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  • Name: Zavozina Anastasia ( Anastasiya Savosina )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married Sergey Mukhin

    Anastasia Zavozina: biography

    Anastasia Zavozina is a Russian actress, which is increasingly gaining the sympathy of viewers thanks to roles in television series, including «it was love» and «girl in a decent family.» Anastasia was born 16 June 1983 in Moscow. Very soon her parents decided to divorce, and children Zavozina his father is not seen until 18 years she has not found him. By the way, the patronymic she has a half brother.

    Brought up the daughter one mother, Olga, who was very difficult. She had to study and work simultaneously, so Nastya often slept in the round-the-clock kindergarten. However, it is about mother Anastasia says in the most enthusiastic words, because a single mother not only raised a good man, but she has achieved a great deal – got two degrees and became a very sought-after expert in the field of trade with ferrous metals.

    Anastasia Zavozina
    Anastasia Zavozina | Agency «Akomodasi»

    Even at school age, the girl began attending a drama club at the House of Culture «Zagorje», later started to play on the stage of the youth Studio «Theatre on the edge». This activity has shaped her interest in art and instilled the desire to become a professional actress. After receiving the matriculation certificate, Anastasia Zavozina enters the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin, where until 2004 he studied in the Studio of the teacher Yevgeny Knyazev.

    Immediately after graduating from high school a young actress enters the troupe of the Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, and for three years performed on stage. Then she totally went into the cinema, but a couple of years ago he returned to theatrical activities, starting to play in the entreprise.


    In the movies Anastasia Zavozina began with a small role in a detective «the Twins», the tale «Forest Princess», the melodrama «I won’t come back». Two new series, «Love as love» and «My Prechistenka», brought the actress first popularity prompted the filmmakers to try him in the main role in the family melodrama «Lace».

    Anastasia Zavozina in the film
    Anastasia Zavozina in the film «a love» | The Apricity

    But all-Russia glory, Savoini gave the painting «was love», filmed on the autobiography of the singer Valeria. Interestingly, the role of Anastasia Anya Panfilova chose herself a popular performer who noticed the resemblance between them. But the actress tried to convey not so much the similarity as the inner state of the heroine, and the success of the film suggests that she succeeded.

    Further strengthened the popularity of the Anastasia romance such as «girl in a decent family,» «Three stars» and «Moscow Greyhound». And his last work to date is the crime story «no Jurisdiction».

    Personal life

    Soon after graduating from the theater Institute Anastasia Zavozina married. Those relationships didn’t last too long though and gave the actress the happiness of motherhood: in March 2008, on the eve of international women’s day, she gave birth to son Michael. But generally about the first man to remember a woman does not like and does not remember his name in interviews. Although based on the fact that in the credits of the melodrama «I won’t come back», she appeared as Anastasia Kholodova, we can assume that it was his name.

    Anastasia Zavozina and her husband Sergey Mukhin
    Anastasia Zavozina and her husband Sergey Mukhin | Film company Talan

    With her current husband, actor Sergey Mukhin, Zavozina met on the set of the television series «My Prechistenka», but then out of the Dating did not work out. Many years later they met again on the set of biopic «was love.» In the story the partners are best friends, and that friendship and started a real relationship Anastasia and Sergei.

    Friendship grew to love, and love played a big noisy wedding. The event took place on this ship, and guests from the Mukhina and Savoini gathered a lot. The couple now live in own country house and love to spend time together in the comfort of his home and in foreign travels.


    • 2006-2007 — My Prechistenka
    • 2006-2007 — Love like love
    • 2008 — Lace
    • 2010 — was love
    • 2010-2012 — Moms
    • 2012 — girl in a decent family
    • 2014 — Three stars
    • 2015 — Moscow Greyhound
    • 2015 — new year’s eve duty
    • 2015 — Jurisdiction


    Anastasia Zavozina

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