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  • Name: Anatoliy Tsoy ( Anatoliy Tsoy )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: singer, member of «M-Band»
  • Marital status: not married

    Anatoliy Tsoy biography

    Anatoliy Tsoy was born on 28 July 1989, in Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan. Anatoly is the winner of the show «Want to Meladze», currently acts as the soloist of the boyband

  • MBAND. In Kazakhstan Anatoly Choi known as a member of the show
  • «SuperStar KZ – 4». The artist also was a finalist on the first season of «X-Factor» in Kazakhstan, where he performed in duet with Talgat Kenzhebulatov, their creative Union called
  • «National». As he analyzed himself, he could not win in Kazakhstan show because the audience was not ready for his style of music.

    Some time after the Kazakhstan projects Anatoly Choi was soloist with the local band «SugarBeat». In addition, he is the winner of the bronze medal in the nomination «Pop vocal», which is received at the Second world Delphic games.

    Anatoly Choi: «I Want to Meladze»

    After some time, Anatoly Choi decided to go to Moscow. The singer was cast in three well-known show:

  • «I want to Meladze»,
  • «The voice» and
  • «The artist». Obviously, physically Choi could not participate in three projects, so he chose the first. Precasting of the project was held in Almaty. It was attended by all mentors, including the
  • Konstantin Meladze, and already at this preliminary stage, the young singer received accolades from the meter.

    The casting was attended by other popular performers from Kazakhstan. Many, even Choi himself, believed that the young man will not pass. As later admitted Anatoly, from the first stage, the singer waited, when it will be removed from the project. In addition, Choi had originally wanted to become a member of a boy band under the direction Meladze, despite the fact that I wanted to be a solo performer.

    The actor told reporters that even in case of failure still planned to stay in Moscow and to break into show business. The level of media in Kazakhstan, of course, is much lower: if the contractor works in Russia, in the CIS. Choi always wanted to sing on the same level with the greatest stars. While the singer participated in the «I Want to Meladze», he has already received proposals for further work, but was bound by the contract.

    The project Anatoly Choi spoke with the other participants, which, unfortunately, came and went, without stopping on the transfer. First, the singer was in the group of Anna Sedokova, but then went on to Sergei Lazarev.

    In the finals Choi has teamed up with Nikita Kiosse, Artem Pindaroi and Vladislav Ramm, winning the right to enter the group «

  • MBAND». However, young people sang a new song Meladze –
  • «She’ll be back».

    In 2014 for the song «She’ll be back» was recorded the video. Directed by Sergei licorice. Less than six months, the official video received on YouTube over 10 million views.

    In 2015 the band Anatoliy Tsoy

  • MBAND was nominated for 4 positions. The group won the victory kid’s Choice Awards in the category «Russian musical breakthrough of the year». Also, the group was nominated for award RU.TV in terms of «Real income», «a fan or a layman» as well as for Muz-TV in the category «Breakthrough of the year».

    Anatoliy Tsoy: love life

    The main woman Anatolia has always been his mother, and a real critic of the singer has always been his father. As for romantic relationships, for a long time the press wrote that Anatoly Tsoi whirlwind romance with mentor Anna Sedokova. However, Anatoly dispelled all rumors. Actually the singer is a lady (though her name the contractor shall not disclose), but the time relationship is very small. Anatoly tries not to mix their work and personal life.

    Anatoly Choi: songs

    • She’ll be back
    • Let me

    Anatoly Choi: photos

    Anatoliy Tsoy

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