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  • Name: Anastasia Denisova ( Anastasiya Denisova )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Denisova: biography

    Anastasia Denisova was born in the spring of 1985. After school, she entered GITIS. After several years of study at the University she was invited to the Moscow regional theatre of the young spectator. The salary of the actress was very small, and she began to think about more profitable activities to support the family.

    The result is Anastasia chose non-creative profession and a stable salary, and on the question of acting answered, saying, it was a dream and nothing more. Career girl began to develop: she worked as a Secretary for 2 years, then moved to the position of Manager in a foreign company. But one unexpected phone call changed her whole biography.


    Once Anastasia Denisova called with «Mosfilm» and was invited to the TV series «Deffchonki». She was asked to play the role of the Secretary of Katie Schwimmer (Palna) with unsettled personal life. The heroine of the actress saw herself and decided to try it.

    The approval process for the role was difficult – need to increase weight, change the way (Palna not be thinner). Specifically to participate in the film, the girl has gained 10 kg.

    «The selection was tough, it was unreal wanting to get to the project. I was very similar to the character. Then I had a lot of attempts, and only six months later I was adopted,» recalls Anastasia.

    In the TV series «Deffchonki» actress plays one of the friends who came from Saratov to conquer Moscow. Katie Schwimmer actually 23 but looks 30. She concentrated, high intelligence, perseverance, and lack of privacy – the girl is hopelessly in love with his boss.

    Anastasia Denisova cute Palna, moreover, she would like to learn some qualities from her. First of all, to always achieve the desired, not afraid to be ironic and funny, not shy to confess his love to the man first. Together with Anastasia in the famous series the main roles played by Galina Bob, Polina Maksimova, Taisiya Vilkova and others.

    In November 2013, the actress has become the leading program «» (TNT). Then came roles in the films «Girl middle-aged» and «Citizen Katerina».

    Personal life

    During my studies at GITIS Anastasia Denisova son Yury was born. She raised the boy alone. During the filming of the movie «Girl middle-aged» actress met with Bogdan Oikoi, who worked as an operator. As recognized Bogdan, Anastasia immediately liked him, and very quickly their relationship became romantic.

    May 17, 2016, the birthday of Anastasia, the couples were United together in marriage in one of capital registry offices. This celebration, they noted the stylish restaurant of Moscow. Bogdan became a father for the son, Denisova, and also for her brother, Andrew, adopted it in 2015.


    • «Deffchonki»
    • «Girl middle-aged»
    • «Citizen Katerina»


    Anastasia Denisova

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