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  • Name: Anastasia Klyueva ( Anastasiya Klyueva )
  • Date of birth: 16 January 1987
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Klyueva : biography

    For the first time the audience drew attention to this bright young actress in the popular youth series «Club». Since then Anastasia Blueway appeared several roles, which helped her to climb a few steps up the career ladder.

    Anastasia Klyuev was born in the capital in January 1987. The girl’s family of artists was not, but Nastya is already in his childhood began to Express their creative nature. She sang well, and loved to draw. In 689-th Moscow school, where she studied, She gladly participated in the initiative. Artistry girls were said all around. So when Klyuyev after finishing school he entered GITIS on the acting Department, no one was surprised. For several years gladly reveal the secrets of acting in the workshop of the famous artist Eugene Steblova.

    In 2009, Anastasia Klyuev received a diploma of higher theatrical education.


    Biography Anastasia Blueway began in College, when the aspiring actress has played a role of Mallow in the same degree performance.

    After graduating high school theater young actress was admitted to the theater «Practice», where he declared himself in productions of «the Communicants» and «love Poems». As a guest actress Klyuev began to appear in other scenes.

    A cinematic biography of Anastasia Blueway also began while studying in GITIS. Like many of her colleagues, filmography Anastasia opens a small series roles. His debut job in film was a small episode in the film Rezo Gigineishvili «Heat». But it is this first step was successfully completed. Next was a rather attractive offers from renowned Directors.

    3-year student Anastasia Klyueva started acting in a youth serial «Club» of Pavel Bardin, who immediately after the release in 2007 was recognized as one of the most successful projects of the channel «MTV». It is noteworthy that the student Blueway Bardin took one of the main roles: Nastya played the sweet and naive modern Cinderella, a complete contrast which embody Anastasia Zadorozhnaya. The tape of the night club life of the capital were mega-popular among teenagers and young adults.

    After the «Club» notable roles followed one after another. In 2009, Anastasia Klyueva appeared in the melodrama «Love and other nonsense». And the following year came several series where Anastasia Klyueva has played a Central heroines. Most rated projects «Residential district», «Moscow. Three station» and «Cherkizon. Disposable people».

    Today filmography Blueway «up» to two dozen projects, many of which received high ratings. From the latest high-profile films in which she played his most memorable and vivid role can be called the series «Web-7» and the youth sitcom «Studio 17» in which the actress got the way Olga, his high school sweetheart Dennis. In tandem with Alexander Dmitriev, Anastasiya Klyueva played very convincingly. Fans of the series even suspected the true romance between the artists.

    Anastasia is a successful stage actress. In his avant-garde theatre Practice, which is headed by Eduard Boyakov, she regularly appears in interesting productions of works by contemporary writers.

    Anastasia Klyueva very «plastic» artist. In the play «the Communicants» she played a prostitute, in the film of the trilogy «love Poems» theatergoers saw her romantic heroine that soars in the poetic world. Named productions – avant-garde. The fact that I had to play in the Nude, Anastasia is not confused. One of the journalists, reviewers called Klyuev, «the Muse of the new sincerity and new courage.»

    Personal life

    The young actress doesn’t like to share details of their lives beyond the threshold of the theater or outside the set. It’s one thing to strip on stage, and quite another – to show to strangers and strangers to your soul. So personal life Anastasia Blueway is its private area to which unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited.

    Anastasia admits that she has a boyfriend and the relationship they develop is great. But more – not one word.

    In his spare time, Anastasia Klyueva loves to draw and listen to music. And, like most girls, she loves shopping and romantic date.


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    • «Love and other nonsense»
    • «Moscow. Three station»
    • «Bride»
    • «Cherkizon. Disposable people»
    • «Glaciers»
    • «Studio 17»
    • «Jolly fellows»
    • «These eyes opposite»
    • «Sweet life 2»


    Anastasia Klyueva

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