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  • Name: Anastasiya Shpagina ( Fukkacumi )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: girl anime
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasiya Shpagina: a biography

    This amazing girl, more like a living doll, not a person, Odessans meet on the street every day. Huge eyes, porcelain skin without a single blemish, candy colors wigs, doll dresses and impossibly thin waist – it looks like the 23-year-old Anastasiya Shpagina. The girl, who calls herself Fukuzumi or Flower Fairy.

    Nastya was born in may 1993 in Odessa, where he lives today. When she was a few years old, she fell into the hands of my mother’s cosmetics. Since then Anastasia her out of the hands of not issuing. However, now the paint and makeup for his complex art of makeup Shpagina buys herself. A lot of money. But the girl, despite the puppet’s appearance, learned to make good in life and my main hobby.

    By profession she is a makeup artist and works tirelessly in one of the most prestigious beauty salons of the native «pearl of the sea».

    It is noteworthy that parents support a daughter and does not mind her hobby, which many countrymen think at least strange.


    Since childhood Anastasia Shpagina showed the ability to draw. At first, the girl portrayed popular cartoon dolls anime on paper, but soon began instead of a clean sheet to use your own face.

    For «Dollhouse» effect of the Governor paints her face with the lightest Foundation, turning it into a clean «canvas». Then it applied those traits that are like Nastia. Dimming the wings of the nose darker tone and lighting his back, Shpagina reaches the desired shape of the bow becomes like Barbie. The boundary between the face and the neck carefully shade.

    Then the beautician takes the eyes – they should be unnaturally huge and also «puppet». Eyeliner goes far beyond the external contours and «amplified» using a white pencil. Period obscured by shadows. Arrows are drawn to form «cat’s eye». Followed by false eyelashes of incredible size, which are generously painted with ink. But for the incredible colors, which does not happen in nature, Anastasiya Shpagina use contact lenses. Clear eyebrows are drawn with a pencil. Same story with the lips.

    The girl long been accustomed to earn their money independently and not «sitting» on the neck of the parents. But to get to work by 9 a.m., she rises from the dawn – 5 hours. It is only in order to «draw» one eye, she needs at least 30 minutes. But without his signature make-APU Nastya Shpagina in the street comes out.

    Makeup as Fukuzumi very difficult to do. But oddly, followers Nastya very much. Once Flower Fairy have registered your channel on u-tube and posted a video lesson with the imposition of a «puppet» of makeup. The success was incredible and inspired Anastasia Shpagina to continue. Since then, she regularly shares with his fans a new experience of makeup tests. Videos step-by-step overlay, Fukkacumi makeup from hit records to display in the network.

    A couple of years ago Anastasiya Shpagina has become the face of Korean youth line of cosmetics «Yoida». As the girl says, to use this brand, she began because of its cute packaging. After the advertising of this Asian cosmetics company with the image of the inhabitant of Odessa her army of fans all over the world has increased dramatically.

    Antiphonary Anastasia Shpagina say that turning the girl into a living doll could not take place without serious intervention of a plastic surgeon. Most likely, it is. Fukuzumi, and did not deny it. Moreover, she is going to continue to adjust itself to harmonize under puppet standards. Shpagina wants to change the shape of the eyes, which you need to remove the eyelids. It can be performed only in the land of the rising sun. And Anastasia is going to improve its already slim waist, removing several ribs.

    A petite woman whose height is 158 cm, is willing to lose a couple more pounds of weight. Because today is 39 kg is a lot.

    The girl-anime, to maintain a constant interest in his videoblog do not get tired to invent new ways to interest fans. Having exhausted the «puppet» theme, Shpagin began to «draw» on my face of Hollywood stars and world stage. In the blog, Fukuzumi there are videos on how to transform himself into Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and even johnny Depp.

    «Creative» biography of Anastasia Shpagina (Fukkacumi) has inspired many followers not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also far beyond. Among friends Flower Fairies two girls, voluntarily turned himself in «living doll» – Valeria Lukyanova (Amatue) and Olga Oleinik (Dominika).

    Personal life

    Unconventional appearance, Fukuzumi not everyone likes, though not leave anyone indifferent. According to Nastya, she has almost no friends. She voluntarily condemned himself to solitude, because very few of those who understands it. A «parasite» on his glory and to benefit from the friendship with her she won’t let anyone.

    A country where Shpagina look not with fear but with sincere admiration — this is Japan, birthplace of anime. But in Japanese Nastya does not own, so not going to change the place of residence.

    Personal life Anastasia Shpagina not arranged. But Fukuzumi, it seems that it does not suffer for this reason. She does not dream anything about family, or about children. Lonely Flower Fairy toying with the idea of the emergence of a huge butterfly, which would become her most intimate being. Of the more mundane plans is a joint work with Sergey Zverev. Perhaps as a couple for this exotic girl he would have approached more than some non-existent butterfly.


    Anastasiya Shpagina

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