Anastasia Dmitrachkov

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photo Anastasia Dmitrachkov

  • Name: Dmitrachkov Anastasia ( Anastasiya Dmitrachkova )
  • Date of birth: December 28, 2009
  • Age: 7 years
  • Place of birth: Mogilev, Belarus
  • Activity: participant in the show «Children. The voice»
  • Marital status:

    Anastasia Dmitrachkov : biography

    7-year-old Anastasia Dmitrachkov was born 3 days before new 2009. Sing baby beginning, just learning to speak. In his family music I love it all, but Nastya’s vocals surpassed all expectations of parents. And they decided to help her daughter to develop his remarkable talent further.

    Anastasia Dmitrachkov went along with her mother in vocal Studio «Inspiration», where the young singer began to engage a tutor Tatiana Kalinovskaya. Now, almost 2 years she under the guidance of his mentor «grinds» its wonderful vocals and not going to stop.

    Besides singing She loves to play with his children. She has a chicken, a cat and three of the hamster. Anastasia says with a laugh that all these animals considers her as his mother.

    Now the young singer Anastasia Dmitrachkov studying in gymnasium №1 native of Mogilev. The girl already has a dream: she wanted to grow up and play for Belarus at the Eurovision song contest. And definitely to win.

    «Voice. Children»

    In the 3rd season, the project participants are increasingly turning to creativity of the unforgettable Edith Piaf. Anastasia Dmitrachkov also chose all the well-known French song «Padam… Padam..».

    Fulfilled her girl perfectly. In this opinion met not only the audience, but all mentors. «Blind auditions» the first Nastia returned to Pelagia. She said that pleasantly surprised. After all, it’s great that at such a young age the girl understands what singing is. Besides, 7 years is quite difficult to take the low notes and not fake.

    Anastasia Dmitrachkov got the group to Pelageya, although initially wanted to see his mentor Dima Bilan. As explained by Anastasia his choice «because he funny».

    But Dima Bilan, seeing how the girl liked colleague, generously «gave» a charming vocalist. And Leonid Agutin have already fully formed their group.


    Anastasia Dmitrachkov

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