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  • Name: Mr Cat ( Anatoliy Kot )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: married to Elena kot

    Anatoly kot: biography

    Actor Anatoly kot was born in Minsk on 5 June 1973. The actor grew up in a large family where except Anatolia had two boys and two girls. From early childhood he showed artistic abilities, constantly participating in school plays. In the first class small Roofing recited poems to graduates. As recognized by the cat at school with unpleasant items were his exact science. In high school the student transferred to the school with a theatrical bias, and after training, the cat went to the drama Studio.

    Their first money, the future actor was earning, handing over the bottle. Later he helped his father repair cars in the garage. Cat-senior was a man with «Golden hands», from his son acquired many useful in everyday life skills. The actor fondly remembers his father, emphasizing that the main merit of the head of the family is the proper upbringing of five children.

    Anatoly never questioned where to go after school – all his life he dreamed of becoming an actor. The cat became a student of the Belarusian Academy of arts. Older brothers artist became professional military and still wonder about his choice.

    Anatoly kot: theatre

    After training at the Academy, the cat was involved in several productions in the Minsk theaters, and also played in private entreprise. Before the beginning of the two thousandth to make a living in Minsk acting became virtually impossible, so he had to go into radio. There the artist worked as a DJ, news anchor, and even led the copyright transfer. On the radio, the guy really liked her, he felt the adrenaline from working live when you can’t go wrong or the letter. But over time, the love of acting platform won.

    In 2000, Anatoly kot went to work in Germany. He played in the play «Orpheus and Eurydice», where there were only two narrators of the text and a chorus of male bass. In 2004, the Cat remembered in the monodrama «diary of a madman». Acting work is very highly valued by the German critics.

    In 2005 Anatoliy took the decision to go from Germany to Moscow and to continue work in theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. A true guru of the art of acting became Cat like a father and best friend. In the Dzhigarkhanyan theater cat played in several productions, including «Kiss of fortune», «Three cylinder» and «Three sisters.»

    Anatoly kot movies

    Since 1997 Anatoly began to try himself in the movie. He started with small roles and for the first time appeared on screens very rarely. The first picture where you can see the actor is «Two stories of one of the hussar». Since 2000, the actor increasingly began to appear in the movie, playing a role in the film «the Guide», the TV series «Law» and «Kamenskaya-2». Next was the film «Anastasia Slutskaya», where Keith played Prince Vladimir Drucki, for which he received prizes at several film festivals. A cat was shot in Belarusian films, its popularity gradually grew. There are in the filmography of an actor and a very mixed picture, which is still banned – «Mysterium Occupation»which in an unusual way reflects the events of the Second world war.

    After the cat starred in the TV series «Soldiers», he began to learn on the street. Anatoly started to get a lot of offers for movies, and theater. The most notable of the tape with the participation of the Cat in recent years is the series «Margot», the films «Black wolves», «the Brest fortress».

    In Belarus, Anatoly kot is included in the «black list» of actors participating in the film «long live Belarus!».

    Anatoly kot: personal life

    The first time Anatoly kot married Julia Vysotskaya, but fictitious. Vysotskaya and the cat was doing the same course, and when the girl called to play in Belarusian theatre of Yanka Kupala, she had local citizenship. So Julia was able to become a citizen of Belarus, he and Cat got married. So far two successful actors maintain friendships and visit each other’s homes.

    The second wife of the Cat was Alenathat the theater is absolutely irrelevant. The couple in Minsk, a daughter, Alice. Today all members of the family live in Moscow. Wife wanted to find a job in the Russian capital, but Alice would have had to look for nannies that came out very expensive. It was therefore decided that the wife would be a homemaker and to raise her daughter.

    In his interview, Keith admitted that if I hadn’t chosen the path of the actor, was engaged in dubbing cartoons or Philology.

    Anatoly kot: filmography

    • Pawn
    • In August of the 44th…
    • Kamenskaya-2
    • In the June 41 th
    • Anastasia Slutskaya
    • Soldiers
    • Margot
    • Challenge 4
    • The Brest fortress
    • Lecturer
    • Battle for Sevastopol

    Anatoly kot: photo

    Anatoly Kot

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