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  • Name: Anastasiya Nemolyaeva ( Anastasiya Nemolyaeva )
  • Date of birth: 30 June 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress, artist, designer
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Nemolyaeva biography

    Anastasia Nemolyaeva — Soviet and Russian actress, who became famous after the release of the movie «the Courier» and «Interdevochka». Now she is more concerned with furniture design, which paints manually.

    Anastasia was born in Moscow, in a family where most people had a direct relation to the field of cinema. Her father Vladimir Nemolyaev – a famous film Director who filmed the story «Doctor Aibolit.» Grandma was a sound technician at the Studio «Mosfilm». But the star persona is his aunt, the actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva.

    In childhood and adolescence Nastya was fond of drawing and embroidery. A little she created handmade dolls, painted with oil paints kitchen utensils. Perhaps she would go artistic and design direction, but also in adolescence Nemolyaeva was invited to the set.

    Before graduation Anastasia already had a decent experience with the camera, so she decided to get professional education in GITIS, where she studied with legendary master of Mark Zakharov. In the 90 years, the actress has performed on stage drama theater On Malaya Bronnaya,» but in the 21st century focused on their own business, as well as cinematic action.


    Anastasia Nemolyaeva was not yet 11 years old when she first time called to act in the movie. It was a family Comedy «Old New year», where she played a schoolgirl Lisa Sebacina. The experiment was successful and even until adulthood, the young actress took part in creating the drama «Three years» children’s film «Give us men!», biographical history «We are not crowned in the Church.» The most famous work of Anastasia in the period was social tragicomedy «Courier», which brought the girl all-Russian fame.

    In student age Nemolyaeva continues to adopt the suggestions of the Directors. She appears in the adventure film «Pathfinder» for the book Fenimore Cooper, this tale of «Old alphabet» tragicomedy «Time to fly,» the detective «killer vacant Place…», the Comedy «My sailor». Second star picture actress becomes the big story of the life night butterfly «intergirl» which shone Elena Yakovleva and Anastasia played her neighbor and best friend. Not less successful was a new version of this film called «a Wife for the Maitre d'».

    In the early ‘ 90s Anastasiya Nemolyaeva has worked in several projects, of which stand out Comedy, «I’m free, I’m nobody» and the military drama «Meshchersky». A return took place only after almost 10 years. In the war film «Peregon» actress worked with Alexey Serebryakov and Daniel Insurance. Followed by RSA women’s loneliness «belly Dance», the melodrama «Russian roulette. Female version of» psychological detective «Hunters for diamonds».

    Personal life

    Anastasia Nemolyaeva happy family. Her husband Benjamin Skalnik is a Director, but he in his time had to work as a translator of the Japanese language, as Benjamin has roots in Japan and is half Japanese. To their marriage were born three children. Interestingly, all daughters. Girls have Russian names Sofia, Euphrosyne and Eudocia, but the Japanese name Ishijima, as they, like the father’s dual citizenship.

    The couple created their own company. Benjamin is engaged in the manufacture of fine furniture, Anastasia and her paints. Their personal apartment feels more like a Museum of art, as it is filled with beautiful handmade items.

    In addition, the actress makes dolls, decorative items, murals and other decorations of glass and wood. Nemolyaeva’s work has been exhibited in many world galleries and purchased by collectors and connoisseurs from many countries.


    • 1986 — Courier
    • 1987 — Pathfinder
    • 1989 — Interdevochka
    • 1990 — My sailor
    • 1991 — Wife for the Maitre d’
    • 1994 — I’m free, I’m nobody
    • 2006 — haul
    • 2007 — belly Dance
    • 2010 — Russian roulette. Female version
    • 2011 — diamond Hunters in


    Anastasia Nemolyaeva

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