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  • Name: Anastasia Stotskaya ( Anastasiya Stotskaya )
  • Date of birth: 7 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Russian and Ukrainian actress and pop singer
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Stotskaya: biography

    Anastasiya Stotskaya from Kiev. She was born in October 1982. Mum of the future singer worked as a textile artist, dad was a doctor-resuscitator. When Nastia was only four years old, her mother took her daughter to the vocal-choreographic ensemble «Kiyanochka». In the capital of Ukraine Anastasia Stotskaya lived for 10 years, after which her family moved to Moscow. The reason was the arrival of brother Nasty mother’s side – Pavel Maikov (Bee in the TV series «Brigade») in the capital GITIS. First, to support his son in Moscow went to the mother and then to their joined Pope with Anastasia.

    Since 1993 Stockie live in Moscow. At first the family lived in Mytischi, in a simple working class neighborhood. The girl studied in a regular school and almost every day went to Moscow to dance. Once Nastia’s mother found an ad in the newspaper that the Theatre of the moon Sergey Prokhanov is gaining a new troupe. Decided that Nastya should try to do. Seeing the abilities of the girl, Prokhanov immediately took her to his Studio. A year later the young Anastasia Stotskaya made his debut with the play «Fanta-Infanta».

    At this time she was in school with profound study of music and choreography. At the end the girl did not have long to think where to go. It so happened that this year Sergey Prokhanov have enrolled a course in the Russian Academy of theatre art (RATI-GITIS) in the specialty «musical actor». He suggested that the talented student Stotsky to join.

    Freshman girl dyed her blonde hair red.


    When Nastya was studying in the third year of ratification, Sergey Prokhanov has offered her a lead role in the musical «Lip» on the novel of Vladimir Nabokov «Camera obscura». So the young artist began to combine study and rehearsal.

    At the same time arrived in Moscow well-known producers Katerina von Gechmen-Valdek and Alexander Vainshtein. They announced the casting for the musical «Notre Dame de Paris». The audition came a lot of artists, Anastasia was one of them. Later in the interview Catherine said that as soon as I saw Anastasia Stotskaya on the casting, immediately wrote in her profile the role of Fleur-de-Lis.

    In the same year there was another significant event in the life of the artist. In the musical «Lips» debuted mark Rudinshtein. He played the role of Segelkurs and once invited Phillip Kirkorov to the show. Philip Bedrosovich was so passionate about the game, movement and voice of an unknown artist, immediately took her for the lead role in his musical «Chicago.»

    Because of the musical, the rehearsals of which were taken from Stotskaya a lot of time, she began to have serious problems at the Institute. Nastia had to miss classes. Student even wanted to deduct from the 4th course as it from-for employment could not participate in the graduation performance. But Chicago scored Anastasia Stotskaya as a thesis.

    After a break Stotsky went back to work in musicals. It happened in 2009. The actress brilliantly played in the Russian interpretation of the American performance of «Cabaret». The audience gave the Russian Liza Minelli standing up.


    When he played his 100th performance of «Chicago,» Kirkorov Stotsky suggested to start a solo career and began to produce. I must say that this year was very generous for family Stocki: Nastia there is a well-known producer and brother Paul Mike after «Brigade» woke up famous.

    In August of the same year, the young singer won the «New wave» in Jurmala, performing jazz song, children’s song «Orange sky» and the song «veins-rivers».

    Since 2002, Stotsky, under the guidance Kirkorov recorded several songs for his debut solo album. Many of the songs instantly become hits and get into all sorts of charts. After the «New wave» appeared the first video of Nastia on the already beloved song «veins-rivers».

    Since 2003, the year to the end of 2004 Anastasia Stotskaya toured extensively. She has given about 300 concerts. Between performances released two singles that came out in leaders of sales of the Russian market. And a red-haired beauty invited to the photoshoot for Vogue, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Harper’s Bazaar, Officiel and HELLO!

    In January of 2004 to the public, Anastasia introduced a new song, «Give me 5 minutes» became a hit. A little later came the song, sung in duet with Kirkorov «And you say…» that was in all the charts. In the same 2004 Stotsky led by Stephen Bud recorded his first European hit, «Tease».

    For a time she did not communicate with his famous mentor Philip Kirkorov. The cause of the quarrel was call parents Kirkorov Stotskaya. The fact that in 2007, the tabloids are running the controversial pictures of Anastasia, where she allegedly smoked pot. The girl did not like such interference in her life.

    Two years later, the singer and mentor reconciled. Evidence of improved relations was the emergence on the eve of 2009, the year Anastasia in the video Kirkorov «Just give me» for the film «love in the big city.»

    In addition to his solo career, the singer can be seen on the TV. In 2013, she appeared in the show «one to One» and reached the final, finishing in 5th place. In 2016, the screens out the fourth season of «one to One. Battle of the seasons», which Stotsky also participated.

    Personal life

    Personal life Anastasia Stotskaya as full as creative. In 2003, the singer secretly married in one of the churches in Kostroma with actor Aleksey Sekirin, which is known to the General public on the sitcom «Happy together». The couple met in the «Theater of the moon», where they worked together. But the family broke up after 5 years.

    After the divorce, Stotsky and Sekirina in the tabloids with enviable regularity began to appear on the singer romances with many stars, including Philip Kirkorov, Dmitry Nosov, Vlad Topalov. But we only know about one Stotsky an affair with Alexei Ledenev, her partner on the show «Dancing with the stars.» But these relationships ended quickly.

    In 2010 it becomes known that personal life Anastasia Stotskaya took a serious turn: the singer married businessman Sergei. The names of the husband Nastya said. It is known only that the pair met during a holiday in Dubai. Sergei, an Armenian by origin. In 2011 the couple had a son Alexander.


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    Anastasia Stotskaya

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