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  • Name: Anastasia Viagra ( Anastasiya Vyadro )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Engels
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: choreographer, contestant on «Dancing on TNT season 2»
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Vadra : biography

    One of the most prominent participants show «Dancing on TNT» Anastasia Viadro was born in January 1989 in the city of Stavropol. But in 2001 the family moved to Saratov, where he was elected domicile Engels.

    In Stavropol mother took little Cindy to a dance school, where she studied folk dancing. After moving to Engels went pop dance sports-choreographic school «Antre». Here Anastasia Vadra polished his skills from 2001 to 2006.

    At the end of secondary school her daughter becomes a student of the Saratov state University by the faculty of history and international relations. And in 2011, received a diploma, She continues training in Saratov state University of technology, selecting technology and designing clothes. In 2016, Vadra plans to complete a second degree.

    All student years she did not forget about the main passion of his life – dancing. In addition, Viagra there is a green belt in karate.


    According to Anastasia Vadra, her serious dance career really began not so long ago – just 3 years ago. In June 2012, she participated in the Saratov dance flashmob. This year is the year when started the choreographic biography Anastasia Viagra.

    She began teaching in the dance school «Dance Studio 64» and headed the team «Sorry Daddy,» which is the choreographer. Soon Nastya is gaining popularity for its outdoor dance lessons in the style of «go-go». Also Wedro participated in the Saratov regional championship «Pole Dance».

    Dancing career Anastasia Vadra have gone up rapidly in the fall of 2013. In February, the Nasty part of the Saratov team took part in the TV project channel » Russia-1 «Big dance». Format show competition – dance battle between dancers from different cities of the country. Saratov has presented the top 100 performers, among whom were Viadro, began to pay attention to the skill of many of the choreographers and judges. And in February of that year, Anastasia, as planned earlier, performed at the jubilee 5th festival of strip-plastic and go-go in Moscow. And here, in «Frame up V», Saratov dancer took 1st place in the nomination «Best solo strip».

    But it was not the only achievement of Anastasia in 2013. There, in the capital, she scored another victory, taking part in the festival of strip-plastic and go-go’s «Live Dancing». Later – 2nd place-«Go-Go Fest» and 1st on «Nomination Rock Princess».

    Next, Anastasia has added to its track record of success as a choreographer. The guys with her «Sorry Daddy» become the leaders of the festival «Day of dance» in his native Saratov 2 years in a row. These victories made Viagra famous choreographer of Saratov and Engels. She was invited as a teacher in another local Studio called «the Loft». Here Viagra a new group of dancers. That summer girl had been in MYDANCE dance camp», where he was invited to the master classes of the world’s best choreographers.

    In 2014, Anastasia Vadra is a frequent guest at festivals in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia as a judge. She gives master-classes not only in Saratov, but also in the Yaroslavl and Tver. And continues to participate in and win various prestigious competitions. In the same year, Anastasia won the Moscow festival «Frame Up VI». This time Vadra arrived in the capital not alone: her command «Sorry Daddy» also took part in this festival and won the award for «Best erotic show team».

    In the winter of that year, Anastasia fundamentally changes the way. Now she’s not long haired and fiery-red, and a stylish blonde.

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    In 2015, Anastasiya Viagra continued his ascent to the dance Olympus. First won the first victory in Kazan on precasting of the 2nd season of the show «Dancing on TNT». Recall that long before the end of the dance, which was performed Nastya, amazed at her skill Miguel yelled «Take! Take!».

    In October of the same year, Anastasia has left his hometown and went to the capital, where he began rehearsals in the Top 24 of season 2 of «Dancing on TNT». It was a tough decision. Because Engels left family, work. And the University had to be postponed. But, obeying the first impulse She bought a ticket to Moscow and went to conquer the capital.

    In October, during the selection of the jury left out of 180 applicants, and less than 50. Then again the selection, after which the number of dancers was reduced to 26. Among them – Anastasia Viagra that took his team Miguel.

    The most difficult Anastasia believes ballroom dancing. She claims to be a habit to dance strip-dance and high hills, on the very heels prevents you from performing ball, PA. Besides Nastya girl is very high. She thinks it’s a bit ridiculous during a ballroom dance, it would be more appropriate for men, but not women’s party. But the desire to master new styles, like to win, dancers are very strong.

    Personal life

    Personal life Anastasia Vadra turned out well. Nastya is already 5 years married to Dimitri. But details about her life. she does not report, believing that it belongs only to her and nobody else. The couple has a daughter.

    Not to say that the husband Anastasia was glad of her departure to the capital, but he understands how important it is for her, therefore, strongly supports his wife in her quest to win.


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