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  • Name: Anastasia Sivaev ( Anastasia Sivaeva )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Sivaev: biography

    Hereditary Muscovite Anastasia Sivaev was born 10 November 1991. Her father Sergei Mikhailovich works as a Builder, and mother Oksana Gennad’evna – doctor-dentist. The girl grew up active and not always obedient child – she could even put a button on the chair least favorite teacher.

    An interest in art Nastia found out pretty early – from the age of five she visited the Studio of «zoren’ka», where he studied folk dances. At the age of seven talented girl was able to undergo a rigorous selection in a modeling Agency Slava Zaitsev, after training in which she was enrolled in the same theater famous fashion designer. The team of young actors Sivaev repeatedly became the winner of various competitions.

    In 2000, the girl went to the Agency models Alex Dun «Step-house». There she studied acting, art show. Was still juggling, tap dance, dance on Pointe, acrobatic elements.

    Very soon the talent of Anastasia Sivaeva was seen. At age 10 she was invited to star in «sesame Street». After a film debut she appeared in several issues of the magazine «Yeralash».

    In 2008 Anastasia graduated from the Metropolitan school №198 and immediately applied to several theatre schools. Unfortunately, the girl failed the exams within two years despite a wealth of acting experience.

    In 2008-2010 she attended the program «Good jokes» «the most intelligent «daddy’s girl», «Stories in detail» and others.

    For a long time, vocational education remained only in the plans of the future actress, but in 2010 she finally entered the acting Department of the Institute of modern management, film and television. The artistic Directors of the student steel Evgeny Zharikov and Natalia Gvozdikova.

    Anastasia Sivaev: movies

    The first time Anastasia Sivaev starred in a movie in 2004. It was a cameo role in the melodrama «Obsession». In the next year with her participation released film «Words and music», in which partners of the actress on filming steel Marat Basharov, Alexei Guskov, Vera Sotnikova, Amaliya Mordvinova.

    In 2006, Anastasia Sivaev played a role in the television play «Through the Lily». 2007 starred in the sitcom «Daddy’s girls». In addition, among the works of the actress include roles in the TV series «the Last minute» (2010) and the film «Axe» (2013).

    At the age of 16, Anastasia Sivaev went to the casting of the new project «

  • Daddy’s girls», which launched on TV in 2007. At first she auditioned for the role of the eldest daughter of the main character, frivolous beauty Masha. Subsequently, the Director changed his mind and gave Anastasia the role of Daria. The actress had to work hard to get into the character, because her character was the complete opposite of the performer of the role. In the story, Daria Vasnetsova – extraordinary girl-goth, are prone to depression. Before filming the girl had to resort to the study of culture is ready. This role brought Anastasia Sivaeva real popularity. The seasons of the series were filmed one after the other, actors all day was on the set. Due to the tight schedule Nastia began learning difficulties, but teachers supported the actress had to finish school without attending lectures.

    Together with Anastasia Sivaeva growing up, and her on-screen character. For nineteen seasons of the series Dasha Vasnetsova from teen-goth turned into a beautiful lady, fell in love and married a student of «Bauman» Broom Vasiliev, played by Philip Pale.

    The real test for Nastya began shooting pregnancy Darya and the moment in which she gave birth to a daughter Sofia. Invoice the stomach that mimic the «interesting position», the actress had to wear 12 hours a day and also read various literature on the behavior of pregnant women.

    Anastasia Sivaev: personal life

    Anastasia Sivaev doesn’t like to talk about his personal life — lack of information was the reason for all sorts of speculation. One of these rumors she together with her on-screen husband Philip Pale tired to disprove it, after the wedding of their characters in the sitcom «Daddy’s girls» fans began to suspect actors in the real novel. In fact, between Anastasia and Philip were only friends.

    Now the actress is not married, although the lack of fans have never experienced.

    Anastasia Sivaev: filmography

    • «Mara»
    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «Words and music»
    • Last minute
    • «The axe»

    Anastasia Sivaev: photo

    Anastasia Sivaev

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