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  • Name: Anastasia Chevazhevsky ( Anastasiya Chevazhevskaya )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Married

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky: biography

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky is a young singer with a unique charisma and timbre. Now the name Anastasia almost «booming» in the whole of Russia and neighbouring countries due to the fact that the girl together with Dmitry nagievym the leads of the show «the Voice. Children» season 2. However, its popularity Anastasia Chevazhevsky found long before the release of the new season of children’s «Voices» — over the shoulders of celebrities from the capital there are specialized education, and participation in popular women’s team, and the talent show, despite the relative youth of the performer.

    Biography Anastasia Chevazhevsky originates in Moscow, the future star of the «First channel» was born March 6, 1988, the year in the Russian capital. The parents of Anastasia’s press unknown, the girl didn’t spread the details of his childhood in an interview. It is known that their talents Nastya confirmed and strengthened in the Universities and schools, and is now successfully applying their knowledge and skills in various branches of domestic show-business.

    Education Anastasia Chevazhevsky was relevant and pertinent to the sphere of activity in which it operates. First, Anastasia traditionally finished school, then she entered the Institute of tourism and hotel management — the future star of the silver screen has this UNIVERSITY at the faculty of linguistics and intercultural communication. But that wasn’t enough, She decided to improve his education further.

    Finally making sure that she’s interested in show business, the girl went to study pop vocals at the Institute of contemporary art. Given the capital competition in this field, Chevazhevsky graduated from a music College of jazz and variety art. And without that intense period of education Anastasia managed to learn Italian and Spanish, and then cemented the knowledge model school «TV-Art Business.»

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky: «Los devchatos»

    It is difficult to say where the girl took the 25th hour in the day to performances, but Anastasia began performing while still a student of vocal music College. Anastasia was not only solo performances, she has also made colleagues in the elite vocal Jazz club parking — there began the popular project «Los devchatos«, but Anastasia joined the creative Association of Victoria Zhuk and Anastasia Spiridonova.

    Since 2007, the year the stars played in the team «Los devchatos», a popular project was invited to the shooting variety show, the girls toured extensively, gaining experience of playing in front of an audience. For the existence of «Los devchatos» singer has worked with Lara Fabian, to conduct high-profile concert in Moscow with the famous DJ Smash, and later claimed to participate in «Eurovision-2010». Ladies become finalists of the qualifying round to Russia, but victory eventually went to Peter Nalich, who brought from Europe for the country, only 11-e a place.

    In 2013 year the project «Los devchatos» ceased to exist probably for several reasons. It is known that in January 2013, the year Anastasia gave birth to a daughter Dasha. The project could also fall apart because each participant was incredibly experienced and ambitious girl, they have outgrown the level of collective performances and decided to start a solo career.

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky did. Now she plies the Russian show-business alone, without a band. She was invited in the project, representatives of the media are actively interviewing. Recently Anastasia Chevazhevsky has become the leading children’s «Voice», replacing Natalia Vodianova.

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky: the show «the Voice»

    A real all-Russian popular Anastasia received in 2012-m year, when he appeared on «the First channel» in the show «the Voice.» Then, during the blind auditions came back to her and Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin. But the lady chose as a mentor on the project Dima Bilan, who successfully carried the girl through the «battles».

    Their «blind» audition that got her the attention of the male half of the mentors of the project and start in the world of «Voices», Anastasia opened the song «a World without the beloved». Also the girl singing is paired with Artem Usov Demichelis, but Dima Bilan was sent home Demicheva, leaving the Anastasia project.

    Left «the Voice» Chevazhevsky, not because I could not compete with other participants. We talked about the birth of Anastasia’s daughter Dasha — a girl came to the project, being on the eve of motherhood, so I left out the «Voices» in preparation for a new period of his life without cameras and journalists.

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky: photo

    Anastasia Chevazhevsky

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