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  • Name: Anastasia Melnikova ( Anastasiya Melnikova )
  • Date of birth: 19 September 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Anastasia Melnikova: biography

    Anastasia Melnikova — TV presenter and actress of theater and cinema, honored artist of Russia. Best known for detective series «Streets of broken lamps», «Opera», «Capercaillie», «Foundry, 4».

    She was born in St. Petersburg, a fairly well-known family of doctors. In the family of the actress were nobles and successful merchants, but the last few generations of millers were engaged exclusively in medicine. Nastiny father Rurik A. and mother Elena Olegovna also treated people as surgeons, oncologists. In the same way went and the older brother Oleg. But Anastasia and the second brother, Alexander, who became a lawyer, and changed the dynasty.

    Melnikov was still in preschool was dreaming about the stage. However, then she thought about a career as a ballerina and worked in the dance Studio. But when it reviewed the well-known educator, he issued a verdict that due to high growth and a strong Constitution, the Bolshoi ballet is not for Anastasia.

    In the end she changed the dream and after school he entered the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and culture, where she studied with famous acting teacher of Igor Vladimirova. Right after high school Melnikova went to the United States, where conquers Broadway. Three years the young actress was part of a large-scale American musicals, but in 1993 returned to Russia and got to the theater name. F. Komissarzhevskaya.

    And then there was a long break, associated with personal life. Only at the very end of the 90s, Anastasia Melnikova again takes the stage, begins to film and even tries himself in the role of the presenter. She led programs such as «Dashing 90-e», «a Private visit Anastasia Melnikova» and «Plot». Also, the actress was a member of the second season of the show «dancing with the stars» and danced with the professional Denis Casper.

    Recent years, Melnikov was interested in politics. In 2011 she was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg and occupies the position of Deputy Chairman of the standing Committee on culture, science and education.


    Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 1991. She appeared in the military drama «the Afghani break» and criminal tragicomedy «Genius». Then there were a few episodic roles and career break until 1998. But when the screens came the detective series about the everyday life of police «the Streets of broken lamps», Anastasia instantly became famous across the country.

    The picture quickly captured the interest of the audience, and Melnikov, along with Alexander Lykov, Sergey Selin and Alex Nilavum has become a favorite of fans of the series. Interestingly, the original script, the actress was supposed to appear only a couple of episodes, but in the end, her role lasted for five years and then moved to a similar TV movies «the Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department», «Casting» and «Capercaillie».

    But Anastasia Melnikova played not only policemen. She wore on the image of ladies from the 19th century drama «the Idiot» appeared in the medical series «the Case of kukotskiy», played the headmaster in the psychological film «Execute not pardon».

    The last work of the actress are the melodrama «Under electric clouds», a family tale «12 months. New tale» and suspense drama «Bird».

    Personal life

    The first time Anastasia Melnikova fell in love with as a teenager. Its groom named Tomaz was older than 22 years old and when together with Nastya studied in the same University. When the girl reached 18 years of lovers decided to get married, but two months before the wedding Tomaz died suddenly that very much impact on Anastasia, which still can not forget his first love.

    After graduating from the theatre Institute Melnikova married producer Vyacheslav Telnov, who now runs a film Studio «Lenfilm». It is because of him the girl left the Broadway, and soon ceased altogether active interventions, limiting a rare filming of the movie. But the scene Melnikov pull, like a magnet, and that became the reason of rupture of relations with her husband after 8 years of marriage.

    Later, Anastasia was another serious love, she likes to remember. This man was a passing event in the life of the actress, but she gave birth in 2002 and a daughter Mary. More married Melnikov went out, and prefers to devote the education of Mary.


    • 1998-2003 — Streets of broken lights
    • 2003 is an Idiot
    • 2004-2006 — Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department
    • 2005 — Kazus Kukotskogo
    • 2007 — Execute not pardon
    • 2007 — the Outsider
    • 2008-2013 — Foundry
    • 2008 — forward
    • 2013 — Under electric clouds
    • 2016 — Bird


    Anastasia Melnikova

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