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  • Name: Amiran Sardarov ( Amiran Sardarov )
  • Date of birth: 19 August 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: writer, video blogger
  • Marital status: not married

    Amiran Sardarov biography

    Amiran Sardarov – Russian video blogger, Creator of the popular channel «Diary Hacha». He is also widely known as a writer of books in the genre of «Psychology of personality», which expresses their own point of view on life. His philosophy readers can see in the next books Amiran Sardarov as «the Man is always right», «Life», «no Freebies: the beginning», «I’m the prick: break me completely» and many others.

    Amiran Sardarov
    Amiran Sardarov photo | VK

    Biography Amiran Sardarov is quite complicated, especially as a young man in his characteristic ironic manner, comment on the facts from his own life in such a way that it is difficult to understand where the truth and common joke. According to information from social networks, he was born August 19, 1986 in Moscow, but spent his childhood in the homeland of their ancestors in the Caucasus: sardars nationality is Kurd.

    Amiran Sardarov
    Amiran Sardarov photo | VK

    According to the blogger, he graduated only three classes of Church school.» It is possible that this information belongs to the category of «banter» over their fans. But it is likely that to leave school and homeschool Amirana Sardarova had to because of the national question. In any case, at 18 sardars returned to Moscow, where, in his opinion, it was much easier to earn money. And the rich – the main task Amiran, which he never concealed. A young man found in a commercial vein and opened an advertising Agency. As a result, the man was promoted in the mass as private brands and major retail outlets.


    One of the most profitable projects biography Amiran Sardarov was a blog called «Diary Hacha». The guy started to make videos entertaining and put on a private YouTube channel. In these mini-movies, the audience can see the author having fun with his friends, visits to parks, restaurants, drives a car – in short, absolutely everything that a person can face in everyday life, but under unusual angle of view Sardarov.

    Sometimes Amiran’s video blog shows a social experiment tests people to see what they are willing to go for fast money. For example, the author of the rollers asks girls to kiss him, to strip or to chew a piece of paper. By the way, some of Sardarova video you can see famous people – participants of the show «the voice» Oleg Kruikova named «Miami», entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov, politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, journalist Aram Gabrelyanov and others. The last blogger took a big interview and raised far from comic issues concerning the political and social life of the country.

    As a young man, along with his friend Alexander Tarasov, better known as the rapper T-killah», releases a joint video for «This is Normal».


    It is noteworthy that more than a video blog that is popular with the public books Amiran Sardarov. In their publications, the young person tries to use a literary language, it does not mince words and resorted to rather vulgar expressions. Even himself, he often calls the «hachu», «male» and «animal». The creativity the author calls «grim realism» and believes that dispels the illusion.

    Book Amiran Sardarov
    Book Amiran Sardarov «the Man is always right» | the Official site

    The most popular was the book Amiran Sardarov «the Man is always right» in which the author teaches the boys how, in his opinion, it is necessary to behave with women to charm and seduce them. Another bestseller is «Life», have stood the reissue. It Amiran introduces the idea that the time should be spend only on those classes that bring a man pleasure. And most difficult of its published labour sardars considers the book «no Freebies: the beginning», which tells its own method of doing things with an eye to success in life.

    Personal life

    The romantic adventures of well-known blogger started when he was still only 15 years old. The young man does not hide that often resorted to services of girls of easy virtue. Now many photos that he puts on the pages in different social networks, you can see that in his personal life Amiran Sardarov has one steady girlfriend. Her name is Catherine, she is from the suburbs and it’s pretty simple, kind and sociable person.

    Amiran Sardarov and his girlfriend Catherine
    With his girlfriend Catherine | Instagram

    Fans of Amiran and his regular viewers have noticed that sardars love fashion and quality clothes from well-known brands, is on hand luxury watches, drives fancy cars and frequent expensive restaurants.

    Books Amiran Sardarov

    • Life head 2.0
    • The man is always right
    • No freebies: the beginning
    • Conversations with a genius
    • I mu*AK: break me completely


    Amiran Sardarov

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