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  • Name: Anastasia Akatova ( Anastasiya Akatova )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Rybinsk, Yaroslavl oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Anastasia Akatova: biography

    Anastasia Akatova – a young Russian actress, who became quite famous after he appeared in last season of a very popular teenage television series «Closed school». To date, the girl managed to pull in more than 20 films.

    Anastasia was born in the Yaroslavl region, in the town of Rybinsk. From childhood, she demonstrated not only a desire for creative activities, but also determination, will power and persistence in achieving goals. All these qualities are evident in Gateway in the moment when she began to learn ballroom dancing in a dance club Oniona.

    The girl put a lot of effort in rehearsals, often stayed after school to further work on some element or hone is not the resulting PA. Anastasia was still in her early Teens used to travel a lot on tours, festivals and competitions, and I must say that such a life she loved. Moreover, the band has performed not only on the Russian stage, but also visited many European countries.

    When Nastya was 14, she was invited to star in the episode of the new serial of the tape. Having experienced a taste of working on set, she determined that only wants to be an actress. After high school she went to Moscow and entered the Russian state Institute of cinematography. Until receiving his diploma in 2014 Akatova mastered acting skills under the guidance of the famous film Director Sergei Solovyov, who was its artistic Director.


    For the first time in the movie Anastasia Akatova appeared in the age of 14, starring in an episode of the popular TV series «the Detectives». It was then that the girl decided on the choice of future profession. Then there was a series of short films, mostly on topical or social issues.

    And in 2012, the young actress was offered the role of Zhenya Savelyeva in already gathered a huge audience of youth mystical series «Closed school». Behind this success was the considerable amount of new invitations. And when the girl graduated from VGIK, it is actually the clock was on the set: only for the second half of 2014, the actress managed to participate in 9 scenes.

    Of the most striking works of Anastasia Akatova that period is called the melodrama «where There is happiness for me», the Comedy «How to raise a millionaire,» the drama «Time to collect» and an adaptation of the novel by Dmitry Shakhov «How to raise a million. Confession Z@drota». Latest released family Saga «Senior wife», but in the near future on the screens starts new projects with promising actress: the horror movie «Dislike», a drama about the ballerina «Family values» and women’s melodrama «the blind Date».

    Personal life

    The young actress Anastasia Akatova puts before itself the big purposes. Her main dream is to achieve a high level of skill, and recognized by the audience and experts. Factors such recognition Nastya believes the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation and the victory in the main nomination for best actress at the film festival «Nika». Here to these peaks girl seeks.

    About their romantic adventures Anastasia Akatova almost does not apply, though, when she starred in the teenage mystique «Closed school», in an interview, slightly lifted the veil of secrecy, telling reporters that for some time met with his counterpart in the painting, a young actor Igor Hurtowym.


    • 2012 — school Closed
    • 2013 — where There is happiness for me
    • 2014 — How to breed millionaire
    • 2014 — a Time to gather
    • 2014 — Maya
    • 2015 — How to raise a million. Confession Z@drota
    • 2016 — Senior wife
    • 2016 — Dislik
    • 2016 — blind Date
    • 2016 — Heirloom


    Anastasia Akatova

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