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  • Name: Anastasia Mikulchina ( Anastasiya Mikulchina )
  • Date of birth: 4 August 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Bendery, Moldova
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia mikulchina: biography

    Anastasia mikulchina was born 4 August 1983 in a small Moldovan town of Bendery. She has two brothers.

    In kindergarten the girl has already demonstrated acting talent — she was a constant participant in events, concerts, impromptu performances. The teachers always gave Nastia a major role.

    Up to eight years her family lived in Bendery, but when Moldova started the Transnistrian armed conflict, they moved to Saint Petersburg. The father of the future actress worked as an engineer, a mother, a psychologist by training, took a job as a teacher. In a new country and a new city Anastasia continued to do what he likes. She engaged in Amateur performances, I tried to write a script and put him on Amateur theatricals.

    In St. Petersburg mikulchin graduated from high school and was seriously getting ready to enter the theater Institute. Parents are skeptical about the choice of his daughter under their onslaught the girl entered the faculty of journalism at the University of Economics and law. She studied there for a year. When Nastya finally realized that journalism and PR is not her future, she took the documents and entered the theatre Academy in St. Petersburg. In 2006 mikulchin received a diploma of graduation.


    Anastasia first appeared on screen in 2004, when I was in the 3rd year of the theatre Academy. Her debut was a small role in the film «the New adventures of Nero Wolfe». The popularity of this work did not bring her and in his career has not helped.

    The symbolic role she received after two years. In 2006, Director Victor Merezhko was preparing to shoot multiseries film about the legend of the criminal world Sofia Blyuvshteyn. He long sought a suitable type for the main role, considered more than 70 Actresses. Once Merezhko saw a photo of Anastasia Mikulchina — girl caught him. Nastia called and invited to audition. She was in a hurry, though an inner voice whispered to her: «in Vain». In the day of trial does not take place, because Viktor Merezhko became ill on the train, his extra shot and hospitalized. They met after his recovery.

    In 2007, the audience saw the first of the series «Sonka — the gold handle». Later, the actress admitted that she was given difficult scenes in prison. They were taken near Vyborg, in the punishment cell of the colony. Mikulchin was in rags and dirty hair. The winter was cold, the cast and crew ill. But Anastasia managed and played her character wonderfully. The film received positive reviews from audience and critics.

    In the 2000s, Anastasia mikulchina starred in the TV series «Sin», «Parent», «Boys-girls» and other. In all projects it was the main or a Central role. In 2010, the actress was invited to play the role in Ukrainian movie «Her heart», and several months later, she again turned to Sofia Blyuvshteyn in the TV series «Sonya: continuation of the legend».

    In the future acting career of Anastasia Mikulchina no UPS and downs. She continues to act in serials and movies. Among her recent works is «Starry love», «Beauty», «Yellow in the city», «blast from the past», etc. In 2015 in the movie «the dawns here are quiet…», the actress played the role of female anti-aircraft gunner that fights with experienced saboteurs who are trying to get to the Kirov railway and the white sea-Baltic canal: at stake — strategically important transport artery, connecting the important centers of the country.

    Personal life

    Nastya does not admit prying into my personal life, in an interview with delicately avoids the subject. The actress never married, she yet, but the young man who could eventually become my husband, there. About him almost nothing is known. Mikulchin says that her choice is far from cinematic environment, does business, conducts an active way of life. With him, the actress flew in a balloon, riding on a snowmobile, first sat on the bike.

    Sometimes they travel together across Europe, with travel by bike: so they traveled to Switzerland, Italy and France. After the trip, Anastasia said she saw a real beauty of the world.

    The actress dreams of a big family in which no less than five children. .


    • «Inhale-exhale»
    • «Sonya. The continuation of the legend»
    • «Hetaeras major Sokolov»
    • «The coast guard»
    • «White night, gentle night»
    • «Her heart»
    • «Waiting for the sea»
    • «Blast from the past»
    • «We are from jazz 2»
    • Leningradets


    Anastasia Mikulchina

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