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  • Name: Amy Adams ( Amy Lou Adams )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Vicenza, Italy
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Amy Adams: biography

    Amy Adams is an American actress and singer who has won worldwide popularity thanks to the independent film «June beetle», and the fairy tale «Enchanted» and Comedy «American hustle».

    Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, but the Italian blood she has. The fact that the girl’s father, Richard Kent, was a professional soldier, who at the time served at the military base Caserma Ederle in Italy. Of course, he got there and his wife Catherine Adams and several children. Amy was born the fourth and only Kent and Catherine gave birth to two daughters and four sons.

    When the future actress was 8, the family returned to America and settled in the town of castle Rock, Colorado. The father resigned and began performing in restaurants as a singer, and my mother took up bodybuilding and had in this field some success. Three years later the couple divorced.

    Amy Adams, who left to live with my mother, as a child sang in the school choir, was involved in athletics and acrobatics, and also attended the ballet Studio. She so wanted to be a ballerina, threw the sports and study, eventually this got a chance to go to College, and for the Bolshoi ballet she didn’t have enough data. Had the girl to work as a shop assistant and waitress, and in parallel to perform in Amateur musical theatre.

    It was there that he noticed the head of the popular «Evening of theater Chanhassen Minnesota,» Michael Brindisi and invited to his troupe. The actress was very happy there, but after the first trial in the movie travels to Los Angeles to try to make a cinematic career.


    Interestingly, the first debut in the satirical Comedy «Killer beauty» took place only for the reason that Amy Adams hurt his leg, stretching the muscle, and for several months was unable to play in the theater. Later, the actress appeared in several low-budget films and in 2002 won the role in the big picture.

    It has become extremely topical tape «Catch me if you can», where she performed the way nurses Brands strong, the bride of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio. Also in the film brilliantly performed by Tom Hanks. Director Steven Spielberg was sure now Adams is littered with interesting scenarios, but in reality, it is during the year did not receive any offers.

    In 2005, she accepted the offer to participate in creating a non-profit film «June bug». The picture was shot in just 21 days and brought the actress not only popular, but also many accolades from critics. But the real fame Amy received after the release of the romantic tale «Enchanted», in which he played Princess Giselle and her partner was Patrick Dempsey.

    Now the actress could choose the scenes herself. She appeared with Meryl Streep in the tragicomedy «Julie and Julia», with Ben Stiller in the fantasy Comedy «night at the Museum 2», with Clint Eastwood in the sports drama trouble with the curve, with Bradley Cooper in the extravagant stories of «Scam American way». Also on the bill Amy Adams shooting in the film adaptation of the comic book «Man of steel» and «Batman V Superman: dawn of justice». And in September 2016 the most recent work is a versatile actress, sci-Fi film «the Arrival».

    By the way, in many movies Amy Adams acts not only as an actress but as a singer soundtracks. Singer she was still in the theater, and then continued to demonstrate their vocal skills in movies.

    Personal life

    In Amateur theater-Studio Amy Adams met with a professional artist Darren Le Gallo, who is also interested in theater and tried his hand as an actor. They started Dating, and then 14 years lived in a civil marriage.

    In 2008, the couple announced their engagement, two years later they had a daughter, AVIANA Olea Le Gallo. But the official wedding. And only may 2, 2015 actress Amy Adams and artist Darren Le Gallo were married and became husband and wife legalizing their relationship.


    • 2002 — Catch me if you can
    • 2005 — June beetle
    • 2006 — Ricky Bobby: king of the road
    • 2007 — Enchanted
    • 2009 — Julie and Julia: Cook happiness on prescription
    • 2010 — Leap year
    • 2012 — Curveball
    • 2013 — American hustle
    • 2014 — Big eyes
    • 2016 — Batman V Superman: dawn of justice


    Amy Adams

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