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  • Name: Zyurkalova Anastasia ( Anastasiya Zurkalova )
  • Date of birth: 23 October 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Zyurkalova: biography

    Anastasia (Nastasia) Zyurkalova – Ukrainian theater and film actress, graduated from the Kiev theatrical University. Karpenko — Kary. The artist known for its work in childhood, including the main role in the film «Aurora». Anastasia Zyurkalova was born 23 October 1991 in Kyiv in the family of gymnasts and the military.

    Anastasia Zyurkalova
    Anastasia Zyurkalova | VK

    Father of actress – Dmitry Zurkalov graduated from Kyiv military aviation school, he served but a short time, in the nineties he changed the shoulder straps for a successful business. Nastya’s mother – the absolute world champion in gymnastics, honored coach of Ukraine Oksana omelyanchik. Childhood Anastasia accidentally hit the casting of the film Studio «Bayrak», which determined its future fate.

    Childhood and family

    Nastia, with her mother’s words, was very nimble, agile and lively child. Natural charm and talent brought her to the movies. Girl also since childhood, fond of swimming, visited the model school, studied German and English at school. Like many peers, she went to the art Studio, I loved to draw and take pictures.

    Anastasia Zyurkalova in childhood
    Anastasia Zyurkalova in childhood | RusKino

    Part of the royalties from the filming of the movie «Aurora» the girl have spent on buying a digital camera. Love the photo, left it and in adult life, Zyurkalova can often be seen with a camera in hand while relaxing or preparing for performances. In childhood, the girl who loved to draw angels, adored cartoons and books about Harry Potter.

    Anastasia Zyurkalova in childhood
    Anastasia Zyurkalova in childhood |

    Nastya was not the only child in the family, she grew up together with his brother Ivan, who as a mother since the childhood was fond of gymnastics. Personal life the actress is not public, does not like to talk about your romantic plans or to detail the lives of family members.


    Anastasia had an unusual childhood. At a young age she began acting in films, drew the attention of the press and the public. Its partners in the shooting were the stars of domestic cinema: Dmitry Kharatyan, Lyubov Polishchuk, Valentin Gaft, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Olga Pogodina, Lydia velegeva, Olga Kabo and others. Creative growth of a young actress could be observed from 2003 to 2006. The present popularity of Surganovoy brought role in the film «Aurora».

    Anastasia Zyurkalova in FLM
    Anastasia Zyurkalova in the film «Aurora» | Movie-Theater

    The story is about a girl who suffers from cancer of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, was dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of a terrible accident. Young Nastia had to cut your hair to look more like her character. The girl told me that tried not to play the role of Aurora from Pripyat, because due to their prejudices afraid of getting sick. The health of a young actress has not been shaken, despite her fears. The film was resonant, and Nastia for acting awarded a special prize «Cinema-Yalta 2007». In 2011 Zyurkalova again tried his hand in films. She played a small role in the series «the Last cordon. The sequel».

    Actress today

    Currently, the young artist known as Nasty Ziurkalova. She continues to live in Kiev, acting, acting, always posting the latest photos in your Instagram account. In 2016 Nastasya graduated from the Kiev theatrical University. Karpenko — Kary. The dream of becoming an actress came to him after filming in the first film. In an interview in 2008, the actress told about the plans of admission to one of the theater schools of Moscow.

    Anastasia Zyurkalova
    Anastasia Zyurkalova | VK

    The odds of enrollment in a United Kiev theatrical University seemed to her young, but the situation has changed. The girl successfully graduated from high school in his hometown. It is involved in performances in 2014 naztazia made his debut in the title role in the film Director Igor slavinskiy «Antigone» in Kiev academic theatre arts workshop «Constellation». In 2015 Zyurkalova played one of the roles in the second season of the popular series «the Sniffer». In 2016, the actress has continued to work in Kiev academic theatre arts workshop «Constellation».

    Star partners in the movie

    Many actors dream to work with famous personalities and Zyurkalova already starred together with Dmitriy Kharatyan, Eric Roberts. In just a few years on the set she worked with well-known personalities who spoke approvingly of a young actress. Alexander Dyachenko, who played the role of heroine’s father Surganovoy in the film «woman’s intuition», saying that she is very interesting personality, solid and attractive.

    Anastasia Zyurkalova
    Anastasia Zyurkalova | Lifeactor

    During the filming of the «Aurora,» the young actress was handy knowledge of the English language, it is easily communicated with Eric Roberts, played an American producer of stars of the Russian ballet. With Dmitry Kharatyan, who performed the main male role in this film, Anastasia is already met in the movie «Yours, truly». With the actor, the girl had friendly relations, after the joint surveys of people’s artist of Russia even gave her a DVD player for his birthday.


    • 2003 — snowy love, or sleep in the winter night
    • 2004 — Women’s intuition
    • 2004 — You, really
    • 2005 — Women’s intuition
    • 2006 — Aurora
    • 2011 — Last cordon. Continued
    • 2014 — Mazes of fate
    • 2015 — Sniffer (season 2)


    Anastasia Zyurkalova

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