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  • Name: Ana de Armas ( Ana Celia de Armas Caso )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1988.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Santa Cruz del Norte
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: Cuban actress
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Ana de Armas biography

    Ana Celia de Armas Caso, known to TV viewers as Ana de Armas born in April 1988 in Cuba, in the small town of Santa Cruz del Norte.

    Since childhood, she dreamed of the stage and danced well. When Anna was a teenager, her family moved to America. In Dallas, the girl finished school and returned to his native Cuba. Here she becomes a student at the National theatre school and learn the basics of acting.


    A cinematic biography of Ana de Armas started quite early. At 16, she debuted in the film «rose of France», where they met on the set of the well-known Spanish actor Alex Gonzalez. And let Ana quite a few appeared on screen, playing only in the episode, but it was a start. To hone the acting skills she could have followed the «Rose of France» movies «Madrigal» and «Paradise Lost».

    Getting a good start in the profession, Ana de Armas is sent to Madrid. Casting for the various projects she comes not with empty hands: in her Luggage several roles. The young actress has an angelic appearance and she is a movie-not hearsay, easily takes on the role of Carolina Leal in the melodrama «Black lagoon». Ana starred in 6 of 7 seasons of the series. «Black lagoon» was seen by thousands of Spanish viewers, and Caroline in the performance of Ana de Armas has become one of the favorite characters. The heroine Ana dies at the end of the 6th season, so continue to go without the participation of de Armas. The Directors were forced to bring the actress out of the tape as it travels to America to relax and improve your English.

    But celebrity Kubinka did many TV series as feature film «Sex, party and lies». This tape is the most grossing in Spain in 2010.

    No less successful was following a melodramatic series called «Spain. The legend.» It is noteworthy that here the heroine Ana dies in the same way as in the previous tape: in the hands of a loved one.

    In the summer of 2010 Ana de Armas again invited for work in serial tape. This time in the series of Roman Spain, which is called. Cuban actress plays a slave Nereus, whose role in the film is one of the key. The series is a huge success. «Roman Spain» will be released in the fall and for all seasons kept the leaders of the views on the channel Antena 3. Ana de Armas played the Nereus, in 2 seasons, but fell short. The actress has gone to to develop his career in Hollywood.

    The first American film Ana de Armas becomes the painting «Stone fists». Here the young artist met with Robert de Niro. To approve Ana’s experience gained from working with legendary actor becomes invaluable.

    «Hollywood launch» was held de Armas brilliant. The world famous film industry took her in. The consequence of this is an offer to star in another Hollywood project, «Who’s there?». It’s a Thriller Eli Roth, in which Ana de Armas got the star role along with Keanu Reeves. The film was released in 2015.

    One of the latest projects in which took part the Cuban artist, is an American film Todd Phillips titled «Guns and people.»

    In our time, Ana de Armas lives in Los Angeles and continues to play. She is the owner of a perfect appearance according to the magazine «Cosmopolitan».

    Personal life

    For a long time, Ana de Armas met a colleague on the set of Marc Loteta. Their marriage took place in 2011. The wedding of the couple played on the island of Costa Brava. Pretty soon the personal life of Ana de Armas was raised in the tabloids, as there were rumors about a crack in the relationship between spouses.

    In 2013, mark, who arrived for the Goya award in Madrid, under pressure from the journalists gave up and said that the marriage between him and Ana is over.


    • Madrigal
    • Paradise lost
    • Black lagoon
    • Sex, party and lies
    • Stone fists
    • Who’s there?
    • Daughter Of God
    • Guns and dudes


    Ana de Armas

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