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  • Name: Anastasia Deeva ( Shmalko Anastasia )
  • Date of birth: 2 March 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Oster, Chernihiv oblast
  • Activities: Deputy Minister of interior of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Deeva: biography

    Shmalko Anastasia, better known under a new name Deeva – Ukrainian scientist, one of the initiators of the reform of the police, who for 24 years managed to become a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

    Biography Anastasia Deev, mother’s maiden name which Shmalko, began on March 2, 1992. She was born in the small town of Oster, located in the Chernihiv region. But when the girl had spent there. At an early age she had been in boarding school in a small town under British metropolis of Manchester. There is a future Deputy Minister has mastered the English language at the free level and quite nice to learn French.

    Anastasia Deeva
    Photo By Anastasia Shmalko-Deev | Interactor

    Interestingly, Deeva remembers his adolescence as a struggle of two opposing natures. It was simultaneously the best student, whose picture hung on the honor roll, and a rebel that comes to school in jeans and a t-shirt with the logo of the band «Guns n roses». Which depicts, among other things, skulls, guns, and red roses. So this picture just answered throwing girls in the shower.

    Anastasia Deeva
    Photo by Anastasia Shmalko-Deev | Ukrainian news

    High school Shmalko Anastasia has finished in Kiev. And it is not studied in secondary public school and one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the capital of Ukraine in Klovsky Lyceum. Having matriculation, She became a student of the faculty of political science at the Kyiv national University named after Taras Shevchenko. One of Deeva’s internship took place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and later worked in Stockholm for a private company where he held the position of Director of international business development in the field of green technologies.

    Policy and Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine

    In 2014, when Anastasia was still at work in Stockholm, she became a Trustee of the candidate in people’s deputies Yury Andrushko. Then in the biography of Anastasia Deev has been cooperation at various times with the deputies from the Party of Regions Leonid Kozhara and Helen Nemeckoy. Later Shmalko Anastasia came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the role of assistant Deputy Minister Eka Zguladze coordinated the reform of the patrol police service. Added to this is the projects to change work emergency and administrative services.

    Anastasia Deeva and Arsen Avakov
    With interior Minister Arsen Avakov | TV Channel «24»

    As it turned out, all this time, the activities of a young girl closely watched by interior Minister Arsen Avakov. He first began to use her abilities as an adviser and then offered to become one of his deputies. Actually Anastasia is not the first Deputy, and oversees the issues of European Integration of Ukraine. The main task on a post of the Deputy Minister Deev is tracking the use of the grants for the intended purpose.

    Personal life Deev

    By the spring of 2016 personal life Anastasia Deev was neustanno, but at the end of may she was officially married to George Deeva and changed to my maiden name. Husband of Anastasia Deev – businessman. He is engaged in advertising and promotion of the company and their customers and is one of the leaders of the Kiev Agency for digital communications, «Volta». George doesn’t aspire to publicity, but proud of the successes of his wife.

    George Deev
    Man new Deputy interior Minister Georgy Deev | Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

    Anastasia Deeva keen on fashion trends in clothing, but it does not read glossy fashion magazines and not so much loves to wander around the shops. A big part of your wardrobe Deputy Minister of foreign buys in the boutiques, mostly in the Nordic countries.

    Under the name of Anastasia Frank girl published his essays in various publications. Under a pseudonym she wrote fictional stories, and acted as an expert consultant.

    Anastasia Deeva
    After appointment to the position of Deputy Minister, the Internet has seen the naughty pictures Anastasia | E-news

    After appointment to the position of Deputy Minister of Anastasia is in a scandal involving her erotic photos. The fact that in his student years she was placed in social networks is quite candid Amateur pictures. The current head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that he sees nothing criminal in the old photo Anastasia Deev, as they are akin to the art of the Nude and not at all vulgar. Moreover, according to the Minister, in his student days every person can afford something rash and outspoken.


    Anastasia Deeva

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