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  • Name: Richie Anastasia ( Anastasia Prikhodko )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1993.
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: the Russian actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Ritchie : a biography

    Supernova national cinema Anastasia Prikhodko, more familiar to us as Anastasia Ritchie, was born in Moscow in January 1993. To show the artistry she began in early childhood. She had a beautiful voice, and my parents took Nastya to the children’s pop group called «.». The team took part in «Morning star» Yury Nikolaeva and managed to reach the final. For Anastasia the success of the team was of great importance.

    Soon Anastasia Richie with their «Vesnushechkah» celebrated a new victory: a prestigious 2nd place at the international festival «light your star». And after participating in the children’s musical «Dreams of the gnome Cookies» and brilliantly played the role of the girl was noticed by the assistants of film Directors. Thus began a cinematic biography of Anastasia Ritchie. Such a creative alias took Nastya Prikhodko, considering his name too «partitional».


    In the movies the young actress began 2004 when she was 11 years old. Anastasia Ritchie first appeared in episodes of the famous TV series such as «Truckers-2» and «Salamander Skin». Small parts are played the little girl in the projects of famous Directors Yegor Konchalovsky, Pavel Lungin and Igor Korobeinikova. This movie «the Case of «Dead souls», «Escape» and «Cursed Paradise». The work of such masters of Russian cinema Nastia brought many benefits.

    The role of the second plan came to a young actress with the movie «Point» Yuri Morozov. The picture was released in 2006. 13-year-old Anastasia, Richie had to go in the way of the juvenile prostitutes that was not so easy. But she managed and then got the role in the tragicomedy «Semeyka ady». Her character Mary Magdalene have attracted considerable attention of viewers and critics.

    But the real success came to 15-year-old Muscovite in 2008, when the screens went Thriller «Indigo». Director Roman Prygunov invited her to the role of Tanya, a girl who meets the main character of the film. The film is about the children of Indigo, which is different from all the others because reading other people’s thoughts and understand animals brought Anastasia Richie downloads. Her increased skill was noted by critics.

    In subsequent projects, the girl already plays as an actress with solid experience. With the eldest at 10 years old colleague, Anastasia Panina, whose filmography «up» to 5 dozen names, she plays at a decent level. In the Ukrainian melodrama «Drop the world» Nastya played two sisters, one of which (Richie) dies, and the second is avenging her death.

    The recent achievements of the stars of Russian cinema – the melodrama «Stronger destiny», in which Richie worked on one platform with such masters of Russian cinema, as Valery Barinov, Lyubov Tolkalina, Aleksei Makarov, and Mikhail Zhigalov. In this tape, Anastasia Ritchie played his first major role.

    Personal life

    Yet personal life Anastasia Richi – it’s her job on the set. The young actress puts a lot of time and effort to prove to everyone, but most importantly – herself that she’s not a random person in the cinema. It is no secret that many critics are skeptical about the future careers of «stars», which began to appear on the screen at a very young age. Everyone is waiting for their rapid decay and the «star disease».

    But his example Anastasia has already proved that he is not going to «fade out» and come to the cinema for the long haul.

    In his free time Richie enjoys horseback riding. Anastasia loves these animals, considering them to be kind and smart.


    • «Truckers-2»
    • «Salamander skin»
    • «Escape»
    • «Damned Paradise»
    • «Point»
    • «Semeyka Ady»
    • Indigo
    • «Drop the world»
    • «Pirammmida»
    • «Only love»


    Anastasiya Richi

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