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  • Name: Anastasiya Vedenskaya ( Anastasiya Vedenskaya )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: married Vladimir yepifantsev

    Anastasiya Vedenskaya: biography

    Anastasiya Vedenskaya was born in October 1984 in Moscow. Nastya very early learned the world of cinema, as a mother hair and makeup artist «Mosfilm» – often took the daughter to work. Young Vedenskaya remember the film «Vivat, cadets!». Mommy makeup artists, who starred in the film, and Nastya was lucky enough to watch the idols girls Sergey Zhigunov, Dmitry Kharatyan and others. Then Anastasia admitted she was childishly in love with the «cadets» and then began to dream itself to be in that beautiful film.

    Young Anastasiya vedenskaya that came with my mother on «Mosfilm» has often been asked to star in small roles. But mother, who knew the «kitchen» of cinema from the inside, was opposed. She dreamed that her daughter chose a more «serious» and stable profession.

    When Nastya was in Junior high, my mother married a second time. The family moved to Ekaterinburg, where his stepfather worked as the head of the gas trust. Now Vedenskaya lost the opportunity to be in the «Mosfilm», but his childhood and teenage impressions were very strong. After school, Anastasia, contrary to mother’s wish, he enrolled in drama school name Shchukin, where she studied on the course of Vladimir Poglazova.


    In 2006, Vedenskaya finished «the Pike». Next year, the actress debuted on the screen in one of the main roles of the picture Nikolai Khomeriki’s «the Night of a lifetime». This work begins a cinematic biography of Anastasiya vedenskaya. For this role Nastya has handed out its first award – the award Vladislav Galkin «Over acting». The film received several awards, among which Grand-Prix of the VII International festival «Radiant angel».

    The actress can be seen frequently in the series. It can be seen in multiserial film «Poor relatives», «Flint», «Live» and «the Fatal inheritance». Many of these projects Vedenskaya starred together with her husband Vladimir Epifantsev. She played in his movie «Kremen».

    Anastasia manages to appear on the stage. Strong impressions from vedenskaya after the performance «the Duck hunt», which were staged by Krzysztof Zanussi. Young actress played with such luminaries as Valery Zolotukhin, and Ekaterina Vasileva. Vedenskaya admitted that playing with the masters of the scene was pretty interesting, but difficult because of the fear not to conform to such authority. But as a result the young actress was able to reveal. The performance was the highlight of the season and received positive reviews from critics and viewers.

    Then work again on the set. And again in the series. Vedenskaya played a major role in the melodrama «Trust me», although it was not easy. Character Anastasia is a weak woman, a victim of unrequited love, which threw her husband. She is humiliated in front of him and constantly calling him. For the vedenskaya this behavior is unacceptable. Nastya says that she is a woman warrior. But acting won, and the artist was able to grow into the role and played convincingly.

    Recent work of Anastasiya vedenskaya in the film is the TV series «the Fighters», where she played a military pilot during the great Patriotic war, and «the Quiet don» of Sergey Ursulyak. In this tape, released in late November 2015, Nastya appeared in the form of Daria Melekhova.

    Personal life

    With her future husband she had met at the test screening at «the Pike». She played a teenager in the play «the catcher in the rye», and yepifantsev was among the examiners. Vladimir once considered a beautiful and talented girl under a thick layer of makeup. The young actress did not immediately respond to feelings flamboyant actor and Director, besides senior by 13 years. But persistent courtship of Vladimir led to the fact that after 3 months Vedenskaya and Epifantsev signed.

    Parents Anastasia doubted that this early marriage will be happy. But soon they realized that her daughter did the right thing. In 2005 the couple first child was born, whom they named Gordey. And after 3 years there was a second boy, whom they named Orpheus. Vladimir Epifantsev was a very caring husband and father.

    The artist managed to combine a successful career and a family. Personal life Anastasiya vedenskaya has developed happily. The birth of sons, the actress is not postponed «for later», as is often done of her colleagues, considering the appearance of the children a hindrance in his career.

    Husband calls Cindy his Muse and often relieves it in their projects. Vedenskaya and Epifantsev — rare visitors on secular parties. They prefer to travel with their children and to spend time in close family circle.


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    Anastasiya Vedenskaya

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