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  • Name: Anastasia Bezrukova ( Anastasiya Bezrukova )
  • Date of birth: January 5, 2004
  • Age: 13 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 152
  • Activity: model, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Bezrukova: biography

    It is called «the girl with the face of an angel». Famous fashion houses and modeling agencies are willing to pay significant fees for photography. Not every adult model is able to achieve such heights as Anastasia Bezrukova.

    Nastya was born 4 January 2004 in Moscow. Her father Dmitry Bezrukov is a lawyer, mother is engaged in business activity. Actor Sergey Bezrukov is not a relative of Anastasia, they just namesakes.

    Anastasia is studying in an ordinary Moscow school, rhythmic gymnastics and English, dancing in the ensemble «Freckles». The girl is a schedule, sometimes by virtue of employment, she has to miss classes in school, and then to catch up. In his 12 years, she learned to work hard, to overcome difficulties and not to complain. Her strength of will and endurance I sometimes envy the adults.

    Modeling career

    Modeling career Nastya Bezrukova started in 8 years. She participated in the contest of young talents, where the Director of the show drew attention to her photos and advised to send them to the capital’s most prestigious modeling Agency. Those photos for Anastasia did Zhanna Romashka. Photographer and young model has listened to the opinion of the Director, and soon the girl gained popularity.

    A few months in the life of Anastasia Bezrukova took the first serious shot at the Palace theatre on the Yauza river for the Italian brand. With her auditioned dozens of children. Photographed their famous Daniele Federici. Beauty Nastya struck most European model agencies, and soon she began to receive offers from top European brands. She’s the only girl from Russia, which was shot for Vogue Bambini. Nastya’s face appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, wished passers-by with billboards in the cities of Europe.

    Anastasia Bezrukova is not just shot for Italian brands. She advertised clothes and accessories for kids from brands «Baby Marlen», «Happy parents», «silver spoon» and others. The girl collaborated with fashion houses Moschino, Benetton, Dolores, Pinko, river island, MonnaLisa, Armani. During the successful cooperation of Anastasia Bezrukova with Armani her face seen all over the world. Since then she combines photography with participation in fashion shows.


    Anastasia made her film debut soon in the lead role. She played in the Christmas Comedy «the milky way» (the second title of the film «not home Alone») is the daughter of Sergei Bezrukov. The film stars only star cast: Marina Alexandrova, Valentin Gaft, Yuri Kuznetsov, Vladimir Menshov, Tatiana Vedeneeva.

    Next film the young model was a picture of «After you.» Before the shooting she took lessons in choreography of Radu Poklitaru, and acting lessons – Ian’s Kotovskogo.

    She also starred in the music project «Insomnia».

    Personal life

    Anastasia Bezrukova is trying to live like other girls of her age. She continues to do gymnastics, exercising four days a week, performs with dance team and meeting up with friends. Friends of the young model a lot, meteoric rise did not affect the character of the girl – Nastya same sociable and friendly, which was always.

    Mother Anastasia says that modeling is a hobby of her daughter, she is not planning to link his life. While education in school and sport activities – priorities. The career of Anastasia Bezrukova will choose their own. Parents say that is not going to influence the choice of his daughter because I trust her implicitly.


    Anastasia Bezrukova

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