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  • Name: Anastasia Tsvetaeva ( Anastasiya Tsvetaeva )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress, designer, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Tsvetaeva: a biography

    Anastasia Tsvetaeva — Russian actress, has been directing, designing clothes and jewelry, and made a further career in journalism.

    She was born in Moscow, but in childhood moved frequently with his parents and lived in different Soviet republics. For example, she spent some time in the Ukrainian city of Belgorod-Dniester, as well as in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent. Interestingly, in the family of Anastasia legend has it that they are distant cousins of the famous poetess Marina Tsvetaeva.

    When Tsvetaeva returned to Moscow, Anastasia went to high school. At that moment, she was just interested in sensationalism and writing after school, and enjoyed going to School the young journalist at the Moscow state University. But in recent months the school girl was fascinated by the theater, so I applied to universities acting direction.

    In the first year of Tsvetaeva examination Commission was not convinced, but the second attempt became a student of Vladimir Andreyev’s workshop at GITIS. Even while studying her career began, but the dream of a theatrical stage was realized much later. Debut on stage took place only in 2013, but not at home, and in the Israeli theater «Gesher». Anastasia joined in the cast of the play «Vassa», and your text actress read Hebrew.

    In addition, the woman was held as a fashion designer, releasing her own line «Nastya Tsvetaeva», which specializiruetsya evening dresses for pregnant women. Not forgotten it and about the children’s interest in journalism. Tsvetaeva writes articles and essays for such famous magazines like «l’officiel», «Elle», «Sex and the City» and «Parade». Success in writing has led to the fact that in 2007 the Internet portal Mainpeople invited Anastasia to be editor-in-chief, and after him and the printed magazine «Children» was appointed to the same position.


    Anastasia was lucky that a few first years she was invited to star in a movie. Therefore, the end of high school, she had an impressive portfolio consisting of such famous films as «don’t Even think», «Next 3», «evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman».

    But fame actress brought not a feature film, music video Roma the Beast «Everything that concerns you». After that, she called in the adventure Comedy «Call me Genie», became the starting point in the development of his film career.

    Another important work Tsvetaeva youth painting «Young and happy». It is significant that the pregnancy of a character Anastasia was prophetic: the actress also gave birth to a child. After that, the girl is strictly watched their grievances and began to accept only the more Mature and dramatic roles.

    From subsequent work it is necessary to allocate the detective, «Family history,» a romantic story «Melody of love» and the sports drama «Bitch for the champion». By the way, for the last movie Anastasia for the first time refused from the image of a blonde and dyed it brown.

    In 2014, Tsvetaeva made her debut as a Director. She directed a short film «Jerusalem syndrome» that has proved so successful that it was presented to the audience in the Cannes film festival.

    Personal life

    The first time Anastasia Tsvetaeva married at age 16, and her boyfriend was older than her 14 years. But the girl felt a huge sense to it, because I got wrapped up in this passion. This marriage lasted about five years, who came to study in GITIS.

    The next man, who was able to win a girl’s heart, was the Director of the film «don’t Even think about» Oleg Goncharov. Formal relationships they have registered, but for several years lived in a de facto marriage. Oleg became the father of the first child, Anastasia, son of Kuzma Goncharov.

    With current husband, Israeli businessman press Olgana, the actress met during a holiday in Turkey. Their romance developed so rapidly that after a few days the young people began to live together. They got married in November 2010, with the official wedding ceremony took place in Prague, as the husband and wife belong to different religions, and in Israel, such relationships register is highly problematic.

    Interestingly, Anastasia and Nadav wedding trip which they spent in Thailand was prior to the marriage ceremony and celebration with guests in Moscow. Two years after his marriage, Tsvetaeva and Oligan became parents: was born their little daughter Esther.

    Now the actress lives in two countries, most of the time conducting in tel Aviv, where he is engaged in creation of author of women’s jewelry under the brand «Nastia Olgan». And in Russia she comes mostly for work and to visit family and friends.


    • 2002 — don’t you worry!
    • 2003 — Download Now. The consequence conducts the layman
    • 2005 — Call me Genie
    • 2005 — Young and happy
    • 2008 — the Will of night
    • 2008 — from prison and From Sumy
    • 2009 — Winning the wind. Clear day
    • 2010 — Bitch for a champion
    • 2010 — Family history
    • 2011 — Melody of love


    Anastasia Tsvetaeva

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