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  • Name: Anastasia Kalmanovich ( Natalia Bryleva )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Kedainiai, Lithuania
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Kalmanovich: biography

    Anastasia Kalmanovich, whose real name is Natalia bryleva, is a Russian actress who starred in such films as «best film», «Ranetki», «Doomed to become a star» and many others. Also, fans of local music know Cindy as the first producer of the famous singer Zemfira, and Kalmanovich has contributed to its initial success.

    She was born in the Lithuanian town of Kedainiai, in the family of a soldier Nikolai Petrovich BRILYOV. Because of her father’s profession the family had several times to change their place of residence. When Anastasia was 15, her father went as a pilot to help victims of the horrific earthquake in Leninakan, but was killed in the line of duty.

    After school Kalmanovich, then bryleva, studied at the State University in Riga, then at the faculty of journalism at the Institute of contemporary art, but study in the capital of Latvia, the girl left. She went to Moscow and later begins producing activity.

    Anastasia Kalmanovich collaborated with aspiring singer Zemfira, which managed to promote to the level of the rock stars of the highest level. Later, she engaged in Affairs of the Ukrainian rock band «Tokio» and was the head of the company «VIP concert».


    After Anastasia Kalmanovich has already made a name for himself as a producer, she decided to try to take part in the filming of the movie. Her first work was a romance In motion, and then the woman suddenly appeared in a half dozen films.

    The most significant of his works in the film are the musical «Queen of ice», a parody Comedy «the best film» and the melodrama «Women’s history». Also Nastya took part in the popular among adolescents in the youth series «Ranetki», where for the first two seasons played hairdresser Elizabeth.

    Personal life

    Upon arrival in Moscow, Anastasia meets a successful Israeli businessman Shabtaj millionaire by H. von Kalmanovich. The husband was older than her 25 years, however, they soon got married. By the way, the particle «von» before the surname is not an invention of the press: a title of nobility spouses visited the Lithuanian aristocrat.

    In 1998 Anastasia and Shabtai daughter, Danielle. But the couple had been together for too long, and it was after the divorce Nastya Kalmanovich started producing activity. By the way, little Daniel by the decision of the parents moved to live with his father in Israel.

    When on 2 November 2009 a businessman was brutally murdered, it turned out that a large part of a multimillion-dollar inheritance goes to his underage daughter. Anastasia wanted to return the girl to discipline her. But the legal custody of the child has issued LIAT Kalmanovich and older sister Danielle, born in the first marriage of their common father.

    After numerous but fruitless attempts to get her daughter back under his wing, Anastasia decided to leave it as is. Especially in her personal life, too, there have been changes. She re-married di-jeea and music producer Fedor Fomin, and in 2010 gave birth to a son Tikhon. The family now lives in Jurmala and is quite happy.


    • 2002 — In motion
    • 2003 — Stiletto
    • 2004 — On the turn
    • 2004 — the amphibian Man. Sea devil
    • 2005 — Doomed to become a star
    • 2006 Alias «Albanian»
    • 2007 — best film
    • 2008 — Ranetki
    • 2008 — Queen of ice
    • 2009 — Trap for special


    Anastasia Kalmanovich

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