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photo by Anastasia Kostenko

  • Name: Anastasia Kostenko ( Anastasiya Kostenko )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Salsk, Rostov oblast,
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: model, dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Kostenko: biography

    Anastasia Kostenko – young Russian model in 2014 won the title of second Vice-miss Russia and participated in the international beauty contest «Miss World» in London. Biography Anastasia Kostenko originates on March 29, 1994. One of the most beautiful girls of the country was born in the Rostov region, in the small town of Salsk.

    Nastya Kostenko
    Baby photo Anastasia Kostenko | VK

    The girl’s father, Yaroslav Kostenko, he had his own business and mother Victoria Shcherbakov worked as a psychologist in a secondary school. However, when Nastia was about five years old, my parents decided to live separately, and in the future Kostenko lived with her mother. Victoria Scherbakova later remarried and gave the eldest daughter, two sisters, Anna and Olga, and brother Artem.

    Nastya with mom Kostenko
    With mom Victoria Shcherbakova | VK

    In the children’s biography Anastasia Kostenko has and music school, where she studied piano and dance Studio, in which the girl mastered the program and Latin modern ballroom dancing. And that choreography Nastya saw their future, so after 9th grade enrolled in the Stavropol regional College of art, where he studied for a dancer and choreographer.

    Anastasia Kostenko in childhood
    Nastya from childhood involved in dance | VK

    Later she went to Moscow to get higher education. She won a grant for free education in any University, but opted at the philological faculty of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, where he studied journalism. In the future, Kostenko would like to try yourself in the role of leading his own talk show.

    Anastasia Kostenko at the «Miss Russia-2014»

    While still in the Stavropol College, Kostenko began to take part in various local beauty contests. Only in 2012 she received such titles as «Miss Spring», «Miss Charm» and «don Beauty». The glamorous girl noticed one of the modeling agencies, and Anastasia under the contract, went to work in China. In Beijing she advertised handmade dresses from the brand «Lan Yu».

    Anastasia Kostenko
    Successful model | VK

    A year later the Russian by special invitation participate in a beauty contest «Miss All Nation 2013», which that year was held in Mongolia, and easily took first place, becoming the «Miss of the Nations-2013». After returning home, Anastasia decides it’s time to take part in the main beauty contest in his native country. She applies and receives the invitation, so without Anastasia Kostenko «Miss Russia» in 2014 did not take place. According to the results of the independent vote, she receives the title of «Second Vice-miss Russia», and along with the aforementioned grant to study at any University in the world.

    Anastasia Kostenko, miss Russia
    The second Vice-miss Russia 2014 | VK

    In 2014, the representatives of the Russian Federation decided to send to the contest «Miss universe» and «Miss World» different contestants. Therefore, in London at the «Miss World» was supposed to go to the winner of the Russian competition. After a long discussion the jury chose the second Vice miss Anastasia Kostenko. Many bookmakers appreciate the chance Nastya to win but eventually took the Russian only 20th place.

    Personal life

    Personal life Anastasia Kostenko for a long time remained a mystery. The girl said that is focused on school and my own career and for romance, she doesn’t have time. But recently one of the main topics of discussion in the vastness of Russia were the relations Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasova, the famous football player of the Moscow «Locomotive» and the husband of Olga Buzovoy.

    Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov
    Dmitry Tarasov

    The reason for these conversations was the fact that fans Buzova noticed this couple sitting at a table in one of the capital’s cafes. In fact, Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko their relationship does not comment, in Internet there any photos of Anastasia Kostenko and Tarasova and the official divorce the player has not yet been issued. However, runner-up in one of my social networks has changed the status to «in love», however, this does not prove that Anastasia Kostenko and Tarasov together.


    Anastasia Kostenko

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