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  • Name: Anastasia Aseeva ( Anastasia Aseeva )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Aseeva: biography

    Anastasia A. Aseev was born in St. Petersburg in October 1987. In her family there was no one from the world of theatre and cinema. But Nastya from childhood had an extraordinary artistic abilities. The girl was gorgeous viola, and parents enrolled her in music school where she learned to play the acoustic guitar and improving his vocal skills.

    Anastasia Aseeva was a very lively child. She alone has mastered roller skates and learned to swim. When the girl grew up, then very quickly learned to ski. But most of all Anastasia was attracted by the stage and the world of cinema.

    After high school, Aseeva went to Baltic Institute (BIIYAMS), where happy studied at the faculty of theatre arts in the workshop of Lev Erenburg. In 2011, Anastasia received a diploma and went on to build a career as an actress.

    Theatre and movies

    Biography Anastasia Aseyeva began in his student years. First, the actress, like most of her colleagues, appeared in cameo roles in popular TV series. Aseev you can see in the «Streets of broken lamps», «Version», the 4th season of «the Foundry».

    When the young artist graduated from high school, she had a solid filmography. Besides Nastya «lit up» many of the ideas that occurred in multiple theaters of St. Petersburg.

    After graduating, Aseeva went to Moscow, where he was accepted into the troupe of the First Studio of the Vakhtangov Theatre, artistic Director Rimas Tuminas became famous for innovation and ability to discover new talents. Since 2012 Anastasia Aseeva takes an active part in performances of this famous capital of the company. These days it can be seen in the brilliant production of «the Birds». This performance is based on the comedies of Aristophanes, which is put in many theaters around the world for decades. But in the Vakhtangov Theatre, the audience can see in a very unusual modern twist.

    Wide popularity among spectators Anastasia Aseeva acquired after appearing in the series «to meet» and «Real boys», where she got a very vivid and memorable images. In 2014, 13 came-part series, «Kuprin», loosely based on several famous works of Alexander Kuprina.

    But the big breakthrough in the career of the actress was due to its appearance in the sensational project «the Island» where viewers can see Anastasia in the image of the heroine Margaux. The plot of the drama develops on a desert island, where there were 8 participants in the reality show. Margarita Terracina is a calm and kind girl, the problem which lies in the fact that she always caught the bad guys. The desire to find true love pushes Margo into the adventure. She has no idea how these adventures can be dangerous.

    Of the last works of the Intelligentsia can be noted that the most successful and vivid picture of «the tango butterfly» and «autumn in my heart.»

    Personal life

    Personal life Anastasia Aseyeva have a loved one, but his name is Nastya did not disclose. The actress is not married yet.


    • «The foundry»
    • «The last meeting»
    • «The fifth group of blood»
    • «Kulagin and partners»
    • The «tail»
    • «Day of the beast»
    • «Real boys»
    • «The tango butterfly»
    • «Kuprin»
    • «The island»


    Anastasia Aseeva

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