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  • Name: Anastasia Vertinskaya ( Anastasiya Vertinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1944.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anastasia Vertinskaya: biography

    Anastasia Vertinskaya, a Soviet and Russian actress of theater and cinema, in 1988 he received the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR. Popularity came to her right after the first paintings of the «Scarlet sails» and «Man-amphibian». Both films included in the Golden collection of Soviet cinematography.

    Anastasia was born in the end of the war in Moscow, in the family of the legendary poet, actor and singer-chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky, who only the year before the birth of her daughter returned to the Soviet Union from emigration. The girl’s mother was Lydia Tsirgvava, artist and film actress, known to viewers for his roles in the movies-fairy tales: «Sadko» and «the Kingdom of crooked mirrors». Also brought up in the family the eldest daughter Marianna.

    Nastya got a good education, which at that time could offer capital of Russia. The emphasis was on music lessons and learning foreign languages. The father instilled in his children a love of literature and different types of art. He believed that regardless of profession person should have a broad cultural horizons.

    Childhood Anastasia wanted to be a ballerina, but in group classes of classical choreography wasn’t with her because of the high growth and large bones. Then she decided to become a translator and to focus on the study of foreign languages. But, once in 15 years to the set, finally decided on the choice of future profession.

    During the year before enrolling in drama school, Anastasia entered the troupe of the Moscow theatre named after Pushkin and toured the country. In 1963 Vertinskaya became a student of the Higher theatre College named after Shchukin, and she did not pass the exam on the first try. Teachers allowed her to perfectamente, as already seen her in the movie, and knew what she was capable of.

    In the late 80-ies, being a world-famous, Vertinskaya agreed on the proposal of the leadership of the University of Oxford and for 12 years he taught there acting. Also she together with Alexander Kalyagin led a similar course in the French studios «Comedy? die fran? aise» and «Chekhov school,» as well as at the Swiss School of European cinema».


    In 1960, Anastasia Vertinskaya decided to experiment, to audition for the role of Assol in the film adaptation of the romantic novel by Alexander grin «Scarlet sails». Only seeing 15-year-old boy, directed by Alexander Ptushko decided to refuse her, so a view of Schoolgirls with short hair, dressed in a tracksuit, is not consistent with its views about the main character pattern. But, examined photographs of the pretender, he changed his mind, being the expression of the girl and her peculiar detachment from reality. «Scarlet sails», which also starred a great actor Vasily Lanovoi, who I later Vertinskaya was very friendly relations, has become a real discovery for the audience. In the first year, the film was seen by over 23 million people.

    In the same year on the screens out the second picture of the aspiring actress — «Man-amphibian», filmed on the fantastic novel by Alexander Belyayev. This role Vertinskaya was due to the depth of their eyes, as the main requirement of the Director was that the contenders for the role gutiere in the eyes of the sky».

    Still quite young Vertinskaya on the set he showed himself as a true professional. She learned to swim well, especially when an instructor withdrew from the doubles, and she was in the icy water, dive into the depths and took part in all the difficult episodes of adventure pictures. The film received critical acclaim, it was viewed more than 65 million viewers. But the actress on the first cast says condescendingly cool, considering that these first samples in the cinema can compare with the children’s photographs: touching, but not meaningless. In addition, Vertinskaya says Roman Belyaev «Schlager fiction».

    His real film debut, the actress finds the role of the Aphelion in the film Gregory Kozintsev «hamlet». This complex was able to reproduce very bright and yet natural. Anastasia says that the work in «hamlet» showed her: acting is not only a skill, but an internal mystery. She speaks particularly warmly about cooperation with Innokenty Smoktunovsky, who played the title character. The picture brought Vertinskaya international renown when she received first prize at the Venice film festival. There it became known as the «Hollywood of the Soviet screen». Subsequently this role was reckoned by critics to be the most significant in the career of the actress.

    Anastasia Vertinskaya also highlights the role of Mona in the popular TV movie «Nameless star». The peculiarity of this picture for the actress is not only that it is lyrical, comedic, and dramatic start, but in the fact that the Director did not impose the images of the characters, and allowed them to play characters the way actors feel and see. In the end, the cast was so passionate about the work that they have completed the film in just one month.

    In 1994 Vertinskaya played the mystical role of Marguerite in the film by Yuri Kara’s «Master and Margarita». Candidates for this role were such famous Irina Alferova, Anna Samokhina, Vera Sotnikova and Yelena Mayorov. The choice of Director fell for her because of her unusual sight, inner nobility and innate gentility. And again, the actress worked without doubles, even in the stage of flight on a broomstick, which was shot at night, and Vertinsky was tied to the helicopter and was hovering pretty high above the ground. Interestingly, because of disagreements of the Director and producers, the picture came in hire only after 17 years.

    In the 21st century, a great actress stopped acting in movies. The main reason she calls the lack of interesting proposals, and not her own unwillingness and inability to continue playing.

    Personal life

    In 1966, Anastasiya Vertinskaya was married to his classmate Nikita Mikhalkov, who later became a famous film Director. At the time of wedding of their son Stepan was already 6 months. After 3 years, by the desire of each spouse to dedicate his life career, they broke up.

    In 1976, she re-marries a famous singer Alexander Gradsky. Officially the marriage lasted 4 years, although they broke up in 1978. And the actress believes that was married to the City, putting it on par with other men with whom she had a long romance — Oleg Efremov, Boris Eifman and Pavel Slobodkina.

    Recently Anastasia Vertinskaya pays all her family. She communicates a lot with her grandchildren who call her «Nana» because the word «grandmother» actress does not regret. She also became interested in national cuisines, even made an exclusive menu for the restaurant chain to his son, engaged chefs who work there.


    • 1961 — Red sails
    • 1961 amphibian Man
    • 1964 — hamlet
    • 1968 — War and peace
    • 1978 — Nameless star
    • 1978 — twelfth night
    • 1988 Life don Quixote and Sancho
    • 1988 — New Yankee in king Arthur’s court
    • 1994 — the Master and Margarita
    • 2000 — the Bremen town musicians & Co


    Anastasia Vertinskaya

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