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  • Name: Anastasia Cazacu ( Anastasiya Kazaku )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Activity: singer, soloist of group «Vintage»
  • Marital status: married

    Anastasia Kozak: biography

    The name Anastasia Cazacu appeared in the news of show business in conjunction with the name of the band «Vintage», known for their hits «Bad girl» and «Sign of Aquarius».

    Nastya is the new soloist. Unfortunately, it is still unknown for many. Presumably, mother’s maiden name Anastasia – Kolchanova. She was born in Perm in February 1994. She has a younger for 8 years sister Nika.

    Their musical and vocal abilities the girl developed in the Perm school of music. And she studied at secondary school # 99, where he gained knowledge in math class.

    Anastasia Cazacu

    In addition, within two years Anastasia attended classes in the school №22 with intensive study of foreign languages.


    But the passion Nastya all this time was music and singing. In 2010, the Cossacks entered Perm musical College, where he studied in the class of pop-jazz vocals. After his graduation in 2014, Anastasia moved to Saint Petersburg.

    After the soloist of group «Vintage» Anna Pletnev decided to pursue a solo career, it was announced the intention to hold a casting, which will choose by voting new participants. While Pletnev remains the producer of the group. She was directly involved in the election of new soloists together with Alexei Romanoff. As you know, Anna and Alex are the creators of the group «Vintage».

    Voting was conducted among fans and followers of the group. Before the decisive stage of the casting has reached 11 contestants: 10 girls and a guy from Yekaterinburg. From the city of Perm were 3 girls – TV presenter of one of the local channels, 24-year-old Marina Pechenova, 22-year-old Anastasia Cazacu and 21-year-old Maria Punina. Reached the final Pechenova who sang the song «don’t let go» and got 2 thousand likes, and the Cossacks, presented to the «live audition» in the Moscow office of «Yandex» cheeky song «Bad girl.»

    Anastasia Cazacu in the group
    Anastasia Cazacu in the group «Vintage» | VK

    And although Anastasia scored significantly fewer votes – only 500 – but beat it, because the decision was made by the creators of team Anna Pletnev and Alexei Romanoff.

    So 22 Sep 2016 began his artistic career Anastasia Cazacu in the group «Vintage», on account of which there are 5 Studio albums. Probably in the 6th fans of the band will hear the voice of Anastasia.

    In addition to Anastasia Cazacu soloists updated of the team were Anna Kornilova Anastasia Crescina and Evgeniya Polikarpova.

    Personal life

    According to information obtained from social networks, it becomes clear that personal life Anastasia Cazacu has developed quite happily. She is married to a young man named Radu Cazacu. It is known that he is older than his wife for a year and has her own business: engaged in manufacturing furniture under the order.

    Anastasia and of the Council of the Cossack
    Anastasia and of the Council of the Cossack | VK

    In 2015, Anastasia and of the Council of the Cossack became the happy parents of a baby, which was given the name Timothy.


    Anastasia Cazacu

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