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  • Name: Anastasia Stezhko ( Anastasia Stezhko )
  • Date of birth: 5 September 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Stezhko: biography

    Anastasia Stezhko was born in Kaliningrad, where he spent his childhood. At school the girl was a student: studying all the given lessons, a very responsible approach to learning and were able to obtain a matriculation certificate with distinction and a silver medal. Favorite subject he had literature, especially young Stezhko allocated silver age poets Igor Severianin, Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva. Until now, she regularly quoted lines from their works. In parallel with the secondary school She attended and the music at the piano.

    As a schoolgirl, Anastasia did not think seriously about their future profession, but in the last class I decided to try to make a career actress. So in 2007, she went to Moscow and delivers the documents to the most famous and prestigious cinematic institution of the country — the state Institute of cinematography. At the time of admission Stezhko had no stage experience, the focus was on charisma and great desire. According to the results of entrance exams, she was enrolled in the Studio of Vladimir Grammatikov.

    In 2010, 3rd year student Anastasiya Stezhko took part in a beauty contest «Miss Russia». With the help of the organizer of the show «miss Kaliningrad» Laura Lukina, which a lot of time was dedicated to preparing girls, she managed to get into the final round, beating on the way about 50 thousand competitors.


    On-screen debut for Anastasia Stezhko occurred in 2011. She appeared in a cameo role in the Comedy television series «Traffic light», and in short the ribbon George Danielyants «Origami».

    Next year the aspiring actress was waiting for the first major role of her career in the television melodrama «the rings», as well as supporting roles in the television series «Save the boss», the dizzying Thriller «in My eyes» and the melodrama «fire in the snow».

    After graduating from VGIK in 2013, the actress starred in a melodramatic TV series «First love,» a fantasy action movie «Dark world: Equilibrium», the melodrama «Second chance» and the mini-series «Dad in law». Separately to say about the mystical Thriller «angel or demon», in which Anastasia played the role of a demoness Kira, who always walks with two dogs-Dobermans. The game in this series brought the young actress-wide fame.

    In 2014 Stezhko was the role of Mary in the romantic Comedy «the House of the heart», the Central role of Victoria in the crime drama «the Hunt» and Catherine in the television melodrama «Time to collect», and the main role of the Teacher Elena 8-serial Thriller «Black river».

    In 2015, the actress was involved in the main role in the 16-episode series «the fern Flower» and participated as supporting actress in a Comedy melodrama «beyond borders», crime series «Law of the stone jungle» tragicomedy «Inspired», the drama «Londongrad. Know our» and Comedy series «How I became Russian».

    Now the actress is working simultaneously on two films: the Comedy «Rules AQUASTOP» and the crime drama «Honour». Both films will be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    At the moment Anastasiya Stezhko not married. She briefly had a romantic relationship with actor Cyril Zaporozhye. Also, rumors linked her name with actor Sergei Chirkov, which Stezhko starred in the television series «angel or demon» and «How I became Russian». At the moment, the actress has a boyfriend not from the sphere of show business, whose name she keeps secret.

    Anastasia Stezhko not like to give interviews and to talk to journalists. But she loves to be photographed and not once acted as a model for professional photographers.

    The actress has no interest in jewelry, jewelry, and defiantly wears only earrings. Also in everyday life she uses a minimal amount of makeup.

    She is actively involved in sports – daily commits for long-distance, and during leisure time, he enjoys beach volleyball and Windsurfing.


    • 2012 — Exchange of rings
    • 2013 — Simple girl
    • 2013 — angel or demon
    • 2013 — Dark world: Equilibrium
    • 2014 — a Time to gather
    • 2014 — Black river
    • 2015 — the fern Flower
    • 2015 — the Law concrete jungle
    • 2015 — Londongrad. Know our
    • 2015 How I became Russian


    Anastasia Stezhko

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