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  • Name: Anastasia ( Anastasia Volochkova )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1976
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: ballet dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia: biography

    Anastasia is today one of the most prominent figures among the stars of Russian show-business. Constant attention from the press, the constant vigilance of the paparazzi, the crowd, eagerly catching all the way down to the smallest details of the life of stars — all this can testify both in favor of stunning success and effective black PR.

    Future star of the Russian ballet was born in Leningrad on 20 January 1976. Father George F. Volochkov — the master of sports of international class, champion of the Soviet Union in ping pong. Mother Tamara Vladimirovna Antonova has held the position of engineer in the design Institute of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Tamara was very interested in the history of his native city, and, having finished the state course guide, conducted fascinating walking tours around Saint-Petersburg. Anastasia is still very grateful to my parents not only instilled since childhood hard work and a warm creative atmosphere in the family, but also for the fact that mommy and daddy from the start a very serious attitude to children’s wish Anastasia to be a ballerina.

    Passion for the ballet and the intention to associate themselves with this art form first appeared in young Anastasia after visiting with mom ballet Peter Tchaikovsky «the Nutcracker» at the Mariinsky theatre. So, at the age of five years was made the final choice of life. In 1992, the year Anastasia decides to go to the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova. Always stuck with the future star of the thrilling days of entrance exams, by his own admission, in comparison with the stopping of the heart; a reverent awe of the rugged beauty of the ballet Academy building, occupies the entire block on the street Architect Rossi, in front of renowned judges, who sit in the admissions office. But Anastasia that day went with the firm intention of becoming a ballerina. The entrance exam was really tough — the girl admitted not talented enough, but, fortunately, the fate was attended by prominent Russian choreographer Konstantin Sergeyev.

    According to the memoirs of the artist, the teachers bullied her and classmates were sympathetic. After some time on the budding ballerina drew the attention of Natalia Dudinskaya, a famous pedagogue of Russian ballet school. Under her leadership, Anastasia finishes the ballet Academy with honors. The final exam, which was the debut of Anastasia, was held at the Mariinsky theatre, where she performed the main role of Odette-Odile in «Swan lake» that actually became the beginning of his career within the walls of this legendary temple of the arts.

    For four years at the Mariinsky theatre Anastasia Volochkova successfully put on the stage leading parties in ballets «the Sleeping beauty», «Giselle», «don Quixote». According to ballerina, this period was not easy. The actress had to face many enemies and intrigues against him. Eventually Volochkova was eliminated from all performances and are effectively excluded from work.

    Anastasia: the Bolshoi theatre and the scandal

    In 1998, Anastasia Volochkova received an invitation from the artistic Director

  • The Bolshoi theatre Vladimir Vasileva to perform a major role in his author’s statement already familiar to her ballet
  • «Swan lake». At the same time, the development of the solo career of an outstanding artist. In 2000-m to year Volochkova received the prestigious award
  • «Golden lion» for the participation in the Austrian competition as the best European dancer. Soon we will be invited to London, where she will perform the lead role in the play «Sleeping beauty». Then Volochkova leaves the theatre for a year, due to disagreements with the new leadership of the theater. But in 2001, returned to participate in the production by Yuri Grigorovich. This period of the career of the actress has already marked a great success. The establishment of a theatre impresario, people go «Volochkova», and, indeed, her performances draw full houses. In 2002, the year the artist receives a high state award by the decree of the President awarded the title «Honored artist of Russia». This is the time of the protracted conflict with the management of the theatre.

    Intrigues against ballerina resulted in a high-profile trial, picked up by all the media: the management of the Bolshoi theatre refused to sign the contract with Anastasia Volochkova because of her professional incompetence. The essence of these claims was to ensure that the height and weight of the artist exceeds all acceptable norms for the profession. Volochkova says a huge sense of injustice towards themselves, not leaving it on through the whole process, as well as unexpected support of the Western media journalists from «New York Times» asked to officially measure the physical parameters of the ballerina and to refute the rumors, stubbornly walking in the national press. According to them, could not Volochkova grow by 11 centimeters since the last performances in America. Despite the fact that the court declared illegal the dismissal of the actress and decided to take Anastasia, she, of course, could not longer remain in the Bolshoi theater after what happened. In the same year, at a solo performance in the Kremlin Palace Anastasia thanked all those present for their support, which helped her continue her life and not let the haters take away her right to work.

    Anastasia: show business

    After the scandal in the Bolshoi theater, where Volochkova continues formally listed as actress, Anastasia some time acts as a prima ballerina in the Krasnodar ballet theatre. In 2004, the debut of the actress in the movie. She performed the main role in a TV detective series «a place in the sun», filmed on the novel of the writer Polina Dashkova. In the same year came

  • Black Swan — another movie with her participation, won the top prize at the independent film festival in new York. Also, Anastasia Volochkova starred in a popular national telenovela
  • «Not born beautiful».

    In 2009, the premiere show «Nerve», which was a huge success in London, and also at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. In the same year published an autobiography Anastasia Volochkova called «history of the Russian Ballerina». And in December 2009, Anastasia is involved in the Christmas show of Alla Pugacheva, where he unexpectedly for fans of the debut as a singer, performing specially written for her song, «Ballerina,» whose author was the composer Igor Nikolaev.

    Anastasia: social activity

    In 2003, the year Anastasia decides to join the party

  • «United Russia». The scope of the artist includes many charitable and social programs for children, which she continues to do after his exit from the party in 2011. Opened and successfully operates
  • «The creative center Anastasia Volochkova». In the future the artist is planning the creation of a network of similar centers across the country. In 2009, Anastasia Volochkova took part in the elections of the head of administration of Sochi, but her candidacy was withdrawn at the stage of registration. Currently, the ballerina continues to be active in charitable activities and leads a busy social life, being glued to his person the highest level of attention from the press.

    Anastasia: personal life

    The sphere of personal life Anastasia Volochkova has always been of interest to her many fans. In the early 2000s, her companion was the oligarch

  • Suleiman Kerimov. Anastasia was just conquered Grand romantic gestures and strong charisma of this man. However, in 2003, the couple divorced after two years of relationship. One of the reasons that called the artist herself, was the fact that relatives of Suleiman was unhappy with the relationship with Anastasia at the expense of family business. Also began in this time of trouble at the Bolshoi theatre ballerina connects it with the revenge left her influential husband. In 2007 he held a luxurious wedding ceremony Anastasia Volochkova with businessman
  • Igor Vdovin. This event received wide publicity in the media as one of the most memorable social events. By the ballerina said that the ceremony was bogus, they Igor Vdovin was never officially scheduled. Despite the fact that the couple could not get along together and broke up, Volochkova and Vdovin retain a warm relationship based on friendship and mutual respect. In 2005, the couple had a daughter, Ariadne. Perhaps not wishing for the daughter’s repetition of its sad experience in theatres, Anastasia Volochkova speaks against Ariadna studied ballet. In the spring of 2013, Anastasia began a relationship with the head of the company on oil transportation
  • Bakhtiyar Salimov. They met during a tour of the concert Anastasia in Vladivostok on Valentine’s Day. These relations develop in the best way, and the star of the show business is willing to share the joy through your profile in social networks. In 2013, there were rumors that the ballerina’s affair with singer Nikolai Baskov. Lovers vacationing together in the Maldives, was posted in sharing an intimate photo to Instagram. Many expressed the view that it was nothing more than a PR stunt on the part of both artists.

    Anastasia: photo


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