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  • Name: Anatoliy Gushchin ( Anatoliy Gushchin )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Novocheboksarsk, Chuvashia
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anatoly Gushchin : biography

    The role of Ivan Chonkin glorified actor Anatoly Guschin. But, nevertheless, did not make his hostage. Anatoly Alexandrovich huge number of roles on the force and embedded in their soul is no worse than the star. And Gushchin belongs to the category of artists who, not having a bright appearance, taking the audience with incredible charisma and talent.

    Anatoly Guschin was born in Novocheboksarsk, which is located 15 kilometers from the capital of Chuvash Republic-Cheboksary. This momentous event happened in the family Gushchin in November 1976. Roofing was the only joint child of the married couple. But if you consider his half-brothers and sisters from the first marriage of the parents of the sixth.

    It is not clear where Anatoly Guschin had a desire to become an actor. Dad worked as a mechanic, my mother worked as a dishwasher in the cafeteria. But in the early years it was obvious that the family is growing up a true artist. Roofing gladly acted on the school stage and regularly visited the theatre. However, when Anatoly graduated from high school and going to enroll in drama school, and even in Moscow, in a family uproar. Few believed that the venture something worthwhile will come.

    But the guy was stubborn and purposeful. He went to conquer the capital and did it. The first time Gushchin enrolled in drama school named after Mikhail Schepkin, leaving behind several hundreds of applicants. Anatoly came to the «star» course. Studied Maria skosyreva, Ilya Drevnov and Egor Beroev.

    In 1998, Anatoly Gushchin received a diploma and was accepted into the troupe of the theater «Commonwealth Taganka actors».


    The debut of a young actor was held in the play «the Afghan». Anatoly Gushchin got, though not the main, but quite a big part that he played quite well for a beginner. Then there was other work. But the artist stayed in the theater only 2 years and went into «free floating». It gave freedom and opportunity to choose. Moreover, Gushchin started to offer movie roles and other theaters of Moscow.

    A cinematic biography of Anatoly Gushchin starts small roles, but in the known tapes. His film debut took place in 2000 in the series «Maroseyka, 12». Gushchin has played in episode, but with the stars of Russian cinema. Alexander Baluev, Vera Glagoleva, Dmitry Kharatyan, Vladislav Galkin, Marina Golub — the list of these wonderful artists collected on one set, is long. Not surprisingly, this tape was given to Anatoly Gushchin a great start.

    The first hit was followed by another – «Truckers», which was released in 2001. Played a role, though small, the Director Nikolay Lebedev was enough to know that he is a talented and profound artist. Lebedev suggested Gushchin one of the main roles in the project.

    War drama was released in may 2002, and immediately made Anatoly Guschin recognizable. Viewers saw the artist as a daring scout, an ordinary Bykov that performs an important job and abandoned with a group in the enemy’s rear.

    Role in the military drama «the Star» not only glorify him, but and opened it to many Directors in this role: a man in uniform, honorably doing his duty. Thus we see Gushchina in the detective film «Ashes of the Phoenix» where he played a major role – the Lieutenant of militia Sergey Latyshev. In the military drama «On the nameless height» actor turned into a brave scout Prochorus. In the TV series «the Calling» he’s an investigator Semik, in a Comedy detective «the dragon and Victoria», captain Dmitry Bells, in the «Grouse» – honest and principled investigator SKP Konstantin Vasin.

    But fame Anatoly Gushchin was appointed after the release of the film «the adventures of private Ivan Chonkin», filmed Alexey kiryushchenko in loud novel of Vladimir Voinovich. Audiences and critics agree that the best candidate for the role Chonkin is difficult to imagine. Gushchin is getting into the image at 100 percent. Senseless and awkward country boy is in its way a kind of soldier Schweik, abhiruchi all famously and understand with all problems.

    After Chonkin artist bombarded with offers. He appeared in the action-Packed «the medicine man», the drama «Riorita», loved by millions the TV series «the Life and adventures of Teddy jap», «Yesenin» and many others. In the tragic «Death Wazir-Mukhtar» hero Anatoly Guschin was able to bring some ease, although from the viewer a tear also «knocked out», forcing sincerely empathize with the hero.

    In 2011 Anatoly Gushchin acted immediately in 5 scenes, and in each – in the title role. «Black wolves», «Urgent room», «the SMERSH. Legend for the traitor», «the Investigative Committee» and «Comrade Stalin» – everywhere the actor is not just demonstrated acting skills – he managed to get into the character, deeply feel it.

    In 2013, the screens out historical and biographical TV series «Son of the father of Nations.» Gushchin got a hero with his name and surname, a brave military pilot. In the same year, the actor again played the pilot, or the pilot-cosmonaut Leonov in the wonderful film «Gagarin. First in space».

    Most «fresh» projects with Anatoly Goushchin that fans saw on the screens you will see in 2016 – melodrama «Pure water at the source», «hetaeras major Sokolov», «Murka» and «Ghouls». All the tapes Gushchin starred or are starring, or in very striking and important of the second plan.

    The audience will see the beloved actor in the TV series «the Hotel «Russia»», which will premiere in 2016.

    Personal life

    With my future wife Elena Sestini the actor met in «Chips». Lena was a student of theatre, she just came to visit friends who had studied here. Their affair ended the marriage. The wedding of a young couple played on old Udmurt tradition.

    In this marriage, Anatoly was born the son of Daniel. When Gushchin graduated from high school and was accepted to the theater «Commonwealth Taganka actors», Elena took a job as barmaid. After the actor left the theater, he sat at home without work. For his maintenance and education, and was at this time, little Dan. Anatoly Guschin has left a wonderful father. He taught his son to read and write, fed and walked him.

    But having a child did not save the pair from gap. Anatoly and Elena broke up. Daniel stayed with his mother, who soon remarried. But the son bears the name of his own father.

    The personal lives of Anatoly Guschin was again included in the «bright band» when he met Victoria Zakharova. Their acquaintance took place in the theater «Sphere», where both were involved in the show. Vick also once studied in «Chips». Broke novel. The couple began to live together, although the relationship was not formally recorded. Anatoly, on his own initiative brought the son of Victoria Yegor from Omsk to Moscow. The boy’s father and the first husband of actress was tragically killed. Gushchin was raised Egorka 3 years. But, unfortunately, the man and the marriage ended in divorce, Anatoliy Gushchin hard enough survived.

    In 2013, the media started talking about the novel by Anatoly Guschin with Anna Miklos, with whom he starred in the film «SMERSH». But the actors did not comment on rumors and has not made any official statements. Maybe they just spent time together as friends and colleagues.


    • «Maroseyka, 12»
    • «On the nameless height»
    • «Ashes Of The Phoenix»
    • «Death of the Empire»
    • «The Adventures Of Ivan Chonkin»
    • «Grouse»
    • «Gagarin. First in space»
    • «Viy»
    • «Hetaeras major Sokolov»
    • «Ghouls»


    Anatoly Gushchin

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