shchukin succumbed to the pressure of the young man. But he managed to get into the School-Studio of MKHAT. Here in the course of Mikhail Tarkhanov he studied with Igor Vernik and Sergey Garmash.

    In 1984, after graduating from College theater, Anatoly Kotenev could not get a job in any of the Metropolitan theatres. So I agreed to the invitation of one of the Minsk theatres.


    A cinematic biography of Anatoly Vovk began in his student years. Last year he made his debut in the film «the Unknown soldier». The following year, he, a former student, was given the main role in the film «Sailor Zheleznyak». This tape is about a hero of the civil war, was released in 1985 and received high ratings. But even more successful was the film «the Secret fairway» Vadim, Kostromenko. Critics and spectators subdued military bearing koteneva. It seemed that he had not left the army for a second.

    Both films were shot at Odessa film Studio. During filming, the actor shuttled between Russia and Belarus, because his family was there.

    Soon after Anatoly Koteneva firmly established the role of Superman. All early roles, the artist, were of this character. No exception and the notorious tape «Detachment of special purpose» and «Goal in the Spassky gate».

    Some variety in the overall picture made the work of the actor in the movies «Deja vu» and «the revelation of John the Pioneer». In the first picture Kotenev appeared in the form of Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the second played the historical figure of Ivan Fedorov.

    The 1990s turned to Anatoly, like most of his colleagues heavy. The role was not offered neither Belarusian nor Russian film Studio. The only worthy work of this period was the tape «Between life and death», filmed at Belarusfilm. Here Kotenev played in tandem with Evgeny Sidihin.

    And yet in Moscow, unlike Minsk, there were more opportunities for artists. So he left the family, moved to the Russian capital. And soon really was able to find a job. In these years Kotenev starred in great films «Bless the woman», «Breakthrough», «the Apocalypse Code» and «07-second changes the course.»

    In the 2000s, Anatoly Kotenev not lost. He is in demand in movies and TV series. Previously, he often played heroes. In 2009, spectators were delighted to see his work in the epic drama «1941».

    «Serials list» koteneva opens with the drama «Ondine». Businessman rams performed this wonderful actor turned out bright and remembered. Since then, Anatoly starred in the melodramas regularly. «Spellbound love», «Institute of noble maidens», «Hour Volkova-3», «Doomed to become a star» – the list is endless.

    In 2016, the screens out another project in which Kotenev appeared in the title role. This tape is «Sun gift».

    Personal life

    The actor, whom many today consider a sex symbol, married 31 years. His wife was 19-year-old student theatre of the University. They met in Minsk, when she came to the theater, where he served as Anatoly, his friend. The artist immediately noticed the charming brunette and decided that I finally met the one, the only.

    The personal lives of Anatoly Vovk has changed dramatically in 1989. Svetlana Borovskaya – namely the so-called beauty-student – said Yes to the proposal of the actor. Together they have nearly 30 years. To this marriage were born two sons – Vladimir and climate control.

    Koteneva family lives in Belarus, where Svetlana works as a TV presenter on one of the Central channels. Near Minsk in the family house built by the project of Anatoly Vladimirovich, where they like to relax.


    • «The unknown soldier»
    • «The secret fairway»
    • «Black box»
    • «Running from death»
    • «Special forces»
    • «The goal in the Spassky gate»
    • «Deja vu»
    • «The Revelation Of John, The Pioneer»
    • «Between life and death»
    • «Trophy case of Marshal Zhukov»
    • «Nahal»


    Anatoly Kotenev

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