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  • Name: Anastasia Ivanova ( Ivanova Anastasiya )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1958.
  • Age: 34 years
  • Date of death: 3 Jun 1993
  • Place of birth: Adler, Krasnodar Krai
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: was married

    Anastasia Ivanova: biography

    Anastasia Ivanova is a talented Soviet actress, known to millions of viewers for his role leads in the movie «can’t say goodbye», he left this life.

    Was born the future star of Soviet cinema in 1958 in Adler, near Sochi. From early childhood she dreamed of becoming an actress, worked in a drama school, participated in school performances. She was not embarrassed and not scared of the prospect of a trip to the capital, after all, only Moscow universities, as it was believed, could serve as a guaranteed pass on the scene.

    Anastasia Ivanova in his youth
    Anastasia Ivanova in youth | nostalgia for the Soviet

    Only through persistence and natural talent dream Nastya Ivanova came true. In 1975 she came to Moscow and applied to several theatre schools and entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. He studied the young actress on the course Victor Monyukov. It was released in 1979.

    Theatre and cinema

    Unfortunately, even in Soviet times, the acting profession was one of the most unreliable, and the distribution in the Moscow and Leningrad theatres could dream of, not all graduates. Anastasia Ivanova it came to this largest group of unclaimed young actors.

    However, her involuntary idleness was short-lived, for some time she worked in the Vladimir drama theatre, and then returned to the capital at the invitation of the Moscow New drama theatre. Many vladimirec girl remembered for his brilliant performance as Maria in «West side story».

    Anastasia Ivanova in FLM
    Anastasia Ivanova in the movie «can’t say goodbye» | Movie-Theater

    After the New drama theatre Ivanov played on the stage of the Moscow drama theatre «Sphere», but the present popularity has brought the actress the main role in the melodrama «I can’t say goodbye» by Boris Durov. The picture was released in 1982 and immediately won the hearts of ordinary Soviet citizens.

    Simple, but poignant story of love girls Lida and Sergey Vatagin, a handsome ladies ‘ man, by accident, became disabled, echoed in the hearts of people. In just one season, the film managed to see about 35 million people.

    Anastasia Ivanova in FLM
    Anastasia Ivanova in the movie «can’t say goodbye» | Kinobo

    To the young actress came to real popularity, she was out on a photo and when meeting on the street. Especially impressed the audience with the final note of the picture, gives hope for the best when Lida confesses to Sergei that she is expecting a baby.

    Starring role

    Unfortunately, this role was for Ivanova not only the main but almost the only, not including participation in a couple of other tapes. Marriage and the birth of her daughter at the time deprived the actress the opportunity to act and play in the theater, although at the time it literally rained from all sides.

    When Anastasia was able to «return to duty», the proposals have had. She became depressed, because the lack of demand for the actor who lives his roles is a real nightmare. In the country began restructuring and women’s images in which the Directors are accustomed to seeing Anastasia, become irrelevant. Romance is on the backburner, it is time for action, spectacular paintings, where no place for feelings and deep characters.

    Anastasia Ivanova
    Anastasia Ivanova | nostalgia for the Soviet

    At this time, Anastasia was finally offered a major role in the movie, but it has not converged character with the film. He wanted to see in this role, another actress and deliberately to conspire. In the midst of the shooting Ivanov was suspended from participation in the film.

    And again came to the aid of a loving husband. Boris Nevzorov has long wanted to try yourself in the role of Director and finally decided on this act for my wife. His last role was played by Anastasiya Ivanova in the painting of her husband, which was released in 1993. Perhaps things would have been different if a talented and young actress died in the Prime of life.

    Personal life

    Personal life Anastasia Ivanova has developed more than successfully: the peak of her acting career coincided with the first love, culminated in the wedding. For Boris Nevzorov, actor, whom she had met during the filming of this marriage was the second, and he loved his young wife.

    Anastasia Ivanova
    Anastasia Ivanova | nostalgia for the Soviet

    Anastasia at the time abandoned all thoughts of a career for her in the foreground was a family and children, which dreams of almost every female. It soon came to light her daughter Pauline, who demanded attention and maternal care.

    Boris Nevzorov s daughter
    The husband and daughter of actress Anastasia Ivanova | Motherhood

    Anastasia and Boris was happy, Nevzorova there are many new roles, he began to play, began directing. The family idyll was interrupted by the tragic death of Anastasia, who died in 1993. She was only 34 years old.


    The cause of her death – strangulation and stab wounds. For a long time the police could not go on the trail of a criminal, although everything pointed to the fact that it was close to the family of actors, as Anastasia herself let him in the house. Half an hour before the death of Nastya was talking to my mom on the phone and was very calm, even though the killer probably already was in the apartment.

    Half an hour after this conversation, came back home, Boris Nevzorov and found his wife dead. Grief of husband of actress no words to describe, the only thing that is supported is the love for his daughter. Little Polina was lucky that her in that moment was not home, she was visiting her grandmother in the afternoon.

    Anastasia Ivanova
    The monument at the grave of Anastasiya Ivanova | planet Suite

    It was later revealed that the killer was familiar with the actors that brought them colleague on the set of Alexander Savchenko. The offender already had time for murder, and his first victim was also an actress. Justice to him did not take place, as Sergey Prosvetov by the time died in the domestic dispute.

    The grave of Anastasiya Ivanova is in the town cemetery Sergiev Posad, Moscow region.


    • «Can’t say goodbye» (1982);
    • «Breathing the storm» (1982);
    • «The Sparrow on ice» (1983);
    • «Boys» (1990);
    • «The priest had a dog…» (1993).


    Anastasia Ivanova

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